For those who would like to play UCGO

The server is online and it’s possible to play UCGO for anyone interested.

You will need to download a new client update or you may not be able to connect to the server starting next week. This is due to changes in the DNS server.


All characters has been deleted.

There’s also been some improvements to NPCs and if things go as planned it will sometime in the future be possible to have NPCs within cities e.g. guards or turning Newman/Richmond into a NPC vs NPC battlefield.

There’s no skill gain from PVP now, only from PVE. Also I’ve setup some beginner NPCs outside Sydney just like the official server, these are only for testing so far, mainly that they can walk around on the terrain outside Sydney without floating above it or below.

27 thoughts to “For those who would like to play UCGO”

  1. can you just don’t delete those account?it is annoying to training new account.

    Reply from Admin

    What was that? A complaint? It is completely voluntary to login to this server. Nobody is forcing you to be here. If you don’t want to train a new character then don’t do it.

  2. What would a Newman npc vs npc battle look like? Helenes or will npcs spawn at the beginning of a battle and capture the city?

    Reply from Admin

    They would spawn at the start of a battle, attackers on the outside and defenders inside.

  3. Cool! This might make Newman and Richmond fights a lot more interesting.

    Reset is ok too since all the non one year war stuff is gone.

  4. I’m interested in what changed your mind, did you get a donation?

    Reply from Admin

    No I did not get any donations.

  5. does helenes NPC vs NPC zeon just got deleted?

    Reply from Admin

    They might be added back in later using OYW MS.

  6. Lessen the amount of skills that are in the game, there are way too many and it is already a pain to build into what you want. Please and thank you.

    August 24, 2019 at 14:43”
    (This was me)

    Is it not possible to give something higher than 0.1 if i were to toss all of my raw material into the refinery? .1 per 1 Super High Tensile Steel is very slow considering the time you have to wait in between each, and yes you can macro it but i would prefer to do it all manually (with my hands).
    Also, on the note of the skills, here is what i think should be removed and is a pointless skill in general. Near/Far engagement, Near/Far dodge (Ambac is a thing), Critical (should be by the suit not skill), H2H (merged with CQB), CQB (Edit to CQC, Close Quarters Combat not Ballistics), Shooting (Merge with Beam/Shell), Sniping (Merge with Beam/Shell). Weapon Manipulation (Add, it will increase the RoF with weapons which equals a better DPS).

    I hope this isn’t too confusing for you to read. Please at the LEAST contemplate these changes, because in my mind they are worth it. Thanks for your time.

  8. are there bugs of weapon?i felt wierd using different weapon,or there are changes already

  9. Oh one last thing, being able to carry more than 2000 bits of ammo would be fantastic for snipers (early on you miss A LOT).

  10. Can you join the battleship to come in this game, such as the white base, Musai

    Reply from Admin

    Do you mean fight them as NPC bosses? Or to pilot them yourself?

  11. Can you add white base, musai to the game let us drive?

    Reply from Admin

    No. I have no plans to make them available.

  12. Apparently crafters think it is too difficult to work on the skills and i agree. If you could, please make it easier by bringing mats back to stores or by making it faster to refine and make things.

    Reply from Admin

    Anyone who don’t like how skills or crafting works can just leave. Nobody is forcing you or anyone else to be here.

  13. does the weapon fixed?

    Reply from Admin

    Do you mean crafting? No I probably won’t be doing any client updates.

    Most updates will be about NPCs.

  14. I did a fresh install of the game and update, but now I can’t interact with anything (hangar, bank, shops). Am I missing something?

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t know why that would happen. Don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else report this issue.

    And since you can login the client has been correctly installed and updated.

  15. I’ve setup a NPC vs NPC area outside southern cross. There’s not a lot of NPCs there and they don’t drop anything special like the NPCs at Helenes did, it’s mainly just for testing.

  16. i think the new npc vs npc is working but there are actually some minor issue to make it better
    1.there are always large amount of npc gathered(both ef and zn),they nearly can’t be defeat if player comes out
    2.npc always fires player even they are far and it has very close enemy(it’s like more than 1000m distance)
    3.need a high difficulty/high drops area for both sides(?)
    4.idk if the spawn must be random but it’s better to have spawn different area (most of them just repeat?),a ton of npc just spawn at the same time
    thank you for the changes btw

  17. @Admin The weapons still seem wonky, do you still have the update files you released and if you do will you upload them and give us the link so we can equip weapons that aren’t able to be equipped right now?

    Reply from Admin

    All weapons can be equipped and works like they should, except for some of the EX and HG versions.

  18. No sir they do not. Ez8 for instance cannot equip any sniper and the 79G cannot use the RX-77 rifle. I figured out what messes with that so I used those files on a different client and updated the gameclient.cfg file to allow the login using an old update file. If you have it will you give me the file you use to edit the .dat files so I can fix the problem and post the files here and in the discord for everyone.

    Reply from Admin

    No that’s correct. Sniper rifles are for snipers only. The RX-77 rifle are for the Guncannons only.

  19. The RX-77 rifle aside, the Ez8 in your server has ALWAYS been able to use a sniper rifle and it was the go to suit for snipers after the SP2 due to its higher crit and better overall stats. The only time the Ez8 could not use a sniper was after you removed the Zeta Era MS and messed up quite a lot. If the Ez8 will not be able to use the higher end weaponry, will you buff an aspect to it or the 79G rifle to leverage out the loss of the better weaponry?

    Reply from Admin

    It doesn’t matter what weapons or stats MS had before since everything has been changed, so there’s no need to do anything with the Ez8.

  20. Some feedback for your NPC v NPC camp outside SC.
    1. The EFF suits are too uniform and follow the exact same path and do not RTB (Return To Base) at any point since a player initiated the instance.
    2. Not enough Zeon forces are there and are very outnumbered, I would lessen the amount of EFF Mobile Suits and increase the amount of Zeon Mobile Suits.
    3. Have the EFF suits follow a scripted path around the city as if they are patrolling (5 suits per squad). If at all possible, have them use realistic tactics to immerse the player into the combat, add cover like larger trees around the base except for 1 pathway coming from the city (You do have trees there but there are not enough of them in the right places).
    4. The Zeon npc’s do not recognize the camp as being a building or otherwise and will waltz right into the camp if they want, there should always be 4 or 5 EFF suits there to engage if you dont want to change the way the camp is.

    I will give you more as soon as I can.

  21. I have a few questions/requests , and some of them may have already been implemented; I don’t know because I on just restarted and am not high enough skill to test some of them.
    1: Is the EX MMP80 equipable? (before the reset there was a problem with suits equiping some EX weapons.
    2: May weapons not be faction locked? (once again, before reset when I would loot EF NPCs at secret camps the weapons they would drop were unequipable by my Gelgoog)
    Please, & thank you for reading my requests.

    Reply from Admin

    No the EX MMP80 is not yet useable.

    Weapons will remain faction locked. The drops from NPCs will be fixed in a later update so they drop weapons which you can use.

  22. FA-78-1 Fullarmor has been already here.
    What kind of magic is it?

    Reply from Admin

    If you’ve done crafting you probably noticed I made several changes to everything. These changes makes it easier for those who don’t know how to use a macro program. But those who do use macros are able to increase their crafting skills pretty fast.

    I’m thinking I should reset/lower the MS and weapons crafting skills for all players. And then have a daily limit on how much these skills can increase, that would make using a macro more or less pointless.

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