Due to the low number of players left in UCGO there’s no point in further updates to the game. Instead of having UCGO sit here with missing functionality I have decided to revert the game to how it was before the restart a few months ago.

This means everything now works in the game and you will also have the custom colored MS and MS from 0083 and upwards.

 A new game client must be downloaded or the game won’t work correctly.

Download from Mega (Faster)

Download from Mirror (Slow)

Install it the same way as before.

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  1. Dunno if I should be happy or sad about this.

    Reply from Admin

    You can still use the OYW MS. They’re mostly the same as before but now they’re cheaper and you have multiple colors to choose from. All the NPCs on earth are still the same so PVE won’t change.

  2. Skills doesn’t grow up.

    Reply from Admin

    What is your current number of skill points?

    I created a new character and skill training worked. It could be a problem with existing/old characters.

  3. When it was less than 800, I grew up.
    When it’s 800, I don’t grow up.

    Reply from Admin

    800 is max skill.

  4. Won’t an adjustment be done any more by a up and a down?

    Reply from Admin

    Are you trying to lower one skill and increase another skill?

  5. I’m thankful for straightening work.
    I came to cut it with a up down.

  6. Weapons production is work?

    Reply from Admin


  7. Hi, I felt i should mention that the prices of many of the Mobile suits in the Machine shop have their prices listed inaccurately as 0. lots of 0 for things. Only 2 or 3 ms that show up with actual price, others show as zero but deduct money when purchased. (for Both Zeon and EFF side)
    That aside me and alot of my friends are very thankful for this update. You’re awesome. <3

    Reply from Admin

    They’re supposed to be free. It will be fixed next time I update the server.

  8. help me i try refine super high tensile steel.
    i got all the material.. when i try to click start nothing happen..

    Reply from Admin

    Have you installed the new game client? Also the ‘Mining and Refining’ page to the right no longer has the correct amount of materials required.

  9. I’ve updated the server.

    Many of the issues with MS/weapons having the wrong selling price has been fixed.

  10. Price listing problems remain the same, except now I get thrown a “Buy Item error” whenever I attempt to buy most of the suits. Am I supposed to download an additional update?

    Reply from Admin

    There’s no need to download any updates. It’ll be fixed in the next update.

  11. So we can train on other player characters again? Or we have to grind on NPCs still?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes you now get skill gain from PVP.

  12. Hello admin,

    I haven’t played for a over a year. Does this mean that my account is already deleted? I want to play the game again

    Reply from Admin

    The server was brought back summer last year because someone paid for the hosting. If you played before that then your accounts are gone.

  13. Honestly, it’s a dead game, no one is going to invest hours and hours into a game with 4 people playing on each side for a sum total of less than 10 players.

    If you want this game to have any chance of revitalizing the player base, you’re going to just have to bite the bullet and eat that change. CQB shouldn’t take 6+ hours of holding down left click to max out, I don’t care what you say about “don’t need it to be max”, that’s fine and dandy, what I’m talking about is the amount of time to get to max. If it takes an hour to get to 130, and 130 isn’t worth it, then people will spend even less time getting to less than 130…

    New players don’t know about gathering 30 tanks and spinning in circles with an ER script going to gain AMBAC, the fact that we still have to do that in order to reliably gain dodge skill is pretty absurd.

    AMBAC should be just like ER, hell everything should. 1 time being shot at = 0.1 AMBAC, swining a CQB item once = 0.1 CQB / 0.1 Engagement / 0.1 Near Engagement / 0.1 Tactics so on and so forth.

    1300 shots taken or given is well beyond enough at the current state of the game. And to be honest if the community ever happens to actually get 50 or the heavens (or hell depending on how you look at the players) open up and there’s 100+ people playing again, just leave it.

    Who cares? This is a pvp game, people want to level up and start pvping. When there’s already hardly anyone to pvp, there is literally no incentive to level up, let alone spend 16 hours of your life doing so, just hoping that maybe one day there will actually be another player to encounter for a three minute fight, if you’re lucky.

    Reply from Admin

    If you want this game to have any chance of revitalizing the player base…

    I don’t because every time that happens it always results in drama and players incapable of behaving. Just like it happened this time, and before that and before that and so on, all the way back to 2010 when this server was first released.

  14. What happened now and last year when the server got shutdown had zero to do with skill training.

    Every pvp battle turned into Japanese and Chinese players hating on each other, players raging because they lose a battle, players going criminal and spying on their own faction during pvp, the chat being full of hate speech and Zeon refusing to take part in pvp unless they had the number advantage.

    Nobody quit because it was too hard to train AMBAC or some other skill. They quit because every pvp battle turned into a hate speech shit storm.

  15. At this point I think if the grinding wasent so awful for everything…or if you just let us get into PVP stuff straight away with decent starting skills then personally after the cancer did its thing and was ass the actual good players and decent community would starts to flood in slowly…but hey thats just my thoughts

  16. Rei Means Zero

    May I ask? is it still possible to see other players here? i just downloaded the client. i dont even know how to play properly. i do wish i was there during its glorydays. and i do need an offline guide. might as well add other friends who loves Gundam and Gunpla 🙂

    Reply from Admin

    Yes but the game is dead so there’s not many players around. If you’re EF your best chance to find other players is probably in Perth. And if you’re Zeon, there don’t seem to be many of those around.

  17. Rei Means Zero

    mind if i add some guys? i do know awhole buncha gundam players here. currently walking my way on to sydney since i saw some dancing GMs there with the other account i just made. so i might create a new one on perth.

  18. I reached MMC80.0
    There is no “RMS-108,RX-78-2MC,FA-78-1,RMS-099,RGM-89” on a list.

    Reply from Admin

    FA Gundam can be crafted in Newman/Richmond.
    Zeta MS can be crafted in space.

  19. I have updated the server.

    The issue with Zeon players not being able to buy some of the MS in the shop should have been fixed.

  20. Is the NPC boss implemented?
    I can not find a saply team.

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. They are in the same locations as they have always been.

  21. EX wep drops seem low are they at the same rate as before

    Reply from Admin

    Yes they’re the same as before.

  22. The Crafting system is broken for me, I can’t make super high tensile steel I have more ingredients than required, and it won’t make one piece at all, I press the start button after I select how many I want to refine then it does nothing, just tell me any fixes.

    Reply from Admin

    None of what’s listed on the ‘Mining and Refining’ page is correct due to the new update. Anyway you no longer need to refine materials as you can just buy them in the shop.

  23. I’m confused at which reset the game is. My leveled crafter seems to have lost the MS construction skill. It was a while ago but it was like 110 or something. Many of my accounts are missing too.

    Kind of just wanted to mess around but I’m obviously not going to level another account with the game dead. In case the info was lost or something. Otherwise whatever.

    Reply from Admin

    The game was restarted last year because someone wanted to pay for server hosting and bring the game back. If you’re accounts are from before that then they’re gone.

  24. Any chance we could get the /who command restored so we can see number of Federation/Zeon players online?

    Reply from Admin

    It’s called #online

  25. How many players are actually remaining in this game? it’d be sad if no more updates are to come right? how about all of us (players, devs and all) advertise this game? there are a lot of forums, websites, pages and even groups that are built up by gundam fans, we should be able to call out most of them, playing gundam on PC isn’t as easy as playing on PSP because, well, there are no gundam games for PC that’s as good as the ones on portables and PSs. I hope you will find this optimistic enough that you change your mind and actually advertise with us. OH NO I AM NO BUSINESS MAN, I am just another Gundam fan.

    Reply from Admin

    You’re not exactly the first one to suggest this. It has been tried before and it doesn’t result in anything good.

    As soon as this game reaches a certain number of players it turns into a shit storm and people start leaving again.

  26. People still play this game?

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t think there’s any PVP going on anymore. Mostly crafters and PVE. I’ve logged in a few times the past weeks, just checking to see if the server is still running, and the highest number of players online was 20-something.

  27. I feel bad for you man, putting so much time and effort. My friends and I are trying to start a community. here’s the link for the discord. https://discord.gg/b9RqGd7

  28. sakura avalon

    is there aney way we can get rid of the battle ship hanger glitch getting out

    Reply from Admin

    What? I seem to remember something about this mentioned before but it’s been so long I don’t remember.

  29. sakura avalon

    if you try to hanger down a battle ship in space onley i think you have to re log or you are stuck in the ship

    Reply from Admin

    Use /getoff and then drag it into your hangar. Other than that I don’t think anyone found a fix for it.

  30. sakura avalon

    will do thx for the quick reply

  31. What are the odds that we can go back to test server like conditions with crafting and items?

    Reply from Admin

    Doubt it would change anything. UCGO would probably still be dead.

  32. how many people that are still playing this game? is it a lot?

    Reply from Admin

    It’s mostly dead.

  33. when is the server shutting down for good

    Reply from Admin

    Not sure. It’ll still be here next year though.

  34. sakura avalon

    join oure ucgo discord

  35. Hey admin. Glad to see this game still steaming. Just came back for the nostalgic. Baron Samedi here, if you remembered me.

  36. Hi admin. Me and a few others wanted to ask you something.

    If we could get new players to UCGO and make the game active again. Would you be willing to work on the server?

    By working on it we mean bring it back to its original form. Maybe add some one year war MS and other minor fixes.

    Reply from Admin

    I wouldn’t mind working on UCGO if I received donations to pay for the time spent on it.

    But based on how previous attempts have turned out I doubt you’ll be able to get a decent number of new players to UCGO.

  37. I think if the server can return to the test period, we can regain the player. Uniform skills, no 17MS skills above MS (or limited to open), anyone can use an account to fight and produce. This way the game rhythm will become faster and easier,The imbalance and cheating will be smaller
    . players will re-feel happy.
    Of course, this represents only the concept of Chinese players, we miss the 2010 gaming experience.
    Use Google Translate, if not clear please understand

  38. Any1 plays this still?

    Reply from Admin

    A few. But not many.

  39. How much would you need in donations to get the server set up to the way you had it in 2010, and then never touch it again?

    Literally never ever update it or change anything other than bug fixes/exploits, ever again?

    Reply from Admin

    I have nothing particular in mind. I’m open for offers.
    Just keep in mind it would probably take about two months or so to get everything setup like that. So I wouldn’t do it for something like $200-$300.

    You can e-mail me at donate@ucgoserver.com if you want to discuss it there instead of here in the comments.

  40. the log in is grayed out how long is it down for

    Reply from Admin

    It’s back now. Seems it had a power failure.

  41. Is anything happening? About working on ucgo again?

    Reply from Admin

    No. It probably won’t either so you shouldn’t expect anything.

  42. If it does happen the server is brought back to how it was back in 2010 I would be willing to donate to keep the server running. Just saying…

    Reply from Admin

    I doubt anyone is going to donate to bring back UCGO, and I’m not going to spend my time working for free on UCGO anymore.

  43. join us on discord we all play and are active https://discord.gg/mM84mU4 same link as ubove im an admin on this server discord ign missluna

  44. Huh. I just realized this, but you can no longer deconstruct crafted MS. Is that intentional, a bug, or what?

    Reply from Admin

    There are some MS who can’t be dismantled.

  45. Is it able for you to change the propertity that the high rank MS unable to use sniping rifle. I really to use sniping instead of using Jegan or GM……

    Reply from Admin

    No. This game is no longer being updated.

  46. hi@all im german and i have some question about the game requiremenst.what is need to run the game stable.Pve work but in pvp i have trouble.

    PS:this is the gundam game that i looking for

  47. re posting oure dishttps://discord.gg/mM84mU4cord link we are active im an admin missluna

  48. Hello, noticed that the client crashes when using windows IME to type kana when using certain characters (win10). Tried compatibility mode (xp sp3) but same results. Is there a workaround?

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t know.

  49. 8 years has this server been around for by now. Like some sort of record. AFAIK not many private servers last that long.

    Although I know it’d be a waste I still wish for a UCGO revival XD

  50. Admin, I’d just like to thank you for all your hard work over the years. I’m sorry if you’ve been left frustrated by the player base and the lack of activity here. I just want you to know that you did a wonderful thing keep this came alive.

  51. Is the server still up?

    Reply from Admin

    It should be up now.

    The hosting company had done an OS update due to the vulnerability found in CPUs which has been mentioned in the news lately.

  52. hi I’m a new player here just wanted to mention I’m on a couple massive gunplay communitys and almost no one has heard of this game and so far over 40 people have said they are going to start playing and the word is spreading so do be surprised to see the player base increase over t he next couple months and if theres any active admins i have a couple questions concerni ng a few thing aswell as id like to discuss futurehosting and payment and stuff so get back to me asap

    Reply from Admin

    To be honest you shouldn’t expect much. The game don’t have much to offer and most people just don’t stay around for long.

  53. I enjoy it I’ve done a decent amount of research on it. I intend to be here awhile . I had a question though I’m zeon ofcourse other the machines for sale at the machine store how do i knowbwhqta possible I’d being built and can i ask is the rick dias in the game and could u possible tell me what suits that are tractable or available other then the ones every machine shop has

    Reply from Admin

    To the right under UCGO INFO, if you select MS List you can see which MS are available.

  54. to any new player, you can join our Discord here


  55. thank you very much i will see u there and btw confirmed i have 15 people who will be starting to play with in the next 2 weeks

  56. Hopefully some of them will play EF, 40 vs 4 would be a bit boring 😀

  57. Until what year/month the server is paid?

    Reply from Admin

    Until I decide to take it down for good. It will still be here by the end of this year and probably the next year too.

  58. finally there’s some player in the server.

  59. @minos
    When? Whats the timezone?

  60. i got similar time zone with the Japanese.

  61. I too am playing around Japanese timezone. Did you join sakura avalon discord channel yet? There’s where most of the English community at.

  62. Quick question, is the Char uniform supposed to give a GQ bonus? (does not show bonus in character status window)

    And also, I think the Zgok may be glitched, it does not dodge hits at all (I tested this at Tazmania when grinding AMBAC).

    Thank you

    Reply from Admin

    If I remember correctly the Char uniform don’t give any GQ bonus. Same with the Amuro uniform.

  63. The game is good … very good.
    The game, need is more publicity

  64. is it possible to add more way to get HG weapon and giant/great heat hawk?

    Reply from Admin

    No. The game is no longer being updated.

  65. admin, let’s try to return to great times, this game has everything to be good .. I believe in your work ..
    A bit of advertising, facebook, youtube.

    A little more will and I believe that you can turn around and attract many players.

    How many players did you have before? Who likes back like me, when players do not even know about the game?

    I believe and you must also believe … Gundam is Gundam: D

  66. ups I’m already doing advertising: D

  67. megatron join this discord i have a few of the old players here https://discord.gg/mM84mU4 i played back in the day too im 1 of the admins missluna pm me for anthing im a crafter in game EFF

  68. sakura avalon 😀 thx but not 😀 im zeon 😀

  69. it doesn’t matter, zeons and efs both use it, and it helps a lot when you need some advices.

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