UCGO News 2019

FIRST: The server has been updated. NPCs no longer drop materials required for crafting the Zeta era MS. It is still possible to use and craft Zeta MS, you just can’t get more materials for them.

SECOND: The game will be rebooted. No accounts will be deleted. UCGO will go back to being mainly one year war and it will be similar to how it was when the server was new.

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  1. And it will take some time for this to happen. At least a few months.

    I will release updates every now and then which will gradually turn the server back to how it once was + a few improvements.

  2. This seems good to me. I always hated going to space to hunt anyways! I don’t think a good balance was found in the new MS so I think PvP will be more balanced this way.

    Will there be a force remove of MS or will they just become uncraftable?

    Reply from Admin

    They will only become uncraftable. Although a few of the Zeta MS might be added back later as some sort of unique MS or used as NPC bosses.

  3. Admin, there’s much issue with making new accounts. I follow the troubleshooter and the game wont start after character creation even when i have a main account. Can you make an account for me?

    Reply from Admin

    If you’re able to create a new character then you already have an account, so there would be no need for anyone to create an account for you.

    If the game is stuck at the loading screen there’s nothing I can do about it.

  4. Can you please wipe all characters for this, if you weren’t already planning to?

    Also, if possible could you announce the release date as soon as possible? Launch days are always fun 😉

  5. Edit: Just saw your own post about it taking months to happen.

    Can we just do a dry run with an actual beta for the time it takes to get it all up to snuff and balanced? and then do another hard reset for an actual launch? That’d give players time to promote and drum up old players to bring back and get back into the game, but not be behind because they didn’t know sanity was returning to UCGO and another reset was happening.

  6. Nice to hear,i login today but my accounts are deleted,is it because didn’t login too long?

    Reply from Admin

    Accounts are automatically deleted if they haven’t been used for a year.

  7. “Accounts are automatically deleted if they haven’t been used for a year.”

    If you want any of us to actually get excited about this, you need to make the changes that need to be made, this is one of them. How much file text size does an “account” take up? About 200kb maybe, max? Turn this absolutely stupid idea of John’s off, accounts should never be deleted like this.

    But while we’re on the subject of deleting accounts! You CANNOT remove the ABILITY to make Mobile Suits that are OP compared to 1YW suits, and then LEAVE the already made suits in the game. Even if you restat all the non-1YW suits to be skinned versions of the 1YW MS, that just makes the people who have been playing the past 3 months while the game has been absolutely dead some sort of “veterans”? Seems like a dumb idea, and those models all look horrible.

    Just do what needs to be done, announce that a reset is coming, the game is going back to 1YW and Golden Era UCGOServer 1.0, and this is the day it’s happening on. Otherwise you may get a few people to trickle in, but this is a PVP game. There is NO incentive to spend hours, upon hours, upon hours, of grinding, script writing, and all that… just to have literally no one else to pvp against.

    I’ve still never finished a first character because after 10 hours Near Engagement is barely over 100, AMBAC is barely over 100, and quite fucking frankly, I don’t feel like rewriting scripts from 10 years ago to make sure that my character gets that last 30.0 points of AMBAC from 8 hours of spinning in a circle while tanks shoot at me…

    If the number of players actually logging into the game doesn’t tell you, I can, all of what I just listed above, is exactly why most people quit and will not rejoin the game. I’m not investing 30 hours into a “completed build” for a character when there are 6 Zeon online, 0 of which are in town crafting, so who knows where they are, and if they’ll show up to a warfare, etc. It’s boring, and it’s just not worth the investment in time when you don’t know if you’ll ever actually end up using that character or any MS/weapons you crafted in actual player versus PLAYER combat.


    Reply from Admin

    The goal is to bring the server back to OYW and focus on PVE. It is unlikely there will ever be a large number of players online in UCGO ever again so if PVP is what you’re hoping for you are wasting your time here. If you don’t like how things are feel free to leave.

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