Server rules

These are the rules which apply to the UCGO server. Those who break them will eventually end up getting banned.

Game server rules:

DO NOT SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT WITH OTHER PLAYERS! If someone cheats on a shared account then all linked accounts are banned.

If you are found to be deliberately annoying, irritating or just doing your best to ruin the game for other players you will be banned. This also includes falsely accusing other players of cheating.

Spamming chat, foul language etc…might result in ban.

If you cheat your account will be closed and you will lose your characters, also your IP will be banned. You will not get any warnings and it doesn’t matter how much or how little you cheat. If you are caught cheating one time your account will be closed.

Cheating is to modify the game client so you get an unfair advantage over other players e.g longer range for weapons or faster MS. Also using an external application to speed up the game so you can move faster is cheating.

If you abuse bugs and features in the game client to gain an unfair advantage over other players you will be banned. This includes using /unstick to move through walls, hiding inside a wall so other players can’t attack you and using spy characters at Newman/Richmond to circumvent the radar limitation.

If you do not login to your account for 365 days it will be deleted.

That’s all…and if you do get banned you won’t be allowed back in.