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Original game client from the official server:!QUxXFAxb!N4J8K4QhG3aCl456Bi–lIaM3QxZAIAY0QEVTKQUmpQ

UCGOSERVER game client:!1ExXzYCb!tNzNelrdsDVSJa8D66kF1tJXyKpVsobkomQsfStXKoc

Collection of older game clients from the official server:!MZIgzI7J!x45enDZ5vva3DpE-HyykpHRmTWtizQcTC7Wn6PQKk2Y


For the game client to find the server you will need a domain and to edit the DNS records for it.

Create a new A record pointing to the server e.g ->

Create new SRV records for this A record telling the game client which TCP ports to use. You will need 4 SRV records: info server, login server, chat server, game server

Update the file gameclient.cfg with this info, similar to below:

DNSServer_IP = YOUR DNS SERVER (IP address or domain) 

InfoServer  =
LoginServer =
GameServer  =
CmsServer   =

Screenshot of an example DNS config:

Download link to an example gameclient.cfg file:

6 replies on “Game client”

ok so how do i get a domain? i need help with it

Reply from Admin

You need to buy it from a domain registrar, for example Godaddy.

Where is the client source code

Reply from Admin

I don’t have the client source code.

The original developers of UCGO never released any source code.

Hey dude, hate to be a bother, but do you need a Domain for playing lan and singleplayer??

Reply from Admin

Yes you do.

The client uses the domain to look up the IP address of the server, without it the client won’t know where the server is.

May I ask if you have any game client source code

Reply from Admin

No I don’t. The source code for the game client was never released.

Hey J (Admin), long time no talk : )

Good work on the server, and it’s awesome to see it released. I have a tool that lets UCGO connect without a DNS server. If anyone is interested, let me know i can send it.

Admin, if you’re on discord, send me an email, it would be great to catch up.

Reply from Admin

Yes I remember you from Titans. If you upload it somewhere I can post a link to it on this site.

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