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  1. not sure if just my problem,can’t craft
    Tank/Fighter Cannon 0.0 1xSuper High Tensile Steel
    material not enough

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    If it still doesn’t work you should try installing the update again. It works for me.

  2. When logging in to EF from ZEON or ZEON from EF, is it possible to hold some restriction?
    For example for can’t log in when it doesn’t pass for several hours.

    Reply from Admin

    It is possible. I have considered doing this myself to prevent spying etc but there are several problems with doing it. For example it will cause problems for players who want to play as both EF and Zeon, and for players who share the same IP address.

  3. ***************

    I have adjusted the attack power and accuracy for almost every weapon. The most notable changes should be that machineguns are no longer OP, cannons, bazookas and sniper rifles are better.

  4. Hope the changes of weapons stats can be list at the site

    Reply from Admin

    They will not be listed.

  5. bug : every time you login the ammo of MS sniping beam rifle custom will be decrease to 240 from 480

    Reply from Admin

    240 is the correct amount. This will be fixed in a future client update.

  6. Can you increase the Rare Mats selling price like before?
    New players said they had trouble making money in game .
    While Mining is also very slow for money grinding (and you may need scripts to do so)

    Reply from Admin

    I’ll try to remember doing it in the next client update. I’ll increase the selling price for gemstones and rare materials.

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