Upcoming changes

The next update will probably be released sometime next week. It will include several changes, here are some of them:

MATERIAL SHOP: You can no longer buy materials for crafting at the material shop. All materials must be mined and refined.

MINING: There will no longer be any need to use a bot/script for mining. The rate at which you get materials when mining has been greatly increased.

REFINERY: All the useless materials has been removed from the refinery. Only the materials used for MS and weapon crafting remain.

CRAFTING SKILLS: There will no longer be any need to use a bot/script for training crafting skills.

ENGINES: TJ/TR/HJ/HB engines are removed and there will only be one type of engine. This also means you can use the same MS for space and ground use without the need for separate TR and TJ versions.

Also the stats for MS has been updated together with some changes to which weapons they can equip.

8 thoughts to “Upcoming changes”

  1. How about refinery skill? will the skill gaining easier?
    Is there any new suit in this update?
    about when will have the update?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes refinery skill will increase faster.

    There will be no news MS. I’m removing MS.

  2. Awesome!
    Admin can we get some buffs to Char and Amuro uniform?
    Amuro increases fire rate for vulcans or beam accuracy on 78-2
    Char Increases CQB damage and attack rate on MS06S

    Reply from Admin

    Those uniforms and all GQ uniforms will get a larger skill bonus than they do now.

  3. Good update, Instead of removing MS units, balance them towards the game not look at it from the anime’s standpoint. When a player starts they need direction instead of relying on others or youtube videos to tell them what to do. Have an expert crafter make their own list and direction of how to do it so new ones can figure it out with ease. For crafting in general, i think 2-3 weeks in total time it takes to max the skills is plenty. EFF suits need more specialization and the Ez8 needs a model with the backpack (for ground use only) and comes with increased container size. Open up a few more hangar slots so we can store more than 7 things at a time.

  4. Dear Admin
    Hanger’s capacity has always been 7. Can you increase the Hanger’s ceiling? For example, 10 or 15

    Reply from Admin

    No. It’s not possible to increase the hangar capacity.

  5. Thank you for your reply. Would you update your combat skills faster than they are now?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes there will be some changes to combat skills. But not in the next update.

  6. Dear admin
    In the current environment, can we improve the damage and shooting speed of sniper weapons? Because now the sniper damage is low. Shooting speed is slow. It is incompatible with other weapons.

    Reply from Admin

    Sniper rifles will become better with the new update.

  7. possibly change how the NT-1 beam rifle works, 4 shots per % and only doing 20% more is not enough and not worth the 10 JP it costs to build sadly. It without a strong beam build is worse than a store bought weapon like the Blash beam rifle. Also, it should be looked into, bossing or hunting in general is slow and actually takes you hours to find them. Plus on that note, it is difficult at best even with the use of the NT-1 or a FA Gundam to solo areas like Canberra as the enemies will swarm you and the mini-boss NPC’s can be too difficult to defeat. This should change towards being more solo friendly with possibly how much damage the enemies deal per shot or how much HP they have in total. Container spaces should be increased if at all possible or the ability to have 2 or 3 2000x beam ammo. Snipers of course need to have an increase in fire rate or the increase of damage dealt per shot if they are to remain in their own skill category, if they are not changed in both of those ways or AT LEAST one, they need to be added to the shooting skill category instead. Skills like “Near Engagement” and “Far Engagement’ should be removed as the skill “Engagement” already exists and affects both as it is which is pointless and should possibly be increased slightly to balance that out.

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