Server updated

The server has been updated with more NPCs.

– New NPCs added somewhere in Tasmania.

– Helenes NPCs are back. These are the same as before using non OYW NPCs.


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  1. 100% sure my update is correct but I can not seem to deconstruct my crafted gigans?

    I figured it was worth asking

    Reply from Admin

    I know there are some Zeon MS which can’t be dismantled.

    However I’m not exactly sure why and would have to look through several files in the game client to figure out why. This would take a good amount of time which I’m not going to spend on this game as it’s dead.

  2. I understand game really is dead,thanks for letting me know.

  3. Dear administrators
    I want you to continue this game.

    Reply from Admin

    The server is not going anywhere.

    I was just saying I won’t spend large amounts of my free time on a dead game.

  4. Understandable with the low player base. Thanks for not just shutting it down it’s still fun to goof off on.

  5. Just wanted to say I am enjoying these updates. The new NPCs are pretty challenging on your own.

  6. What the fag of those Japanese

    What’s the problem with their brain? Did you figure out who was/were trying to bring the Dramas into the game? Accusing others using hack is fine.Even they said we have better Dmg/ammor/dodge/speed etc,we proved them ,they still didn’t believe. Asking more questions.

    Why we need to prove ourself clean while they are the people accusing us. Aren’t they suppose to take evidence to accuse players,instead of asking other to prove for themself.

    On top of that,these people are so easy to get butt hurt. Trying their best to belittle down the exist of foreign players,to highlight how JP community are beneficial to the game.

    Somehow,part of them might even wanna bring the Drama into legal situation. Planning to accuse us though a Law-aid website which contain full of ADs.

    Do you believe they are adults? I once heard that. One of them said if he met a player who can snipe down Aircraft pilot in Battlefield, they will vote kick the player who can do this. They getoff and boycott if they notice/suspect one of us trying to “join their fights”. And the rest will become Japanese spamming bull shits in Journal, including discrimination,politics mindset and Sex..? want players they don’t like dead or some real life related stuff. They found it kinda joyful and thinks it can make people mad LOL.

    I have no Idea how many comments they have posted to you with their great English. People who really enjoy the game had already left the game. Because of who? They are enjoying 1vs1 + gossip at camp.

    Oh yeah ,they once said if we can apologize.Their might still be a chance to play together. So they think they’re the host of this game,they can invite others to join their “party”. IMAO ,sorry for what? Killing your buddies too much without hacking makes you mad???
    Dear administrators
    I want you to continue this game.
    They aren’t treating this game as a “Game”. LOL

    Reply from Admin

    So what’s your point? That this game is dead thanks to all the drama?

  7. Honestly imo if the admin mostly works torwards good earth pve,streamlinig crafting/material gathering. Maybe,just maybe,with a little frost in hell,players might start playing again. However with the crafting system being what it is most players will never get far enough in crafting to contend with the script users,which means script users will always have the pvp advantage. That being said during english hours warfare is a joke,there is hardly any resistance,if any most days. Then the drama that surounds pvp is intense making matters worse.

    My personal opinon is that due to the attitude from both sides pvp in general,anything pertaining to pvp should just be ignored and pve should be built up to be the main atraction,maybe then we can build a community again,with daily numbers rarely breaking 30 player characters a day and the majority of those being scripters and people just farming wins by standing at warzones,its just not likely the game will ever recover. Just enjoy what you have while we have it guys,im amazed the admin has not lost sanity yet and just perma axed this

  8. It’s a pvp game, why did you literally ever expect there not to be drama and shit talking? Why would you host a pvp game and expect everyone to be handing out flowers to each other?

    The only problem with this entire server is that YOU care about the drama. Just update the game and stop whining about the players. You constantly cater to the loudest and most vocal whiners, that’s never going to accomplish anything but more stress and headache for yourself.

    It’s a pvp game with two factions, black doesn’t mix with white, and ying is the opposite of yang. Whenever you decide to give up this fairy tale that UCGO will be a “drama free” game, MAYBE THEN the community can recover.

    As of right now there’s literally nothing to do, go farm Tasmania NPCs? No thanks, we’ve been doing that for seven years, it’s boring and we (the 90% of the community that hasn’t come back and started playing the game again) aren’t here for NPC PVE combat or farming.

    That’s what you did on non-warfare hours, during non-peak playtimes; to get yourself better equipment FOR peak playtimes and warfare hours, to compete with as much of an edge as you could give yourself.

    For anyone wanting to play this game for PVE and thinks there’s a future with UCGO and a PVE based community, it’s never going to happen. The fun of this game is fighting against other players. That fun has been completely eroded by the players who actually play the game, being penalized, because people want to listen, validate, and cater to the whiners who complain about the very game they are here to play, a PVP game.

  9. I don’t agree all above.

    Of course this game is a drama game but it should be a any drama for leading a side win and have fun in fighting. All for one side win and gain the proud of the side no matter what side he played.

    What I see is , some pilots strong so other side accuse some pilots of cheating without any evidence or videos even there are nearly all videos record on youtube.No one use this videos say what cheating he use and no one who say cheat record videos for who cheating post on here and pass.

    And sending spy to EF for power of commander and continue sending information to enemy side. No one knows that until this guy upload his own vedio at twitter then now deleted.

    they can boycott everything until they gain what they want.

    OMG , is this UCGO that I know? I think it should rename by universal century politics online.

    For those shameless guys train how to be politics.

  10. What the fag of those Japanese

    @PVP = Drama
    You probably misunderstood something.

    The point is, people here (Even us) aren’t treating this game as a “GAME”. More likely see it as a brawling server and comparing which group can let others suffer more no matter what. For example spam insulting materials, racial discrimination. These are far more serious than “shit talking”

    Normal Drama is absolutely beneficial for the game. As it fosters more PVP activities and THAT increase the population. But THIS ONE — the Drama happening here is TOO extreme and irritating. This kind of “Drama”,for Admin for normal players, is Unacceptable.

    The problem is, there are some faggots producing a exceeding environment FOR the game. They feel more comfortable when staying in Non-suit mode using their words and mouth to attack their enemies. WAKE UP! They don’t care anything about having PVPs or not. Tried their best to boycott and bury the “Fun of PVP” you’ve said.THERE’s no natural PVPs in game right now this second. And you can so sure it’s a PVP game now?

    From day one ,No one can stop the Drama. It grows and keep developing by itself. There’s nothing related to Admin’s expectation as even Admin blocks all the crying post. Nothing will change.In fact,we care or not care about the Dramas makes no difference to the game. MAYBE the community can recover? HOW? What conditions? With current player base? Same group of people? NO! More fresh blood might able to help the situation. And it leads to another questions.

    Do you think people will enjoy the current PVP experience here? With this extreme environment and unplayable communities that destroyed the PVP experiences. What’s the point of having PVP then? May I ask you,Who will like a game if you lose, your competitor will **** your whole family. You can’t blame players who want more PVE contents. Moreover, it’s the only way to keep populations. Once again, How can you still claim it’s a PVP Game “now” while those faggots don’t even want to fight.

    There’s NO Faction of this game now, There’s no White and Black ,Yin or Yang. Only Grey and Shadows left. Players keep switching sides,they don’t care about What’s EF or Zeon. Only one thing is their concern.

    Japanese OR ZEON-ACE & Foreign players. No matter which faction you’re. Japanese? ok you’re a good boy. Foreign? you speak English?Alright ,you’re dog. You get it?

    What Admin and players concern isn’t the basic drama. It’s the EXTREME BULL SHIT we don’t want to see. Too many materials were involved such as politics ,Racial,legal and more terrible stuff that – All of these are not related to the game / a game.

  11. I have many a time witnessed the you speak english and want to play our japanese gundam game hate. In more than ucgo,however i can live with that i can let them have their cupcake there. I just ignore them and keep playing. Fact is what keeps the average gamer from even touching pvp is the grind for the ability to play and compete is not ever worth the pvp experiance,i know many use scripts yes. However most average people do not want to mess with them,I fully understand them and can make the simplest ones myself,however with my 2 jobs,its not easy to find time too play for long,and after working 9-14 hours a day you do not want to do anything but play a while and ease your mind.

    Now the reason i suggest “improvement on pve and streamlining crafting to build back a community is for many reasons,

    #1 pvp is currently in a very good balance compared to the last days of the zeta era ms. You can bring near anything and as long as you have high enough combat skill levels and be some kind of competitive.

    #2 the crafting system! This is pvps main unbalance. By “aces” knowing there way around this whole system then scripting to turn on easy mode. After alot less time they are on top. To the point where new players crumble. Somewhere that needs to be broken.

    #3 imo The whole cure for the population issues is the general streamlining of all the processes that can be a chore and task by hand,the admin has already raised the speed of crafting skill increase,however transitioning from mined materials (easily scripted) to npc drops,(would need to be decent qauntities to be streamlined,as well as the wieght droping) FACT combats alot harder to script/macro than mining. So we have eliminated several scripters,also we would have then created a common goal or reason to play together as pve would be required. This will allow other players if some could be atracted to see something other than a scripted ghost town. If done right with the proper crafting skill increases, setting your crafting to build about as fast as combat skills would it would help build a player base back. Some of these people will obviously want to pvp once they run out of pve craft the next badass suit wind,and in turn they will do better in pvp because their equipment/ms upgrades better match a scripting vets.

    #4 bittervets will be bittervets. I play one other mecha game now. Mwo, the vets of closed beta and early years of the game sound like the childish whinings i have seen out of this game. Those cries normally go ignored. For good reason. You listen to what happy normal people want. Not the insane bunch of everything must be my way or protest,despite all the woes of mwo is dead and will never be the same out of the same bittervet crowd. I get on and new content is added,they recently hired two new map makers,more artists,and pumping out mech at 4 x the rate of open beta.

    People who actually want to play will play,you will not see them on a comment thread yelling,give those people a way to interact in a common area. Then let all the aces sit and protest or whatever they do,eventually one of few things will happen. a new player base might grow,causing the vets to leave in disgust,or the vets might join in,the loss of easy ways to script materials might kill off population including vets,leaving the game a wasteland or a utopia if the right kind of people can be atracted, there is always a chance even after all this you just wind up with those protesting just standing in the desert untill the servers shut down.

    At this point i think the admin has been doing a good job,he is keeping it simple,and as stated is not putting much effort intoo this as it is dead. However thats not just on him,you have to work yourself to better your own gaming enviroment,by getting friends to play and establishing a sense of community throughout the game,maybe with all of that something can change untill then o7 to all those bound by the gravity of earth

    (Ps admin if you read that all or even attempted sorry for the wall of text)

  12. Some play UCGO for big robots, some play UCGO for friends, but I play UCGO for the drama. Because it’s honest fun a puts a smile on my face.


  13. I wanted to take a trip to the zoo but then I decided to visit instead.

  14. can’t understand why ppl care about whinners so much, just leave them alone man, ignore the bs cuz they are losers, why would you care about losers…that won’t make you feel better man, be smart and stay away from morons, learn to be like America, nuke and leave them alone and they will be a super loyal dog to you

  15. sigh i get that all the shit talkers can be annoying and frustrating, but like admin said the game is dead, so instead of fighting it and stressing over it just move on, if u encounter someone whose cheating or just being a really shitty player, just go somewhere else, dont let them get the better of you, play with friends, enjoy the game, because we all know this isnt gunna last very long, so try and make the most of it right? :]

  16. … I’m kind of dizzy with all of the negativity… I just found out about this game Today, and I’m doing some digging to make sure it’s worth joining. I have some friends from another game who may like to play, and in that regard (ignoring apparent drama) is the game enjoyable? I really like the idea, and I appreciate people like you keeping stuff around like this. I know it isn’t cheap for you.

    Reply from Admin

    Honestly the game is dead and there’s no way it will ever be active again. If you have someone to play with you might like it.

    This is what the game once looked like:

    With online number reaching 800 daily and 1000+ on some weekends. Now there’s maybe 30-40 online at most so there’s not much left of it.

  17. Audrey formerTeam SLAYERS

    Lmao @ Austin

    PPPPPPPPPPP trololo miss ya guys

    Unfortunately I retired from this game, four good years i spent on this game and at it’s height most likely did all there is to do .

    But still guys . . . this is still a FREE MOBILE SUIT game where if still funded for the duration ( how many months ) can be considered a NPC shooting game , there is no other game like it !

    I’ve considered MSGO and it’s just not for me either .

    UCGO is simple <1GB no install needed , no BS signup needed the stats are nearly tweaked as best as it gets , the players is something we cant control .

    Still nothing beats piloting a RX78s in game.

    So for new comers try making your own adventure all the tools are there for you.

  18. Just to catch me up to speed: Why? What happened to make everyone leave? Stuff like raids seems amazing.

    Reply from Admin

    To make a long story short:

    1. We had a lot of players when this server was first released. Most of them had previously played the official server and eventually they got tired of the game and left.

    2. Getting new players to join is not easy.

    3. Drama, drama, drama and general retardedness.

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