Server updated

The server has been updated.

There are now restrictions on how fast crafting skills can increase. This prevents macro/bot users from training their skills too fast.

Daily skill limits:

  • MS crafting: 3,0 points
  • Weapons crafting: 5,0 points
  • Refining: 5,0 points
  • Mining: no limit
  • Tailoring: no limit

These limits are reset every day when the server saves data.

7 thoughts to “Server updated”

  1. how do we know if we are close to the limit is battleship included in the limit
    is there a warning

    Reply from Admin

    There’s no warning. You’ll just have to keep track of how much your skill has increased.
    I guess I could have a message shown in the journal window, similar to the welcome message and server shutdown warnings.

    There’s no limit on the battleship or clothing skills.

  2. Any chance we could receive a spread sheet of mobile suit statistics that includes mobility/speed?

    Reply from Admin

    No. You just have to compare them yourself.

  3. Question to the admini

    Is the default supply for each city’s supply unit now?
    Or are there any hidden supply units or bosses?

    Reply from Admin

    There are hidden supplies far out in the desert. Most of them are outside Southern Cross and Brisbane.

    I have however considered replacing the current supplies with new ones closer to the cities. That will probably happen in a future update.

  4. I think the number of SC GM is too much. Do you want to adjust it?

    Reply from Admin

    Do you mean the NPC vs NPC area? That was only for testing to check how NPC vs NPC fights worked on the ground. It will be changed later.

  5. Hello admin, I would like to report two MS crafting bugs.
    The Zaku tank is missing from the Zeon MS factory list.
    The Oggo is in the space factory list but can’t be crafted.

    Reply from Admin

    I think the Zaku tank is in the vehicle list. Together with the Magella tank.

  6. when would helenes back or the new npc vs npc come

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t know. It happens when I have time to do it. Maybe next year?

  7. Just some info for everyone.

    Due to a problem at the hosting company the server went down. Any progress which hadn’t been saved was lost.

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