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  1. do the server updated too?

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    Not necessary. That was done a few days ago.

  2. MS-14A Can use rocket launcher?
    I think this is a bug.

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    Will be fixed in the next update. I gave the MS-14A the rocket launcher instead of the zaku beam rifle.

  3. I am a PVE player.Youda Camper so poor.Can you upgrade it?
    I hope to show more camps on the website. It is convenient for you to consult and use.

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    If you are looking for more PVE camps you can ask other players.

    There is a link to a discord in the forum which you can join.

  4. yep,but chinese Internet can’t connect to discord. iam so sad.
    i asked other players.they tall me more camps.same same.very poor.

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    I’m not posting NPC camp locations here. Keep asking other players in the game and someone can probably tell you.

  5. Have the MS/MA construction skill gains been tweaked yet?

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    There won’t be anymore changes to MS crafting skill gains.

  6. Please fix the MMP-80. It is way too powerful and makes PVP extremely unbalanced. Personally I’m not even going to bother showing for PVP as it gives Zeon a major advantage.

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    When I’m done adding the remaining MS to the factory I will move on to weapons. They will get new stats and new crafting skill and material requirements.

  7. Please fix the 100mm Machinegun. It is way too powerful and makes PVP extremely unbalanced. I can instant kill a Gouf with 6shots under 10secs with a FA amour class 77-3. Personally, I’m not even going to bother showing for PVP as it gives EF a major advantage.

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    There’s no need to come up with replies like this. Several of the MG weapons are overpowered and will likely have their damage output cut in half. And you cannot compare the 77-3 MS with a weapon which can be used by almost every MS in the game, that doesn’t even make sense.

  8. According to MS LIST, ZAKU TANK can be manufactured at 5.0, but it can not be manufactured at this time.

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    OK. The skill listed is probably wrong. I know it can be crafted though.

  9. MMP80 / 100mm already can’t kill a 773 / Gogg in 1v1 already , you sure you gonna nerf it?

    i can tell you for sure , if you did that , all of the shell build will become rubbish , and the next OP stuff will appear , aha~ just look forward

  10. Anonymous Zeon guy. You totally miss the point.

    You can equip a shop Zaku I with a machinegun and it will have damage output similar to the FA gundam or maybe even higher. A single shot from a machinegun will do about 10% damage to a GM and they can fire once every second while a beam rifle takes 2 or 3 seconds to fire a shot and will do about the same damage.

    If you want to claim the MMP-80 and other machineguns aren’t overpowered then why does everyone on Zeon use them? I don’t see Zeons with cannons or bazookas.

  11. Dear admin
    Let me raise a few more acute questions.

    1. Now for weapons manufacturing, it is completely unnecessary. Because hand-made weapons need more materials. But materials are hard to get. So the material will be used in more needed MS. For example, a BLASH needs 300 TCC, a 14-beam rifle needs 250TCC, but many MS need not so much material, such as zakuFZ only needs 150 TCC, a weapon needs more material than a MS, which is obviously abnormal. So the material used to make weapons should be reduced.
    2. On the issue of weapons, the speed of machine guns has been raised. Everyone has reflected that this is unfair. I think this may be a bold attempt. But you can’t increase the speed of the machine gun. Ignoring the characteristics of other weapons, such as beam guns, can give them longer range and greater damage. Instead of letting the machine gun have its own reward features. Although players prefer weapons to the strongest ones, I believe you can diversify.

  12. Moreover, I hope to get more rewards for hand-made weapons, so that players can be encouraged to discover.

  13. Thank you very much Peter 34513. I’ve explored as much as I can, but I’m still very poor. But I will continue to explore.
    I think LITIAN02A is good advice. Now camp is very poor. I am very struggling to farm FTCC and find MScarft to make it.It may also fail.. This is a very destructive thing.

  14. do the ADM suit GQ rate is decreased? i crafted over 20+ ADM suit no one was GQ DDD:

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    It’s the same as always. I haven’t made any changes to it.

  15. We did a test, using GQ clothes to increase the strength by 150 but still the same as before. GQ clothes have no effect.

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    Already aware of this.

  16. Is spirit and luck also like that?This requires a lot of samples to test the results.We don’t have time to do it.

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    Yes. The server is still using the old bonus for GQ clothes which would only give about 10 skill points in bonus.

  17. Hello, admin.
    At the MS plant in Perth, there was a character that repeated production and dismantling without any movement from the spot. Is that possible?

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    Yes that is possible.

  18. ***************

    GQ clothes will now give correct skill bonus.

  19. can you change the fighter(FF6/Saber fish/Dopp) status?
    -much higher damage
    -higher dodge(about MAX or MAX)
    -Increase turning speed(optional)
    -can be improve and craft
    -make ER work when you over 35% again(it worked before , but idk when if you ER over 35% no longer success if your HP not over 50%)

    but for avoid people spamming them or use them like a sky fixed turret
    -keep the low durability(or only increase a bit)
    -their weapon range wont over 700m
    -***change their starting speed to super low and their speed increase very slow , you need to cost much more time to let it have the highest speed , forced player keep them the high speed while PVP unless they will got shot down easy***(Super low mean really super low , cause people love to use them stop in the sky and shooting people)
    -raise their cost
    -make saber fish / Garuma dopp craft only

    helicopter/luggun no need to change ,

    These change could make them can be use in PVP , and fighter become useful but wont overpower like another server , and you can fight CB/AP2/Battleship without only using the same stuff(Which them were too rare) , dog fight will become popular , many player / newbie did try to be a fighter only player , but all of them give up while fighter can’t do anything to MS , now you can even add a camp that sky flight only .

    Seriously it will be really really really fun , at least if you ask me i want a update of weapon craft/tailor/refine/mining/endless weapon status balance or flight update , i will chose the flight update

    Please consider about this Orz

  20. ah and the fighter missle could have very fast shooting speed , but they need reload very often

  21. Dear admin
    I’m glad to see that you have implemented GQ attributes. I hope that GQ clothes can not only be made. Hopefully, you can get some special clothes by playing NPC, besides Amuro and Char. For example, Arutesia’s military uniform. And other bright clothes. BOUNS as a hunting NPC.

  22. The position of the enemy NPC has changed, but why is it changed?

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    The position of NPCs is random.

  23. Can you join these battleships in the next update? EF: Salamis, Midea; Zn: Musai, Fat-Uncle

  24. when and what will be the next update? OoO

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    Next update will probably be within a week. It will add NPC guards for both EF and Zeon at Newman/Richmond and it will make more MS craftable. Not exactly sure how many MS though, depends on how much time I have available.

  25. Can those Base guards be max level?

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    They will be strong enough to keep enemy players away from the camp.

  26. Admin, will these NPC guards provide pvp bonuses towards skills and will you be changing how fast the skills are gained at 800 TS because as it is, it is slow. Also, will you be making a way for players to have a balanced build if they choose so I for example can use a bazooka and beam weapons?

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    There will be some changes to how fast combat skills increase. But not yet, first I’m going to finish the crafting stuff.

    Creating a character which is good with both beam and shell weapons can be done using the near/far engagement skill. But if you want a character which is good with all weapons and at all ranges then no that won’t happen.

  27. Can any clothing be GQ?

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    No. Only uniforms and some of the glasses and gloves have GQ versions.

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