Download new update!

A new update is available for download. Install it the same way as before.


Some antivirus software might mistake it for a Trojan so here’s an alternative download if you have problems downloading the EXE file version.

RAR archive:


New in this update:

– All MS up to 80.0 crafting skill can now be crafted.

– Updated skill bonus for GQ uniforms.


7 Responses to Download new update!

  1. Thank you for updating this game even in this state!

  2. Is it only Beam Rifle (MS-06R-2P) that it can be equipped with MS-06R-2P ?

    Reply from Admin

    It’s an error. I’ll try to remember fixing it in the next update.

  3. hi admin, so glad that you are still paying time on the game and making efforts on the updates despite the even shrinking player population . As an ex-player , I really appreciate what you had done for the game and sincerely wish the game is not going to die completely.
    I understand that you had banned all the Chinese IP address in the past due to some players with really bad manner and unforgivable use of cheats. However as time has past and so many players had left the game, I really wish you could unban the IP addressed from China to allow more new players to join the game. I have seen quite a number of new players in the Chinese forum wishing to try out the game but faced the grey login button issue. I mean we shouldnt ban all the Chinese people just because some bad manner shown by the few pervious players who had mostly left the game. Since the player pupulation is really small nowadays , It is really easy to detect cheaters on the server and I believe most of the current players are really cherishing the game ,it is unlikely to see bad manner players again. So why not we give the Chinese players a chance to play and allow more new players to join ?

    Reply from Admin

    No IPs are banned. If they can’t connect they haven’t updated the game client correctly….or their government don’t want them to play UCGO πŸ˜€

  4. well, glad to know that , so does the client work with windows 10 ? I had installed both the game and update and set up vpn to US IPs yet facing the grey button. So I guess maybe because of im using windows 10 ? really hope to join back the game T.T

    Reply from Admin

    The game should work in Windows 10. Works for me.

  5. hmmm…I still cant figure out what is causing my grey button problem. sigh, seems i cant get into the game at this moment. anyway wish you all the best in 2017. and hope the game can be lasing long.

  6. Thanks so much for keeping the game going Admin, even if just a few people are still enjoying it.

    I understand that you won’t be developing brand new things for the game, but will weapons crafting ever be added back in in its old state?

    Reply from Admin

    Probably not. The weapons which were crafting only will be added to the shop and EX weapons will be NPC drops.

  7. Will next update happen before spring?

    Reply from Admin

    Probably. I think so.

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