Download update

A new client update is available for download.

Download link:

Install it the same way as before.

This update changes the required crafting skill and materials for more weapons. Also it fixes several EX weapons so they can be equipped correctly.

Also there are now changes to how EX and HG weapons work.

EX weapons will be similar to non-EX weapons but they will use less ammo, have a larger magazine, longer range and higher durability.

HG weapons will no longer have very high attack power. Instead they will have increased accuracy, about 2-3 times higher than non-HG weapons.

3 thoughts to “Download update”

  1. i completely don’t under stand why SP magella cannon can reach over 1400+ damage,there’s only sniper can reach that distance and dps much lower

    Reply from Admin

    Look at the weapons factory page. Only weapons listed there has correct stats for EX, SP and HG versions so far.

  2. May we please have weapons not be faction locked? Because now the only cannon MS14 has now is magella top. I commonly used 180mm that I collected from enemies.

  3. adding NPCs guards possible ?
    After winning the warfare,it’s still not safe that some player use spy and attack people at the field

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