UCGO NEWS – 2018

Just wanted to post an update in case anyone is wondering about for how long the server will be around.

The server will still be here by the end of 2018. And it will probably still be around for 2019 too. Although there won’t be any updates to it.

For any new players looking to join this game there is a player run Discord here: https://discord.gg/ZJaQjcv


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  1. Still running till today..

  2. admin i got a question what would cause the game to not show the gera dogga shield and be unable to craft the hizack and gaza c but be able to move the same clint to anther computer and it runs fine and can craft the stuff and show the shield

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t know. That don’t even make sense.

  3. that been happening to a few people i know

  4. I’ve had the same issue with 2 different computers. My laptop shows the shield, and is able to craft the Hizack and Gaza C. I copied that exact client to my desktop and they do not show on the desktop.

  5. CPU(AMD) CANNOT show geradogga shield.

    CPU(intel) CAN show geradogga shield.

  6. Bishop id say that is true but i got it working on my old amd laptop to show it so thats not the case

  7. If this game is coming to an End i’d like to have the sounds,
    Does anyone know where i can get them?
    i specifically want the long rifle sfx

  8. So admin I know this have been tried before but if someone were to donate would you consider working on the server? Setting it up the way it was way back at the very beginning.

    Reply from Admin

    Not really sure. If a couple players are willing to donate a decent amount then maybe. But last time this was done it all ended in drama and most players who returned to the game left after a short while.

  9. Not sure if I should post this here or somewhere else. On the MS List, the MS-06V Zaku Tank is shown as craftable at 5.0, while in-game it does not show up at that skill level (or possibly at all?)

    Reply from Admin

    It’s been a long time so I could be wrong. But I think the Zaku tank should be listed under vehicles in the MS factory, in case you haven’t check there.

  10. https://discord.gg/ZRquQ5W

    hi admin where starting a new more refined gundam discord

  11. re posting the discord link we have 2 out right now im an admin on bothe ign missluna all are invited 300+ members noirs link is 1 of the 2 we run we are active join us https://discord.gg/ZJaQjcv

  12. admin the link that you have posted for the main ucgo discord that im a admin on the owner wants to shut it down so we are moving to the one i just posted im in the prosess of moving the player base there if you could change the link it would be much appreciated aney questions pm me on discord missluna#7745

  13. I check up every now and again on this, but I am amazed this is still around. Still waiting for the next mainstream gundam online release.

  14. Admin, how can i contact you. I want to know what is needed to keep the servers going and further updates. id like to see if i can help continue these servers and maybe help the community grow a bit larger.

    Reply from Admin

    To keep the server running like it is now, nothing is needed.

    If you have anything else in mind you can just post a comment here.

  15. Was wondering how many players are left online now? was wondering around Sydney and basically nobody is around.

    Reply from Admin

    Not really sure myself.

    I login every now and then to check if the server is still running. And usually it’s about 5 to 10 players online. It’s mostly dead.

  16. ななしさん

    Is the boss on the ground?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. The bosses are in the same locations they have always been.

  17. Just curious since you use to have it, is it still possible to get the old titan source etc? Or was it removed from the links intentionally?

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t think I have it anymore. A few months ago I had some issues with the website and lost most files. And I don’t think I have a backup of the Titans server.

  18. Alright well if you can find it or if not just let me know was kind of interested in it. Thanks admin.

  19. Admin! Have you considered or would you be willing to try and get more players to join ucgo?

    Reply from Admin

    I’m not against it.

    I wouldn’t mind doing some updates and changes to the server if we got maybe 50-100 new players. But I don’t really see it happening.


    I paid for another year of server hosting this month. So UCGO will at least be around until August 2019.

  21. Unfortunately you will never get more players join Ucgo.

    Last time it started out pretty good and PVP was great with rebalanced MS and weapons and changes to crafting and skill gain with no or little grind needed. Then drama ensued thanks to a good number of stupid players and it all went to shit.

    Even if some sort of reboot was attempted I guess it would be the same old players returning and history will repeat itself.

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. The Chinese/Hong Kong players VS Japanese players. It always resulted in drama.

  22. Hello
    I remembered one of the old patches removed the Fog or some sort of shadows effect.
    It’s possible to return the settings?
    The buildings look really off during night time in-game. Really miss the city night view in Perth or Mel.

    Anyway, how many online players can this server afford? Last time I bought 40 players on the server. It seems
    quite stressful.

    Reply from Admin

    I’m not sure how many players the server can handle. Currently it runs on a server which I also use for something else, so the UCGO server has limited resources available.
    It could probably handle 40 players fighting NPCs but not for PVP.

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