Future updates

Just posting a list of planned/possible updates coming to UCGO. And I’m open to suggestions.


  • There will be several NPC vs NPC areas, similar to Helenes, on the ground. With different levels of difficulty.
  • There will be NPCs outside the cities similar to how it was on the official server.
  • Some of the existing supplies might be removed and replaced with new and smaller supplies closer to the cities.

MS colors

  • Some of the old colors will return while others will be removed.
  • There will be 2-3 colors for each MS.
  • Coloring MS will require an item, lets call it a color upgrade item. It will work similar to how you craft the RX-78-2 MC. Using the color upgrade item together with an original colored MS you can craft a new colored MS. These color upgrade items will be dropped by NPCs.


  • It will be possible to craft fighters.
  • Engines can be crafted. Not sure about this though, if it’s any point.
  • Weapons crafting will be fixed. Changes to skill and material requirements.

11 thoughts to “Future updates”

  1. sounds good!
    Can join the weekend city raid. On Saturdays, for example, EF attacked Melbourne and ZEON attacked Sydney, rotating weekly. NPC can capture the city interior. This may be a lot of work for you.
    Engines can be crafted i don’t think it’s necessary.Add new skills? Or MS crafts?

  2. oh i have some questions
    npc drop
    1.consider removing TJ TR HJ engines?because they are useless.
    2.14a 14s yms14s can not use rx79g beam rifle.why drop it?
    3.MS junk parts in zeon not many places are used.because RS DOM too weak.you can try use MS junk parts make weapons,high level weapons not use FTCC。

    Reply from Admin

    NPC drops will be changed at a later time.

  3. Ginus and Mosk can the number of occurrences in the excavation be improved?Increased the number of times he received

  4. Can I make a suggestion for crafting changes.
    Instead of increments of 0.1 can you change it that they can be more to get through the lower/medium humps.

    Like instead of just making it go 0.1, 0.1, make it a random amount of points for example 0.1-0.3
    For example the more materials you use for crafting, the higher skill gain you could get.

    IE: Refining more materials should give more skill points.

  5. about the ms color, do all MS use common items or there will be diffierent items for each MS?

    Reply from Admin

    A color upgrade item can be used for several MS. For example there will be one color item for all Gelgoogs, one for all Zakus, one for Z’Goks etc…

  6. yea the engine is much harder to get than material , so i hope we can craft engine .

    btw can you add some special camp ? since most of the people is hiding and not PVP , we want some exciting / challenging PVE stuff , such as battleship boss in the area similar to Helenes , or a camp with a boss area , the boss area will have a group of boss with ACE name , such as Amuro Ray G2+Kai Shiden 772+Haiyato Kobayashi Guntank+Bright Noa WB / Ramba Ral 07B+Acous 06+Cozun Graham 06 +Crowley Hamon Gallop something like that , and they will drop their own special stuff instead of all these special camp only drop the same thing , there is still many possibility of this kind of camp , black-tri stars,white dingo,08ms, alot of ACE , or just put a bunch of them in the same camp like Helenes .

    after the update of fighter i wish to have a sky camp which you can get special parts or engine to craft stronger fighter lol

  7. can you add a function that player can send message and all the player / one side faction could see the message in the journal , no matter where you are , that can help player for finding help for crafting / PVE / PVP / asking question

    Reply from Admin

    Yes but I’m not sure about doing that. The messages won’t show up as normal chat messages in the journal window, they will look more like the messages shown when you login or the server is shutting down. Also there’s the chance someone might just spam messages to annoy players.

  8. Truth be told, I can’t wait to see what kind of enemies we fight at Ayers, Orbost, and Alice Springs.

  9. Dear administrator
    Always thank you very much for your renewal.

    Can a giant heat hawk and Great heat hawk be used now on the EF side?

    Reply from Admin

    Currently they can’t be used by EF. It might be fixed in the next update, or the update after that.

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