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Since there aren’t a lot of players in UCGO I think PVE becomes more important. So I’m looking for some feedback and ideas on how to improve NPCs.

If anyone have suggestions about NPCs feel free to comment here.

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  1. I just want to see more npc battlegrounds like helenes on earth. Maybe have 3-4 with different levels of difficulty.

  2. Dear admin
    I think you must have made a mistake. You have no problem doing NPC Intelligence. The main problem now is not that PVE is more important. Instead, old players use their experience and resources to stand on the top of the food chain and plunder the wealth of new players. Now resources can only be collected. So no one wants to be plundered by others by the resources they have worked hard to collect, especially this kind of thing happens frequently. For example, some old players put SPY and hostile numbers in EF/ZN 8 cities. As soon as the spy saw it, he immediately changed his antagonistic number and hit it. Finish it. Throw the material on the floor. The spy will pick it up again. This has happened quite often recently. If you want more fresh blood, add guards to the city so that new players can keep their wealth. That’s what we need to do right now.

  3. NPCs guard cities please , at least not so rude for enemy can walk around without concern
    Also hopes there’s area drops refined material camp / rare stuff camp(eg. rare engine,rare weapon with higher drop rate) rather than mine for a year to get skills max

  4. More bosses in more common areas would be nice.

    More loot (Mats/Engines) from the mid level NPCs instead of 500 Beamback energy/500 Bazooka rounds would be nice

  5. make 3 npc spawn in a same place so they look like a squad and add more rare npc that isn`t using FL/FTCC MS

  6. NPC with Real Names of Pilots from Anime like Char Aznable,Amuro Ray and more

  7. hope the boss will respawn faster or can be knew the boss is alive
    else most of the time just finding the boss but it’s dead

  8. Can you add an NPC to attack ICF and an NPC to guard ICF in the battle of Newman and Richmond?

  9. MS製作スキルを レア材料MSを制作して上げるのは 現状厳しい レア素材が もう少し楽に回収できてたら みんな最高のMSに搭乗し PVP  PVE を 楽しめると思います
    レア素材を落とすNPCを 既存の補給部隊の近くに配置してほしい

    または ノーマル素材で MS製作スキルが上がるように ノーマル素材で製作できるMSを追加して 130まで 上げれるようにしてもらいたい

  10. I know people like keeping the hidden camps well, hidden, but maybe it would be better to add them to the default transport list that way more people have access to them and the stronger npcs that are there.

  11. NPC guards in the cities isn’t possible. They would shot through walls and it would be impossible for anyone to raid a city. Actually it could probably be done but it would take a lot of time.

    So the suggestions are:

    More NPC battleship bosses or faster respawn.
    More regular NPC which drops materials and engines.
    NPC bosses (not battleships) with names.
    Add hidden camps to the transport list. Can probably add some of them.

    And one guy saying it’s too hard to raise MS crafting above 100 since you need to craft FL/FTCC MS for that.

  12. One thing i think would make NPC farming a liiiittle bit different would be flying NPCs like Apsarus or Core boosters, just to mix up the fights a little bit and disallow for piercing of massive lines of enemies with beam weapons.

    Admin said NPC city guards would be impossible but i feel like as long as they’re kept weak enough and their respawns take a little bit of time it could be done, plus it being hard to raid a city makes sense as a Zaku II wouldn’t be able to raid a massive millitary base in canon

  13. “And one guy saying it’s too hard to raise MS crafting above 100 since you need to craft FL/FTCC MS for that.”

    craft Hover Truck /Magella Tank (Craft + dismantle) loop for 2000 SHTS. (write a Script for that)
    You gain 5.0~7.0 MSC per night. After 100MSC.
    No need to use FL/FTCC to raise your crafting.

  14. i am not sure about the drop rate of level 4 tank engine,way too high
    those tank engine i can see everyday,nearly all the time i can see the loot in all boss
    and they are useless

  15. If possible, could events like warfare be set involving NPCs?
    You could have NPCs raid cities at fixed times like warfare, using NPCs that drop rare items so it would make the city defense more rewarding.

  16. sorry admin talking weapon craft here
    but i just found that i can’t craft weapon successful even with 130 arms construction max skills
    800tcc = 1 snipe rifle custom …?

    Reply from Admin

    I’m currently working on weapons crafting. Changing skills and materials for all weapons. You’ll just have to wait for client updates to fix it.

  17. About NPC guards in cities. I might setup guards outside the cities instead.

    If the guards stay maybe 1000m outside the city then it won’t be an issue with them shooting through buildings. And then the guards might or might not be able to hold off raiding players.

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