Bad news

As many of you might know the reason I started working on UCGO again was because someone dontated. They offered to do monthly donations to pay for the time I would have to spend on UCGO.

Unfortunately they seem to have just disappeared without even letting me know.

Since I’m not getting donations anymore I’m not going to spend anymore of my time working on UCGO. I might release some updates later to finish the weapons crafting. But other than that there won’t be any updates.

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  1. will the MS color / 18E / Alex / Efreet /hygogg back?

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  2. Yes. If someone would do monthly donations or a larger one time donation to pay for all the time I would be spending on UCGO I wouldn’t mind continue working on UCGO.

  3. What’s the monthly server cost?

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    I have no specific amount in mind. If you want to donate to support UCGO just make an offer and I’ll let you know if I’m interested.

  4. Have you considered giving the files you have to someone who wants to fix/ work on UCGO. The moment you took away Zeta Era MS, you broke the game and are very slowly fixing what you broke. Not to mention the slow progression and it only being set to 0.1 and nothing higher which should be possible but then again maybe not. The game will inevitably die without something being done to make it better, so why not just give what you have to someone who actually cares about the future of UCGO?

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    If you think progress was being made too slowly then why don’t you donate something like $5K every month and I’ll work on UCGO like it’s a full time job and you can have your updates more frequently.

  5. For anyone wondering about if I would sell the server code. Would you be able to update and maintain it? Probably not.

  6. @ADMIN No but we have a party who is willing to do so. Also, you are the one who decided to stop the updates simply because you aren’t being paid what was originally offered and yes I do understand what that person did was rather a cunt move. But if you are not willing to continue putting forth effort into it as someone in your position should then why not just give it or sell it to someone who will do so. As it stands you are holding onto nothing that will remain nothing unless you take action.

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    If you want to buy the server code then make me an offer.

    Also the way UCGO is now all I need to do is just finish the changes to weapons crafting and it will be pretty much the same as it was when I first released the server. Plain old UCGO without anything extra added into it and what’s so bad about that?

  7. Giving the server away for free to anyone sounds like the worst ucgo idea ever. With anyone able to setup their own we might end up having multiple dead servers instead of just one server which is at least slightly active.

    Selling or giving it to a single party maybe that would be OK depending on who they are. Judging from how the icarus and that other server turned out it don’t give me much hope though.

  8. “Plain old UCGO without anything extra added into it and what’s so bad about that?”

    I think the problem you have with plain old UCGO is the game is almost 10+ years old with a very small community.

    Even new players who try it end up quitting because of the intense grind with such slow progression.
    I didn’t mind the Zeta suits, but I don’t miss them terribly, and can live with the OYW only.

    Just the skill progression is literally slow and no one wants to dedicate time to grind up crafting anymore.

  9. Alot of ppl quite becuase of the grind if seen I say up the rates to super high on skill ups so crafting and combat can be done in a few days and add mats back to shop and leaving mining still optional for new players

  10. So did anyone actually want to buy the server files?

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    Of course not. No one is going to buy or take over the server.

    The ones posting about how I should sell the server are probably just hoping I’ll give it away for free. So they can have their own server which they’ll probably run into the ground and give up after 1 or 2 months.

  11. I actually kind of like the current way you have resources set up, but wouldn’t necessarily mind if you were to restore the server to pre-zeta junk 2011-2013? era. Things were never perfect but felt more balanced back then compared to when you started adding all this new stuff. At least leave the game in a state that the original community might consider returning to someday.

  12. @admin

    if youre willing to accept donations then why not make a patreon or something to help support it? ik a lot of people are griping and my opinion doesnt matter that much since im new and all, but frankly i dont mind the grind that much. to be honest im just happy that i found a running gundam server thats not ip blocked or completely rigged…

  13. This is a forum where I won’t be replying that often, I have more important things to do with my day. But it is NOT me wanting to buy it, I don’t even know how to code the damn thing and do not want that responsibility. There is an interested party but they asked how much you wanted for the files. Also on the whole good old UCGO bit, I don’t like the slow progression or how long it takes to fix a build, nor do I like all of the suits being OYW but I can live with it. This is UCGO after all and simply being OYW is not enough, why stick to the old game instead of creating something better (of course my opinion, some feel differently). “The ones posting about how I should sell the server are probably just hoping I’ll give it away for free. So they can have their own server which they’ll probably run into the ground and give up after 1 or 2 months.” No one expects the files for free.

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    If they seriously wants to buy the server code then they should come here and make an offer.

  14. There wasn’t a player any more by this announcement.

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    The server is back to normal.

  15. Just increase the skill gain and let people enjoy this game as a casual Gundam sandbox rather than the miserable grindfest that it is

  16. am i the only one though this game for sure dead soon without update?

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    UCGO has been dead for a long time. I doubt releasing more updates will change it.

    But it’s like I’ve said before. If someone wants to pay me for the time I would have to spend on UCGO, I would be willing to work on it and release updates.

  17. The main problem is not about the skill gain,it’s about the game experience .as a online gamevwith low population,there are few problem like server lagging(not delay) ,speed hack,and other issue like NPCs reward and content need to be changed
    Btw I just need about 40hours to complete a battle character and few weeks to graduate from crafting

  18. Instead of complaining about server lag why don’t you donate to pay for a more powerful server? Or maybe you expect me to pay for it?

    And instead of complaining about NPC rewards and content needing to be changed why don’t you donate to pay for the time I would have to spend on UCGO releasing updates for it? Or maybe you expect me to do it on my own free time so you can play UCGO?

  19. Just checking. will the server stay the way it is now or any change of plans?

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    I was going to finish the changes to weapons crafting but I’m not sure if it’s any point in doing it.

    Also the server I’m renting to run UCGO right now was originally used for something else. I just ran UCGO on it too as it didn’t cost me anything. But since the start of this year I don’t need the server anymore. So now it’s just used for UCGO.

    And soon, about 2 months, I have to renew the server subscription. But why would I pay for 1 year of server hosting so that less than 10 players can keep playing UCGO? Maybe I’ll renew it but I don’t know.

  20. If this server is last, could you return it to the previous version?

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    Do you mean if the server is being shut down? It is not.

  21. Wondering how many active player would motivate you keep update or only money can push you

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    It’s like I’ve already said. I am not spending my free time working on UCGO, it takes too much time to create updates for UCGO.

    If you want to donate to pay for all the time I would spend on UCGO I’m willing to consider it.

  22. Do you return a server to the beginning and don’t you end?

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    The server is not shutting down.

    I plan to release some updates to finish the changes to weapon crafting.

  23. The server is back online again.

    For some reason the physical server it runs on had been restarted. And I weren’t around to start the ucgo server again.

  24. will battleship back again?most of them are in one year war but removed
    want them with weapon crafter together

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    Probably not.

  25. shouldn’t zeta’s ms and battleship return ?
    do something maybe someone will donate again

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    What good would that do? No one is playing now, no one was playing when Zeta MS and battleships were available, and I’m pretty sure no one is going to play if I add them back into UCGO.

    UCGO is dead and there won’t be anymore updates.

  26. admin some of us just gave up when you removed the zeta stuff becuase it was fun to hunt in space if you never removed them the few of us who played becuase of it would have still be playing

  27. Return UCGO back to before you start update it,then those player may get back and keep playing

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    No one was playing the game before I started updating it. So going back to the Zeta stuff won’t change anything.

  28. everyone just requesting zeta’s ms back,who don’t want it?
    PLEASE,add them back

  29. Some people don’t play because the game is no have zeta ms. If you add zeta ms back, someone will come back to play.

  30. Maybe. I should have a backup of the server source code from before I started working on it again. It might be possible to return everything to how it was before I removed the Zeta MS.

    It’s funny though. When the Zeta MS was in the game I got a lot of complaints about them, now that they’re gone players want them back.

  31. I checked and it turns out I don’t have a backup of the server source code from before I started working on it. The only backups I have is one from right before I added any Zeta MS and a backup of the current server.

  32. when will this server down or how long to go for this server to stop the renewal of server contract

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    The server is paid for until August. If it goes down then I don’t know.

  33. Most players don’t care about the Zeta MS & many of the players still playing don’t want them. What we do want is EX weapons to be equipable, Battleships, Weapons to not be faction locked, and to have low level crafting materials to be available in shops.

  34. When will the server be closed, we want to engage in activities before then

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    I don’t know.

  35. Will you still pay for the server afterwards?

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    Why do you ask? Do you want to pay for it instead?

  36. I just want to know if you will pay for the server again later.

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    Wait and see.

  37. Well, it seems that I discovered this game at the worst time possible and missed the best years. My usual luck I guess :-/

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    Yes you did.

  38. why i can’t download the open source stuff

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    I had some issues with my webhost some time ago, or something like that, I don’t really remember. Those files got deleted together with all uploaded images.

  39. I checked the server logs for the past few days and on average it seems to be about only 10 players logging in every day.

    This leaves me with two options:

    1. I can pay for server hosting and spend a lot of time to finish updating UCGO; a game which only about 10 players are still playing.

    2. Or I can do nothing and not spend any of my time and money on a game which I don’t play.

    I haven’t made a decision yet but option 2 is the most likely one.

  40. You can give an accurate time to close the game, we want a fight, no regrets

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    The server is paid for until August 17th.

  41. Is there a difference in performance due to engine Lv?

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    Yes. Higher level increases your chance of dodging attacks.

  42. when would the weapon update be finished,already 2 month

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    Despite reading my previous comments you’re asking about the next update?

    I haven’t started on it and probably never will.

  43. I can understand you not wanting to be working on ucgo for free. Especially when you don’t play the game yourself. But would you let the server keep running if someone paid for it?

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    Maybe. If they would pay upfront for a full year of server hosting then probably yes.

    If they want to do monthly donations then no as they would probably just pay for 2-3 months and quit.

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