UCGO NEWS – 2018

Just wanted to post an update in case anyone is wondering about for how long the server will be around.

The server will still be here by the end of 2018. And it will probably still be around for 2019 too. Although there won’t be any updates to it.

For any new players looking to join this game there is a player run Discord here: https://discord.gg/mM84mU4


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  1. Still running till today..

  2. admin i got a question what would cause the game to not show the gera dogga shield and be unable to craft the hizack and gaza c but be able to move the same clint to anther computer and it runs fine and can craft the stuff and show the shield

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t know. That don’t even make sense.

  3. that been happening to a few people i know

  4. I’ve had the same issue with 2 different computers. My laptop shows the shield, and is able to craft the Hizack and Gaza C. I copied that exact client to my desktop and they do not show on the desktop.

  5. CPU(AMD) CANNOT show geradogga shield.

    CPU(intel) CAN show geradogga shield.

  6. Bishop id say that is true but i got it working on my old amd laptop to show it so thats not the case

  7. If this game is coming to an End i’d like to have the sounds,
    Does anyone know where i can get them?
    i specifically want the long rifle sfx

  8. So admin I know this have been tried before but if someone were to donate would you consider working on the server? Setting it up the way it was way back at the very beginning.

    Reply from Admin

    Not really sure. If a couple players are willing to donate a decent amount then maybe. But last time this was done it all ended in drama and most players who returned to the game left after a short while.

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