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Reset is NOT happening

The UCGO reset will not happen. Looking at the comments I’ve received since I first announced the reset and all the moronic comments I’ve deleted. It is very clear it will only be a repeat of what happened before with drama and arguing all over the place and players complaining about every little thing. I just […]

UCGO Reset News + more

First of all, this Sunday April 3rd at 1AM GMT time, the server will be down due to maintenance at the hosting provider. And UCGO reset is still happening in case anyone was wondering. I expect the “new” server to be released sometime in May.  

UCGO RESET – Is Happening

OK so it has been decided. UCGO will be reset back to official server state, it might work out. It will take some time to get this done, expect it to be ready some time in April or May.   Some info on the “new” server: (I’m open for suggestions) —– – MS will still be […]

? ? ? ? UCGO RESET ? ? ? ?

Just looking for some feedback. Want to see how much demand/interest there is for doing this. —– Who wants to reset UCGO back to official server state? Post a comment here if you care. A reset will involve deleting all accounts and going back to using official server MS only, and no battleships. —– This […]

Maintenance over – Server online again

As it says, server is online.  


The server is down due to the hosting company performing some maintenance work. I will bring the server back online again sometime tomorrow.

UCGO is back

The server is now online again.  

All hail king Kai-sin…

…for he has made a donation to pay for the server. So a player, Kai-sin, has donated to pay for server hosting. I will get the server setup within one or two days.    


A few players, two of them, asked me to try donations to keep this server running. I don’t expect it to work out but I’ll give it a try. – In the top menu there’s a DONATE link. – Required donation for a full year of server hosting is $1000. If I get the $1000 […]

That’s it!

As those of you who still play has probably noticed the server has been down for the past 1 or 2 days. After maintaining the server for a month the new server admin don’t care to do it any longer. Which I perfectly understand as UCGO has become a waste of time and it’s dead. […]