About crafting skills

There will be some changes to crafting skills. This is done to make macroing less useful. Also it will prevent players using a macro program from increasing their skills much faster than other players.

  • All crafting skills, except for tailoring, will be lowered to 30. This means if your MS crafting skill is 100 it will be lowered to 30, if it’s below 30 nothing happens to it.
  • There will be a daily limit to how much your crafting skills can increase. This will prevent macro users from gaining skills faster than players who do not use a macro program.

This change will be done within a few days.

4 thoughts to “About crafting skills”

  1. sorry but I can’t understand:
    I have already seen MS full armor from now on but with the modification in question you will not be able to play with MS performing unless in a long time.
    frankly I don’t understand it; it is already difficult to make the MS crafter rise; this means that you will always have to look for the master crafter each time to get a decent MS.
    the fact remains that the game is yours and you do as you want but I don’t think that those who have raised their crafter to good levels are happy to start over again.
    an example: to skill 15-20 you go to the zanny where you need junk and I, in particular, have been trying to make it go up for days but without junk it’s ultra slow (I did 3 full points in a week, from 15 to 18). ….. how do I junk them if the best MS available is the command? .
    if it were available EZ8 in the store would be different but so, in my opinion, it is unplayable

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t see what you’re complaining about. You don’t seem to use a macro program so none of these changes will affect you.

    Also the GM command is strong enough for collecting junk parts. It’s almost as good as the RX-79G, main difference being the RX-79G can use the RX-79G beam rifle.

  2. So you intend on making it easier to make the suits and doing other forms of crafting, but 30 is a little low. If I may add in my two cents, the issue isn’t scripting but the wait time hence why scripts are used for crafting. Also, 30 is too low, it would be too easy and should be kept at maybe 100 as the highest or leave it where it is, reduce the time it takes to refine/build and increase some sort of gain because FLA/JP can’t be sold for any more than 10,000 which for the material it is, is terribly low. The daily limit also presents an issue to which the skill cannot be finished and may force players into having to wait a little too long, especially if they have the material.

    So here are the solutions I think will benefit you and the players (you may not need to change anything later).
    1. Reduce wait time for refining or building suits.
    2. Instead of 1 MS/MA and a battleship skill gain, change the battleship to MS/MA equaling 0.2 per suit crafted.
    3. Increase some form of currency gain so engines can be bought, I am currently at a wall trying to find a good money maker that is not killing bosses for engines (you could make it so 511 FLA isnt 5.1 million but 10-15 million).

    Reply from Admin

    Anyone who hasn’t used a macro program will most likely have MS crafting skill below 30 so I don’t see how that’s too low.

    There’s no need to reduce the time it takes to craft an MS, as it only takes 10 seconds. And the daily limit won’t be an issue if you don’t use a macro program.

    And WTF is the point in increasing the skill gain from 0.1 to 0.2? Might as well just set 65 as the highest skill level then instead of 130.

    You can mine to get money for engines. Also regular NPCs drop engines.

  3. It does not seem like you understood me. I am saying that instead of reducing the MS/MA cap, you could just do other things that will still take time but will be faster than the current. What I mean’t about engines is that it is the only solid method I know of that will get you money but you have to kill bosses to get them at a solid pace. By the refining bit, I mean’t that it takes too long to increase if it is simply going to fail and you cannot make large sums without it only giving 0.1 (that is ludicrously low). The past good money makers seem to be gone because you changed the item’s pricing or you made npc’s give less. I have gone through and tested NPC’s and they are bad for money gain. That is why I gave those 3 suggestions.

  4. I’m just going to delete any comments complaining about this. I don’t care to waste time dealing with those who are against it. This change will make macros/bots less useful and things easier for those who don’t use them which is a good thing.

    If you don’t like this then don’t stay, you can just leave.

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