Client download

To get started with UCGO you will need to first download the game client and then update it.

1. Download game client

Download from Mega

2. Extract the game client

Copy the downloaded file UCGOPS-ZETA.EXE into the folder where you want to install UCGO.

Then run the file UCGOPS-ZETA.EXE, you may need to right click on the file and select Run As Administrator. This will install the game into a folder named UCGOPS.

For example if you copied UCGOPS-ZETA.EXE into C:\ you will now have a folder C:\UCGOPS where the game is installed.

You may delete the file UCGOPS-ZETA.EXE afterwards.

3. Install the latest update

Download the latest update for the game client.


Place the UCGOupdate.exe file in the same folder as the UCClient.exe file. Run the file UCGOupdate.exe to update the client.

4. Start the game

To start UCGO run the file UCClient.exe e.g C:\UCGOPS\UCClient.exe

5. Getting started

For a basic getting started guide to UCGO you can watch this Youtube video:

And here, you will find a japanese to english menu translation for the game options.


Login button is gray and can’t be pressed.

  • The game client failed connecting to the server.
  • Your firewall is preventing UCGO from connecting to the server.
  • Server is temporarily offline for an update or saving game data. Try again after 10-15 minutes.

Error message saying RX.DLL is missing or similar

  • You have not installed the game properly. Follow the instructions EXACTLY as written.

Game refuses to start. Stuck at loading screen or just getting a white window.

  • UCGO requires sound to load. If you don’t have speakers connected or sound is disabled on your computer UCGO may not work.
  • Try to delete the file ucoption.cfg in your UCGO folder. This will reset all settings such as graphics, sound and keys to default.

UCGO won’t run in full screen mode.

  • Make sure to run UCGO as an administrator. Right click on the Ucclient.exe file and select Run As Administrator.
  • If running as an administrator doesn’t work try deleting the file ucoption.cfg as this will reset your graphic settings.