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A new update is available for download.

Download link:

HOW TO INSTALL: Place the UCGOupdate.exe file in the same folder as your UCclient.exe file. Run UCGOupdate.exe

Not all MS can be crafted yet. And for those MS which can’t be crafted there might be some problems with equipping weapons.

I have not yet changed how fast crafting skills increase, this will be done soon. Also the MS and mining lists on this website will soon be updated too.

42 thoughts to “Download new update”

  1. Can we keep Zeta MS but give them 0 accuracy and dodge like faction locked ms so they are only useable in PVE?

    Reply from Admin

    No need for that. When their weapons gets removed from the factory it will no longer be possible to get new weapons and shields for Zeta MS. And without their weapons Zeta MS are just regular 78-2/MS-14S level. It was their weapons and stronger shields which made them better than OYW MS. Also some of them can’t use OYW weapons so they will become useless when their weapons can’t be replaced.

  2. is there any status change of MS or Weapon in this update?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. All MS and weapons have new stats.

  3. about the LV4 TJ/TR/HJ/HB engine left , can we use them to craft of only for sell at this moment?

    Reply from Admin

    TJ/TR/HJ engines can’t be used anymore so you should just sell them. HB engines has been renamed to MS engine and are now used for all types of MS.

  4. “It was the last and most advanced of the Federation’s line of GM Sniper mobile suits during the One Year War.[1] It was also one of the last GM-type units to be developed during the war.[3]” The GM sniper 2 is a OYW suit and shouldn’t have been removed from stores, and most certainly shouldn’t have been unable to equip the custom sniping beam rifle and its lesser equivalent (not referring to the long range beam rifle). This update was a 50/50 for a good and bad one. I hope to see the mistakes rectified soon.

    Reply from Admin

    As it says in the post some MS will have problems with equipping weapons. The SP2 is one of them.

  5. Admin, can Zeon get NPCs to defend their camps on Newman and Richmond?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. But I was actually thinking I should remove the EF guards instead.

  6. Things are looking good so far. Last saturday we had 30 players on the server. OK so that’s not much compared to the old days but it’s about 20 more than it used to be.

  7. Why MS-14B can`t use beam weapon and G3 can`t use rx78-2 beam rifle too?

    Reply from Admin

    As it says in the post some MS will have problems with equipping weapons.

  8. @ANONYMOUS Only good if you are online when Japanese players are, otherwise it is nearly 10-15 at the most and rarely that. @ADMIN The MS list needs materials added to the higher end EFF suits and some craft-able MS need to be fixed, as they are still broken but I assume that will be when the second half of this update releases (I HOPE at least). From what someone said in voice chat, crafting in general was broken but I don’t know for sure, I haven’t made anything yet.

    Reply from Admin

    As it says in the post: Not all MS can be crafted yet.
    More MS will be added over time.

    How are some of the craftable MS broken?

  9. Is the performance all right for anything on a list in MS which produced before an upgrade?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. Old MS will work fine.

  10. MS become so slow. Turning, jumping everything.
    it was better what it used to be.

    Reply from Admin

    All GM and Zaku are faster than they used to be. Gundams and Gelgoog are the same as before.

    If your MS is slow maybe you don’t have enough MS skill to use it.

  11. @Admin If you go to craft something like the EFF tank it will not let you, gives an error despite me having the skill (0) and the material to create it. Also, a friend was trying to build things too and he could not (YDD mining vehicle) and I would assume the SP2 is within that category, I do not have a crafter capable of building one. Please recheck what you did and all things that were involved in the last update. Also, it is very unnecessary to have “Near Dodge” and “Far Dodge” since AMBAC functions for both. The same goes with N/F Engagement, we already have an “Engagement” skill and these two are pointless and relatively useless. “Hand to Hand” combat is the exact same as CQB, “Critical” is also unnecessary due to this affecting all types of weaponry and you should choose wisely which MS you intend to bring for that chance. Also at 700 status points and 800 total skill points, it takes nearly just as long as it does to get where you are, to correct your build. Which being my first time playing as far as I have gotten, I didn’t realize I could not build a balanced build meant for beam rifles/snipers due to the 800 cap. Is there a way you could make it so snipers can be used with a beam rifle build? Although as I said before, I really do think sniping should be in the shooting category or at least tie in some way. Thanks for the replies thus far, when can we expect the next update to release to fix the current issues?

    Reply from Admin

    The crafting didn’t work because the tank and the YDD were still using the old crafting stats i.e. the server hadn’t been updated with the changes made in the client. It will be fixed today or tomorrow.

  12. It seems like there’re bugs with the MS engine. I’ am not sure.
    But one thing I can tell is, Hyakushiki , 07S slow as hell.
    Some Gundams are fine but some don’t feel right.
    Current HB3C Gundams are like using a TR engine on Earth.

    Reply from Admin

    I just tested these MS myself and they work just fine.

  13. i was testing it , alright , compare to the video i recorded before seems the speed didnt change , should be my misconception.


    Mining and Refinery skill now increase faster
    Fixed issue with tanks and Thundergoliat not being craftable
    Zeta weapons and shields can no longer be crafted. They still appear in the weapons factory though.

  15. the actual price of the engine doesn’t match what the store shows, can you check and fix it?

    Reply from Admin

    It will be fixed next I update the server.

  16. @ADMIN the issue is still the same, i can not make tanks or the weapons on my newly made crafter, on the EFF side. The refinery skill is good, only issue is that getting to 100% takes some time but its whatever.

    Reply from Admin

    Make sure you have the correct amount of materials and engine in your inventory. It should be 10 Super High Tensile Steel and a tank engine. Make sure you have a tank engine and not MS engine.

    I’ve tested it and crafting tanks does work.

  17. the fossil sell price isn`t same with shop show will you fix it?

    Reply from Admin

    It will be fixed next time the server is updated.

  18. will the custom color be back?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes but it will be different from before. Some of the old colors will return, and others will be removed or changed.

    Also I was thinking about having color upgrades. To change the MS color you will need an original colored MS and a color upgrade item. It would work similar to how you craft the 78-2 MC using a 78-2+magnetic coating. And these color upgrades would be dropped by NPCs.

  19. Please make sure you go through crafting so it can be fixed as soon as possible, as well as equipping weapons.

    Reply from Admin

    As it said in the first post. This is something which will take a few months to do.

  20. Most Low-tier GM can’t equip Better saber (GGsaber 78saber)
    unlike the old times even using a TGM ,but with EX GG saber you can still do good damage.
    maybe admin can look deeper into how Weapons limitation changes the low-tier meta.
    looking forward to more balance updates.

    Reply from Admin

    This is how it’s supposed to be. They’re called RX-79G and RX-78 beam saber, they are for the Gundams, not the GMs. The EX versions will be changed later.

  21. can we have a bug report list?
    Minor bugs:
    77 beam rifle stock bought ammo display 176/210 , you can reload it till 210
    Ground GM can equip MPBG with 2nd weapon slot.

    Reply from Admin

    RX-77 rifle will be fixed in the next server update.

    The MPBG will fixed sometime in a future client update.

  22. Admin, I found a way to solve the limited Hangar problem!

    here we have the 300FL/HB engine to craft an FA and after it succeeds it is in our Hangar
    but we have another MS crafting option where we turn it into a MothBalled version of that MS so it can be placed into our container and to get it back we just go to the factory and craft it at 100% success to get it!

    300FL/MS engine=FA=MB/FA=FA

    Reply from Admin

    Although this would work it requires a lot of time and work to do. If you need more hangar space just create another character to use for storing MS.

  23. When creating a character on Zeon side newly, it will be forcibly disconnected from the server after 10 seconds from connecting to the server. The error code was displayed as 65. The welcome message is not displayed in the journal.

    Reply from Admin

    Make sure you have installed the latest client update.

    If that doesn’t help there’s not much I can do if you have problems connecting.

  24. When can we expect the next update?

    Reply from Admin

    Next client update which adds more MS to the factory will probably be released in about two weeks.

    The next server update which will fix some bugs will be released later today or tomorrow.

  25. What MS will be added to the next update?

    Reply from Admin

    It depends on how much time I have available to work on UCGO. But probably all MS up to 95 in crafting skill.

  26. The client is applying the latest patch.When creating a character on EF side newly, play is done without problems. A connection error occurs only on the Zion side.

    Reply from Admin

    Have you tried to create a new Zeon character? If that doesn’t work there’s nothing I can do.

  27. ***********************
    SERVER UPDATED with various bug fixes which had been reported.

  28. Admin may we please get Camp guards on both sides for Newman and Richmond?
    Players on both sides can now spawn camp and get sniped at without NPCs to provide protection.
    Give EF ProtoGundams/Ground Gundams and give Zeon Gelgoogs and Z’gokS

    and was there a valid reason to remove them?

    Reply from Admin

    Has it become a problem that players attack the camps?

  29. There is no way to craft weapons like the Tank/Fighter Cannon, making progression from 0 weapons crafting skill impossible. This is because there’s no way to acquire materials like Steel and Alumina. Will this be tweaked/fixed? Also, will there be a list of new weapon and MS stats available?

    Reply from Admin

    When I’m done with MS crafting I will move on to fix weapons crafting. For now it’s just better to concentrate on MS crafting.

    MS and weapons stats won’t be listed. When I did this before it just resulted in several players obsessing over stats and constantly complaining about how some MS should have more armor or dodge or whatever, and how unbalanced EF vs Zeon stats was.

  30. Can you remove more MS from shop or raise their cost ? those player were just keep spamming stock MS .

    Reply from Admin

    No. There’s not that many MS in the shop, also raising the cost will only make it more difficult for new players.

  31. As soon as you removed them multiple Zeon 4+ chased 2 players into their camp and killed them

  32. when will the equipment problem be fixed???

    Reply from Admin

    It will be fixed gradually as I add more MS to the MS factory.

  33. When is the MS list update completed?

    Reply from Admin

    Probably next month. But maybe this month, it depends on how much time I have available to work on UCGO.

  34. Actually all MS will most likely be added to the factory this month. And then I’ll start fixing the weapons crafting.

  35. Admin reduce the power of Zaku FZ and MMP80 machine gun

    Reply from Admin

    Why? The FZ is similar to the GM command in performance so there’s nothing special about it.

  36. Not even a very loose stat list will be put out? I think it would help in figuring out which suit to pick, even without stats that compare to other suits. Just knowing whether a suit was better at dodging or hitting would help.

    Reply from Admin

    Maybe … I don’t know. But looking at the required crafting skill and MS skill should give you an indication if an MS has better stats or not.

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