Server updated – More NPCs

The server has been updated.

All the NPCs from before are now back in place. This means the hidden supply NPCs outside cities.


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  1. Do the high rank npcs and bosses in the hidden camps drop anything good or are you working on changing that now?

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    They should drop L4 engines.

  2. Hidden camps are still where it used to be?

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  3. So no idea why you aren’t approving the comments, is there a possibility for boss NPCs to not drop anything at all? Or has the boss I have been killing that hasn’t dropped a container both times bugged out?

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    They should drop engines sometimes. But they don’t yet drop any materials.

  4. Ok thanks, are other NPCs dropping materials, or just engines? I thought in a different post you had mentioned something about L4 engines being worthless, was that just a specific type of L4 engine?

    Aren’t all engines the same MS speed now and increase other effects per level of engine?

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    The worthless L4 engines would be the TJ/TR/HJ engines. As all MS now uses HB engines renamed as just MS engines.

    Some NPCs in Tasmania will drop materials.

    L1, L2 and L3 engines all have the same speed. L4 engines are still faster.

  5. So what are your future plans for npcs at the hidden supply camps. Also from what I’ve seen on the MS List what are you planning to do in regards to bringing in high tier MS such as Gundams and Gelgoogs along with those that used junk parts to build them?

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    Materials for those MS (FL/FTCC) will have to be refined from materials you mine at Newman/Richmond e.g if Zeon owns Newman then a Zeon miner can mine materials used for FTCC.

    For the highest level MS (RX-78/MS-14S/B) the parts will be dropped by high level NPCs.

  6. When will those updates be implemented after you had time to work on weapons crafting? I’m somewhat aware of the state of the community and the fact that the usual drama that I just stay away from when I play has come back. Although in my time online after I came back after the reset I haven’t run into anyone that isn’t afk or on a macro. I still intend to play this game whether in PVE or PVP so I appreciate the work you’ve done so far.

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    It will be done in maybe 2-3 updates from now. I’ll just keep adding MS to the game and the next update will probably include MS up to 80 in crafting skill. After that the FL/FTCC MS will be added.

    Weapons crafting may not be added at all. You can buy all the weapons in the shop anyway and the game is dead so it seems a waste of time to add weapons crafting. The EX weapons can just be NPC drops instead.

  7. The Principle of Doubt

    Went to find canberra 5A and it wasn’t there…

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    Just checked and you’re right. It will be there next time the server is updated.

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