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  1. thanks for your work admin, but can you look into adding normal steel back into the game. It can’t be aquired for new weapon crafters to grind up from 0.0 at the moment.

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    This will be fixed when I start working on weapons crafting.

  2. The one by which MS production of ZION isn’t indicated at the universe

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    It will be fixed in the next client update.

  3. Do you have any plans about new one year war ms?

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    I used to have models for the Efreet and Alex which was a lot more detailed than the current ones. They were maybe close to the Kampfer model in detail level.
    If I can find those models again they might make it into the game at some point.

    There are also a few MS which can be built by using parts of existing MS and combining them to create new MS. And they would look exactly like original MS without bad textures.
    Although I’m not sure if that will happen. As it might take a lot of time and there are other and maybe better things I can do instead.

  4. **********************

    I’ve made some changes to NPC behavior. They should now be less prone to standing at that invisible wall and will move away if you try to kill them from a distance.

  5. can you make player need few more sec to hangar suit down / getoff after attacked or got attacked

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    That’s not possible.

  6. Since I’ve got several comments asking about weapons crafting I’m posting a small update about it here.

    I’ll be releasing the next game client update this week or next week, depends on available time. That will be the first update related to weapons crafting and adjusting weapon attack power and other stats.

  7. will you add MS-08TX Efreet and MSM-03C back to game?

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    I might add the Efreet back into the game if I can get a better 3D model for it. I used to have one but not sure if I’ll be able to find it again.

    But the answer is probably not. It takes a lot of work to add new 3D models to the game and I have a limited amount of time to spend on UCGO.

  8. RGM-79 (G) s GM Sniper can’t have MS sniping beam rifle.

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    It uses the longrange beam rifle.

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