A new update is available for download. Install it the same way as before.

Download: http://ucgoserver.com/gameclient/UCGOupdate.exe

Some antivirus software might mistake it for a Trojan so here’s an alternative download if you have problems downloading the EXE file version.

RAR archive: http://ucgoserver.com/gameclient/UCGOupdate.rar


New in this update:

– All MS up to 70.0 crafting skill can now be crafted.

– Fixed GM Sniper. It can no longer use the SP MMP-80 and RX-77 rifle.


2 Responses to Update

  1. I can’t found any rutile, is there anything missed?

    Reply from Admin

    Then you need to mine somewhere else.

  2. I finally decide to return to the game after some time and noticed a lot of updates in the recent past. Do I have to download all of these one by one or can I just get the newest one? And if it’s just the newest one, is it the same update as the one linked to in the Client download tab?

    Reply from Admin

    You only need one update. Either from the front page or the client download page.

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