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A few of you asked me to release the server source code because you wanted to setup your own server or develop a new server.

That won’t happen, but I’m releasing some other stuff you guys can use if you truly want to develop a new server.

Visit this page:

It contains everything you need to know. And it’s actually a lot more than I had available when I started out.

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  1. Not sure if you’re aware, but that old src been ‘in the wild’ for as long as I can remember. Not sure how it was released/leaked but I know it’s been passed around by a lot of people for as long as I can remember.

    Maybe now that you’re hosting it yourself, someone will actually read the source code attributions and I won’t have to listen to another salty rant about how you sank the S.S. von Titan’s Server. But, I doubt that, for some reason.

    I think this is also more than I had when I first started actually trying to make something myself for this game, so it’s definitely enough for people to stitch together their own game if they try hard enough.

    Reply from Admin

    I believe the source code was first released on the Titans Server forums. Back when I got this server up and running and it was clear to everyone Titans server was dead. They posted the source on their forum in some rage induced event 😀

    I checked the old titans forum with Wayback machine and there’s a thread called “Hey, everyone want your own UCGO server?” posted in 2011. Unfortunately the link to the thread doesn’t work but I seem to remember there was a lot of rage in that thread.

  2. …Was the original poster of that thread Dante?

    He pulled the same shit when Icarus-Server went live and we told him to get bent when he tried to basically pull blackmail with a packet log we couldn’t find so he could have access to our source code. (A whole “I have it, but I’m not giving you it, if you want it let me have access to your src and code it myself however I want” spiel.) He got told to get fucked, came to the forum after the server was live, went “How’s my server doin’?” despite not being based on anything he did (lol), then decided to post that stripped-down Titan’s-Server 4 source code as some sort of rage-protest when no one licked his boots, claiming he wanted UCGO to be ‘open source’. If he was just pulling the same shit twice, I’m gonna die laughing.

    I knew someone who had the version of Titan’s-Server 4 that compiled, but they lost it a few years back, apparently. Though, according to them, it had a bunch of rants in the comments about “And this is how you do this, John…” and whatever from Dante despite the fact the server had 1 second or more of latency and a bunch of stuff on it was just outright wrong. Didn’t get to see the comments for myself, but… I’d believe it.

    Reply from Admin

    Yes it was Dante who posted it.

    It’s funny he claimed he wanted UCGO to be open source. When the official server was still running and they were collecting packets I talked with that guy who cracked the encryption and made that UCGO packet sniffer tool. If I remember correctly he was one of the guys who developed the first Star Wars galaxies private server. He had offered to help Dante develop the server for UCGO on the condition it would be open source, something which Dante refused.

    If he had been allowed to help maybe there could have been an open source UCGO server available by the time the official server went down. Instead the Titans server guys just kept the server packet data for themselves and did nothing with it for almost 2 years. Then I came along and made that server I just posted the source for. And then I left and made my own server since I did all the work anyway.

  3. Definitely don’t blame you for leaving. Not much point in being part of a development team if no one else is doing anything. I’ve got plenty of experience dealing with that kind of a situation.

    If memory serves, the chat command file on that src is attributed to Dragoonith and you did pretty much everything else, as far as the server goes. I heard through the grapevine that Dante was ‘the client guy’, but aside from one or two of the Titans Tools I’ve acquired over the years, I’ve not seen much evidence of that – I don’t even know if he actually made those or if someone else did it.

    How did he even become the ‘face’ / ‘leader’ of that whole mess? Did he just yell the loudest? Somehow that guy had enough sway to drive off actual, competent help, but he doesn’t seem to have actually done anything, at least that I’ve ever heard or pieced together. Even Titans-Server 4 is mostly attributed to someone else, I believe.

    Reply from Admin

    When I was there Dragoonith was the only other guy doing something. I remember he was working on a tool for editing the client files so you wouldn’t have to use a hex editor.

    And their UCGOtool.exe program for decompressing/compressing files was made by the same guy who figured out the server client encryption and made the packet sniffer program. Dante just added his name/alias (Kou Uraki) to the credits and recompiled it. At least with the version I got.

  4. So basically he did nothing but complain and take credit for other people’s work? I’m… not surprised. That aligns pretty closely with my experience with the guy. If you’re wondering, the time I talked about with him trying to bend my arm over not having a packet log was the time I popped by and asked you about the Warfare packet stuff. I ended up finding the packets in the logs for myself a few weeks later, but it still felt really good to be able to message Dante and just be like “Yeah we don’t need your help afterward, John just told us how to do it”. Boy-golly-gee did he get lit that I dared have the gall to interact with the UCGO Boogeyman in a format other than slobbering, incoherent hatred.

    I’m guessing UCGOtool.exe was the basis for what became the TitansTool.exe since the function sounds similar. Perhaps that and whatever Dragoonith was working on just got jammed together, since the full version of TitansTool has a viewer for ITEMDATA.ELT and IDLINK.BIN. Wouldn’t surprise me if Dante got the sources for both, slammed them together, and said they were his, at this point.

    A little bit surprised Dragoonith didn’t join you in leaving if they were the only one actually putting work into things, but I’m guessing there was some cliquish shit going on, given the narrative that came after the fact.

  5. Has anyone donated anything to pay for the server?

    Reply from Admin

    No and I don’t expect it either. They’re probably busy developing their own server 😀

    Funny thing is if those who where still playing had bother to donate only about $15 each it would have paid for a full year of server hosting.

  6. This was a most fascinating read above in the comments. This ‘Dante’ sounds like a total tool of a hypocrite. Demanding something to be open source except when it’s something he’d have made. Now, I can agree on that, the idea of something like this being open source would benefit the game as a whole because I believe it’s more important to preserve this game for game preservation reasons ( hence my previous post on the part of the server died ), but that Dante person just seems to want others to lick his boots…

    I know nothing about programming or source codes so I recon me trying to read this will be like me trying to read hieroglyphs or something, but this makes me happy to see that at least the codes and all is available for those in the know-how to make. On a personal note, I’d love to know if there’s any easy way to convert the models to 3DS Max or something since it’s something that interests me and I recently started to slowly pick up that old interest again.

    As I stated in the other thread ( under review comment ), I think it’d be a lot more helpful if the price for the server was laid open as opposed to guess work. You say that if everyone donated 15$, it would had paid a full year but… Of how many people? On a good day, this could be as much as 20 people ( 300$ ) while on most days, it seemed more like 3-5 people ( 45$’ish ). It’s not the easiest to really know is all I say.

    Reply from Admin

    To his credit though, he was the one who started collecting packet data from the official server. And without that it wouldn’t have been possible to create a new server for UCGO.

  7. Got to wonder if anyone is actually going to use this to create their own server.

    Reply from Admin

    Maybe a new server will pop up a few months from now. But I doubt it.

  8. I can’t help but notice that… You still didn’t answer me at all regarding the donations ..

    Reply from Admin

    I simply don’t care. Nobody is going to donate anyway.

  9. How do you know, if you don’t post it?

    I will be blunt. It always smells extremely fishy to me when someone simply won’t say a simple number. If you say, people may get engaged and go “Hey, that’s not too bad” or they may go “CHEESUS I’M OUT!”. But giving a vague;

    – “Hey, if you donate, I’ll put it up. But if you don’t, well, have fun.”

    – “Okay, how much?”

    – “Not saying.”

    These sort of stuff is just… It’s not helping those willing.

    Reply from Admin

    Like I already said, I don’t care. If somebody wants to donate they can donate whatever they feel like.
    If it bothers you STFU and leave and stop acting like I owe you an answer or something.

  10. Was on titan test team server. Not long
    But if i recall when a rival server popped up with some combat mechanics(0083s Albion was its logo) TTT server stoped then dante announced

    Was one claim of a CND to remove the 4 or 5 gundams on the page header at the top from the rival server as if they reported them to bandai which felt unture

    They had a new guy helping them
    a Avatar of in blue hoodie and a black hat with white letters cup in hand
    Signature on the forums the was “server underdog.” he liked victory gundam. Made a minecraft tool linked it on the TTT Skype group
    But forgot his name – john ?

    And old man Jiji
    the guy that claimed the models were a custom maya 4 format

    8/9 years … sorry for rambling
    Been trying to return to UCGO for a long time
    Impressed to read you got Corebooster and kampcfer working

  11. I am so glad for the release of the source code, however everything is in the folders except for the actual UCServer.jar itself which seems to be missing…

    Reply from Admin

    You have to compile the source code to get it. But before that you would need to update the with the IP for your server.

  12. Hi, whenever I start the bat files It says it can’t create a connection to the database server (jdbc4: communications link failure), the DB is made and so as the user but I’m not sure why it’s doing this. Any idea why?

    Reply from Admin

    I’m not sure. It’s been 10 years since I wrote that code so I don’t remember how the database stuff was implemented, and I don’t use a database with the current server.

    But the jdbc driver included are 10 years old and you should probably get more recent ones. Also did you use MySQL or Postgres? I wrote the server to use Postgres but the Titans Server guys changed it to use MySQL if I remember correctly. And did you actually create the tables in the database too? The game server doesn’t do that.

  13. Reply from above, managed to get the DB working and all the servers connected to each other without error, getting grey login button in the client which could be the fact that I have not setup the tables. Do you know how I should set them up?

    Reply from Admin

    You would have to look at the source code to see what the database tables should look like.

    However the client should be able to connect to the server and give a green login button without the database. Make sure you’ve setup the domain and DNS and updated the gameclient.cfg file.

  14. Reply from above,
    Alright I will try and figure out the tables from the source code as well as sort out my DNS and domain. But does it have to be a domain name or can it be an IP?
    Also I forgot to reply to your question about MySQL and PostgreSQL in the previous comment so I will state it here:
    From what I know so far it uses both MySQL and PostgreSQL. One of them for connection and the other for accounts if I’m correct, since the main.ini includes a connection url for each one.

    Reply from Admin

    You must have a domain name.

    About the database I’m not sure. Some of that was done by the Titans Server guys as I think they wanted to link the server login to their forum accounts or something like that. If you plan on developing a server and use this source code you’re probably better off writing your own code for loading and saving user data.

  15. want to ask are there are tool for editing the .dat game file?it’s impossbile to edit it with notepad/.\

    Reply from Admin

    Are you talking about the files in the resources/data folder?

    If so then there are no tools for editing them. You just have to decompress the files and edit them with a hex editor.

  16. hex edtor?how you can we edit them like these form!?
    i am really impress you that good editing at this all the time

    Reply from Admin

    I would recommend you use HxD as hex editor.

    And yes you have to edit the .dat files you get when you decompress the files in the resources/data folder. All the important dat files is in the file DAT_0008.

    There are no other tools for editing these files. You just have to figure it out for yourself.

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