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  1. are you sure 77-3 should still available of shield?

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    Why shouldn’t it have a shield? Even though it has strong armor it has low dodge and is slow.

  2. Interesting, 77-3 has the same armor as FA gundam and Shield capable.
    will FA gundam gets even higher Armor stat later?

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    FA will have the same armor it has now. BTW the FA has much higher dodge and speed than the RX-77-3 and it has a better weapon.

  3. MMP80 needs to be balanced because it is easier to craft than EF 100m machine gun and doesn’t cost as much
    it needs reduced damage and accuracy for it’s unbalanced rate of fire.
    in PVP it dominates because it is so strong and I think it needs to be reduced before it gets out of hand.

  4. about the crafting material , can you raise the amount limit of SHTS , TCC , TA , LTA ? since if your bank is full you need to put them in other truck is annoying , while you can’t buy material from shop and the crafting material amount require of MS was increased too , if the bank can save more material it will be much more convenience.

  5. Interesting it’s almost like the 77-3 and the FA always had the same armor values xD

  6. I will say the DPS of 100mm and MMP80 are almost the same. I don’t think there’ re any issues after using both of them.

  7. When is the update completed?

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    The server was updated a few days ago.

  8. Are there any updates after that?

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    Yes there will be future updates.

  9. Material stack limit is 2000, but it seems that when you are mining the materials stop coming after you have 1000. It would be great if this could be fixed, and I think increased stack limits for mats in general would be nice.

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    The issue with only getting 1000 of a material when mining will be fixed next time the server is updated. This is a leftover from back when a stack could only be 1000 like on the official server.

  10. Bug report – Purchasing Acguy at Richmond/Newman for 90K actually costs ~450k. Might be elsewhere as well.

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    No it costs 90000.

  11. Dear admin
    Thank you for all you have done for UCGO, but I have a small problem that I need to confirm with you. When can we update warships, such as midia and uncle fat? Warships that can have HANGER attributes. It’s very inconvenient now.

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    They will be made available later. But I don’t know exactly when.

  12. will refine skill effect the final amount of refining? or only success rate

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    It only affects success rate.

  13. *****************

    Fixed the issue with mining mentioned above. You will now get 2000 of each material while mining.

    Also I expect the next update which will make more MS craftable will be released this weekend.

  14. πŸ˜€
    btw will gyan and efreet back?

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    Gyan will be back.

    Efreet will probably be removed.

  15. WHY , I LOVE IT , even it is abit weak.

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    The 3D model for the Efreet looks pretty bad so it will be removed. Same with the Hygogg.

    Models for the Kampfer, Gyan and Alex looks better so they’ll stay in the game. And at a later time the Alex might get a better 3D model, as I had one before which was close to the Kampfer model in quality.

  16. Admin please make Rank Less chance to lose! or make rank loss impossible
    This will encourage so much PVP unless it’s Zeta MS being used

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    Does anyone actually care about rank?

  17. Can we also have High tier locations?

    like 4 14B Area/6 14S area/12 Z’gok S Area

    4 FA/6 G3/ 12 ProtoGundam

    Space is the only place to get FL/JP and it’s hard to see wrecks to pick the mats up from and many players hate going to helenes to farm.

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    There are many places on the ground where you can get FL/FTCC/JP, you just have to find them.

  18. Yes, rank is very important it gives us access to camps and uniforms without a crafter
    Canberra 5 and Brisbane were the best places
    can we have a hint please?

  19. join oure discord a lot of players on our discord know ware the bosses are located on earth
    we are allways loooking to party up and hunt

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    You should post a link to the discord in the forum.

  20. Will there be new warships to join the game and can be used in the future?

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    Midea and Fat uncle will be available. The other ships might be available, I haven’t decided yet.

  21. The GM space command or kai does not actually work properly in space, it is terribly slow and the ball is not usable on earth (i assume this is a gravity issue but someone i know would use one over all suits real quick). Also, if you do bring back battleships, the ships should have a debuff effect on land to where it becomes a useless option, but functions normally in space.

  22. Another note, the weapons are still needing fixed so they can be equipped properly and i really do believe sniping should be added to a different skill so it can be an option, i for one am not a “1 trick pony” i am a person who likes having a balanced build so i can use different weapon types for different situations. These changes i really do believe should be added and would like serious thought about it.

  23. Dear admin
    I found that now decomposition of MS can also obtain metal materials. This avoids the cumbersome process of refining after mining, and many people have also found this problem. But this method deviates from the original intention of the game. So I have come up with a solution that can be rewarded in mining and refining. For example, when mining. FL and FTCC can be obtained when FL and JP or FTCC. or when LA and TCC are refined. Do you think you can do that?

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    Dismantle has always given you back some materials. Been like that since the official server.

    FL/JP/FTCC will only be dropped by NPCs and it will never be possible to mine it.

  24. The information on this Mining and Refining list is not complete. Can you fill it with no information?

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    What information is missing?

  25. Admin
    Can you sign up for a WeChat? Chinese players can better communicate with you and timely feedback some problems.

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    No. If there is a problem they can just post it here.

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