Weapons Factory

This is a list of all items which can be produced at the weapons factory.

See bottom of the page for information about EX weapons.

EF Weapons

Weapon NameSkillMaterial
MSZ-006 HML100.0100xGundarium
RX-178 Long Rifle100.0200xFine Luna Titanium
RX-78GP02A Beam Bazooka100.0200xFine Luna Titanium
RX-78GP02A Shield100.010xLuna Titanium Alloy
RX-178 Beam Saber95.025xFine Luna Titanium
MSZ-006 Beam Rifle95.0100xFine Luna Titanium
MSN-00100 Beam Rifle95.0100xFine Luna Titanium
RX-178 Beam Rifle95.0100xFine Luna Titanium
RX-178 Shield95.020xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RX-78GP01-Fb Beam Rifle95.0300xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RX-78GP01-Fb Blash Experimental95.0100xFine Luna Titanium
RX-78GP01-Fb Shield95.010xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RX-78NT-1 Beam Rifle94.910xJunk Parts
Blash94.9300xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RX-79G Beam Rifle94.9200xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RGM-79L Beam Rifle94.8100xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RX-78-1 Beam Rifle89.995xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MS Beam Cannon84.870xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Sniping Beam Rifle Custom80.287xTitanium Ceramic Composite
100mm Machinegun80.140xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Ball Cannon75.02xJunk Parts
180mm Cannon75.056xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Sniping Beam Rifle70.345xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RX-77 Beam Rifle70.234xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Longrange Beam Rifle69.939xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MS Beam Gun65.118xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RGM-79D Machinegun64.917xTitanium Ceramic Composite
HFW-GMG64.917xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Beam Saber RX-79G59.912xTitanium Ceramic Composite
GM Rifle45.211xTitanium Alloy
Hyper Bazooka45.15xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Hyper Bazooka Ground Type44.95xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Beam Saber RGM-79C39.97xSuper High Tensile Steel
Beam Saber RGM-79G39.87xSuper High Tensile Steel
RX-79G Shield31.05xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Long Rifle30.23xTitanium Alloy
Beam Spray Gun30.23xTitanium Alloy
EF Throwing Device30.12xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Beam Saber RX-7830.13xTitanium Alloy
A.E.Br.G-Sc-L29.83xTitanium Alloy
Ez-8 Shield29.84xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Gun Launcher10.22xTitanium Alloy
RGM-79C Shield10.13xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MS Chest Vulcan9.82xTitanium Alloy
RGM-79G Shield9.83xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RX-78 Shield1.12xTitanium Ceramic Composite

Zeon Weapons

Weapon NameSkillMaterial
AMX-107 Beam Rifle100.0100xGundarium
MS-14 Beam Rifle95.1250xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Raketen Bazooka95.178xSuper High Tensile Steel
MS-14 Prototype Beam Rifle90.4100xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Beam Naginata90.195xTitanium Ceramic Composite
BB Mega Particle Beam Gun90.0200xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MS Bias Mega Particle Beam Gun75.110xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Beam Bazooka75.056xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Magella Top Cannon75.02xJunk Parts
Giant Bazooka69.878xSuper High Tensile Steel
Boomerang Cutter59.925xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MS-06R Beam Rifle55.18xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MMP-8050.17xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MMP-7840.17xSuper High Tensile Steel
MS-07 Heat Sword40.07xSuper High Tensile Steel
Hammer Gun39.97xSuper High Tensile Steel
Zaku Bazooka39.97xSuper High Tensile Steel
MS-09 Heat Saber39.87xSuper High Tensile Steel
MS Torpedo35.15xTitanium Alloy
Heat Rod30.12xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MS Claw30.12xTitanium Ceramic Composite
Zeon Throwing Device30.12xTitanium Ceramic Composite
75mm Machinegun25.12xSuper High Tensile Steel
MS Arm Machinegun25.12xTitanium Alloy
Arm Punch MSM-0820.12xTitanium Alloy
Heat Hawk20.02xSuper High Tensile Steel
ZMP-50D Custom20.02xSuper High Tensile Steel
ZMP-50D19.82xSuper High Tensile Steel
MS-14 Shield10.23xTitanium Ceramic Composite
ZMP-47D9.92xSuper High Tensile Steel
MS-07 Shield0.94xSuper High Tensile Steel

Weapons Available To EF and Zeon

Weapon NameSkillMaterial
RX-160 Beam Saber100.025xGundarium Alloy
PMX-001 Dual Beam Gun100.0100xGundarium Alloy
PMX-001 Shield100.020xTitanium Ceramic Composite
PMX-002 Shield95.020xTitanium Ceramic Composite
RX-178 Hyper Bazooka90.0100xTitanium Ceramic Composite
BB Mega Particle Beam Gun90.0200xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MS Mega Particle Beam Gun84.850xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MS Rocket Launcher59.912xTitanium Ceramic Composite
MS Cannon10.12xSuper High Tensile Steel
Head Vulcans9.82xTitanium Alloy
MS Grapple4.92xSuper High Tensile Steel
Tank/Fighter Machinegun4.83xSteel
Mining Drill Parts3.03xSteel
Tank/Fighter Missile2.03xAlumina
Tank/Fighter Cannon0.02xSteel

About EX Weapons

– EX Weapons are like normal weapons but better.

– You can not choose to develop EX weapons. It happens randomly when developing normal weapons.

– The chance to get EX weapons depends on the difference between your Arms Construction skill and required skill for a weapon. The higher your skill is the better chance you have.