Server updated

The server has been updated.

It’s not much but boss NPCs and high level NPCs now drop the following materials:

– FL


– Fine Rutile

– Fine Luna Titanium

You can’t use these materials yet. But they will be used for crafting high level MS such as the RX-79G and MS-14A.


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  1. Isn’t FL and Fine Lunatitanium the same thing? o.o

    Reply from Admin

    FL = Fine Lunatitanium Alloy

    Fine Lunatitanium (without Alloy) will be possible to refine into FL. You’ll be able to also mine this material.

  2. are gems still a thing or no fossles

    Reply from Admin

    Gems and fossiles should still be in the game.

  3. MS 14-S, FA and etc would require these materials to craft or will it be anything else?

    Reply from Admin

    It’s in the MS list what materials they would need.

    But there’s a good chance they’ll never make it into the game as UCGO is dead and further updates to this game is a waste of time. UCGO can maybe get 10 players online at most so it’s over, and even if by some miracle you got a lot of players to join you would only get a repeat of the never ending drama.

  4. I have just started playing again would i need to download all the updates up to now or do i just need to do the one which is the one on client download

    Reply from Admin

    You only need that one update from the download page.

  5. So is this not gonna be updated anymore? Really enjoy playing this. T-T

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t know.

  6. Also, how do you make Tank/Fighter Cannons? It won’t let me when I have the steel.

    Reply from Admin

    Weapon crafting doesn’t work and probably never will.

  7. I’m surprised you supported ucgo for as long as you have. I agree there’s no reason to update it any further as there is no hope left for this game.

  8. Just throwing out this as it might be worth considering.

    Bring back the zeta ms. PVE was lot better when we had zeta ms. So was crafting since we had a lot more things to choose from and materials to collect.

    Sure PVP did suffer thanks to the gp02 and super gundam but PVP won’t be happening anymore. For the rest of its miserable life ucgo will be a PVE/crafting game and having all those zeta things makes it better.

  9. I have considered bringing back the Zeta stuff as further updates to the game is probably not going to happen.

    I think I have a backup of the server and game client with all the stats from back then. Current accounts would of course be kept.

  10. What about the alternate colors you could craft MS in will those be brought back?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. If it does everything would be like before.

  11. I don’t wish for MSZ-006.
    I’d like to be in the world of OYW.

    I’m poor at English, I’m sorry.

    Reply from Admin

    You don’t have to use the Zeta MS.

  12. So here’s how it’s going to be.

    I’m not sure if I do have a backup of the server with all the Zeta stuff still in it. But if I do I will setup that server instead of the current one. No account data will be lost when doing this.

  13. I’m new to this game. Been around for 2 months. Does this zeta thing mean what I think it does. UCGO gets turned into a 0087 game?

    Reply from Admin

    It adds new MS mainly from the Zeta era to UCGO.
    You can still use the original OYW MS. So if you prefer those you can still play UCGO the same way you do now. But space will have higher level NPCs more suited for the stronger Zeta era MS.

    Here’s a few pictures of what it looks like:

  14. Nice:D Will it happen?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. I found a backup of the server and game client from back then.

  15. can you add PMX-003 The O ?

    Reply from Admin

    This game is no longer being updated. The only way I would consider just maybe doing it is if someone paid me for all the time it would take. But it would be a waste of money as the game is dead.

  16. If anyone still plays, I just got back into the game. I will play, and looking for someone to make a custom MS. We shall see what happens.

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