Download new update

A new client update is available for download.

Download link:

Install it the same way as before.

This update does the following:

  • There are now NPC guards the Newman and Richmond camps.
  • The following MS can now be crafted and equip the correct weapons: RX-78-2, RX-78-2 MC, MS-14S, YMS-14
  • Magnetic coating can now be crafted at the refinery

4 thoughts to “Download new update”

  1. I’m very glad to see UCGO updates. For new updates, I would like to ask a few questions.
    1. Is the refining of MC material too expensive? It requires more than 60 skills. There is also a need for a 200 x Ginius 200 x Mosk and a 130 digging skill, and there is a limited amount of material that can be dug at a bit. For a non-top MS, I don’t think it matches the cost he paid, so we should reduce the material demand properly.
    2. Nowadays, more and more materials are needed for top-level MS. So the material that NPC drops. Should it be appropriate?

    Reply from Admin

    – You don’t need 130 mining skill to get Ginius and Mosk parts.

    – I don’t think 60 refinery skill is too high for the magnetic coating. When you reach 110 MS crafting skill for the RX-78-2 MC your refinery skill will probably be over 60.

    – The material requirement for the top level MS is less than before. For example the RX-78-2 now requires 400 FL and it has low fail rate, so it might cost 500 FL on average. Before it required 190 FL for crafting but had a high fail rate so it would cost up to 800 FL.

  2. Dear Admin
    Thank you for taking my message seriously and responding to it.
    1. I know that producing Ginius and Mosk does not require 130 skills. But full skill is undoubtedly the most efficient way to acquire, and it takes quite a long time to acquire the most efficient way. For non-skilled players, it takes longer. Secondly, 782MC corresponds to YMS-14. Compare the two. Which is easier than magnet coating? If magnet coating is relatively difficult to achieve, is it better in terms of performance? If the performance is better than the other side, it will cause imbalance, so please reduce the manufacturing difficulty of magnet coating. Because it looks more balanced.
    2. First of all, thank you for optimizing the production of MS in the game. So that we do not spend more time on repetitive production. But although the success rate has been improved and the materials used are less than before, it is easier for us to get the corresponding organism. But it’s all about older players who are familiar with the rules of the game. For a new player. I think it’s still difficult, even impossible. I think in order to attract more new players to participate. Or should we further lower the threshold of the game. Simplify the process, so that more people can quickly experience the fun of the game.
    Finally, thank you for all you have done!

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