New update coming soon

Probably within 2 weeks from now a new update will be released.

With that update it will no longer be possible to craft Zeta MS. So anyone who still have materials left over should use them now.

Other changes will include new stats for MS and weapons, and some changes to how mining and crafting works.

Over the coming months there will be several updates which will take UCGO back to how it was when this server was first released and with some improvements.

17 thoughts to “New update coming soon”

  1. Impressive, but will there be reduced faction lock penalties or just the removal of it altogether?

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    No. Faction lock will still be there.

  2. Will no longer be possible to craft Zeta / GP era MS weapon too?

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    Weapons and shields will also be removed.

  3. removed mean you can’t craft them anymore or actually remove from game even you save them in hangar and bank? MS and weapon

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    You can’t craft them or buy them in the shop. Existing weapons in your bank and equipped on MS will not be removed.

  4. sorry for so many question , but will Jegan , Gera doga and blue Gera doga and their weapon include in the remove list?

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  5. Will there be any penalty for using zeta MS for the new updates,such as dodge rate,accuracy.

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    No. They will be the same as before.

  6. Do you add white base in game?

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    It exist as a NPC boss. But it can’t be used by players.

  7. i think Gyan Efreet Kampfer NT1 no need to remove , their stats is fine , we doesn’t hate new MS if they are 0079~0080 , just don’t make them so OP , like G6 G5 mudrock BD1/2/3 GMST , Hildolfr Zudah 14J 14C B3gouf something like that , even those new MS texture is abit ugly we still enjoy using them too just like NT1 Efreet , we want to play B3gouf gatling too , if you think it is too hard to find those model maybe you can add different ACE custom MS with stats or weapon bonus , just like 07S/BGD/RSdom , for example Garma Zabi dopp , lance garfield gouf , Ian Greydon 06K , there is still a lot of possibility , i will send them to forum with color file and image , even you interested or not hope you can go to have a look , compare to changing the system add new features will drag more old player back to the game , i guess , um just personal opinion .

  8. Will the newer skills such as Near Engagement and Ranged Engagement be removed from the game in the up-coming updates?

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    There will be no changes to skills.

  9. Near Eng and Ranged Engage were both dumb changes, as are all the other suits that were added beyond the Zanny. Get rid of all the stupid shit John added, go back to the original formulas from 2009-2011, call it a day, and watch UCGO rage back to 500 players online 24/7.


  10. That includes all the battleships, they do not belong in the game, they’re fine as NPCs, they’re atrocious as player usable PVP targets. Get them the f out of PVP, leave them as NPCs for dat fine fine luna.

    Also, go back to original refining, except I will give John credit with Fine TC for Zeon, but you could just use Fine Luna for 14-Bs and 14-Ss as well, which is probably what he did with the TC icon instead of the titanium icon.

    Refining NPC dropped materials is just a waste of time. Speed up the skill gain. This game is about fun, quick to long and dynamic pvp. Not running a laptop for a mining script with 3 virtual machines also mining on said laptop so you can have two crafters going on your other computer, while you’re actually playing the game on your third computer.

    It’s 2019. If anyone wants this game to last, a character should be at 800.0 skills within 10 hours of play. A fully spent “build” within 12. If you think new players are going to invest 120 hours into getting a mid level crafter and barely hitting 800.0 on their fighter and figuring out they still have to grind out skills still.. yeah, no, they won’t.

    There are a few things Halo and throw it at all the wall got right, the rate of skill gain was about the only one I can think of xD

    For nostalgia, I vote that the hideous “alternative colors” that John came up with when we first had new colors, should stay in the game, as homage to the Golden era of UCGOserver 1.0

    Maybe we can get it going again, but not with the backwards ass way it used to be run, not 10 years later after the entire community has left the game in disgust over poor management of server owners.

  11. I dunno. I think battleships are fun and goofy. Not everything in the game has to be super serious; It’s not like they have a real impact on gameplay, so there’s really no reason to remove them.

  12. 100% agree with concerned citizen, you should really make this game a casual Gundam sandbox rather than the grindfest that it is today. Then people would actually stick with it and numbers would grow.

  13. WhiteKnight, clearly you never played during 2.0

    2.0 Was going great, pretty sure they may have actually been more players that time around. John added more secret bases, etc. etc.; then he decided to add battleships.

    “Wow! Cool!” We all thought. And then someone busted out a Salamis in Sydney and everyone goes “oooooo, aaaaaa! So pretty!” And then we try to click on it… This massive fucking battleship that is the SIZE OF SYDNEY’S TOWN SQUARE can ONLY be clicked on, in this oooooone little teeeeny tiiiiiny place on it’s entire model.

    Sorry, that’s retarded. They were NEVER meant to be used in PVP, their hitbox is as much evidence as anyone needs to see that. Making their hitboxes bigger won’t improve things either, that will just make them block MS hitboxes, and provide exploits for blocking.

    Battleships are fine as NPCs, they should NEVER be used by players for PVP. I don’t care if GM events have a GM piloting them, but players NEVER should be able to use them again.

  14. will weapon manipulation open again?

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    No. Weapon manipulation will never be used.

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