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A new update is available for download. Install it the same way as before.


Some antivirus software might mistake it for a Trojan so here’s an alternative download if you have problems downloading the EXE file version.

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New in this update:

– All MS up to 55.0 crafting skill can now be crafted.

– GQ EF/Zeon combat uniform bonus has been changed.


17 Responses to Download new update!

  1. which ms can use raketen bazooka?
    it is not available for prototype dom

    Reply from Admin

    It will be available for the DOMs except the prototype.

  2. Doesn’t a skill rise by dismantlement?

    Reply from Admin


  3. server so lag these days

    Reply from Admin

    I’ve answered this before. If you want a server with minimum lag it can be moved to Japan where most players are, like I’ve done before. It reduces lag by a lot. However it’s more expensive and I doubt anyone would have donated.

    The current donations is enough to pay for the cheapest servers offered by hosting providers. Which also means you get the worst service. Good enough for a game that is more or less dead.

    Back when this game still had lots of players I had a server in Japan with a 10Gb connection speed. It had very little lag but cost about 3 times the current server.

    If you want a server like that pull out your wallet and pay for it.

  4. Will the alternative ms colors or new colors be added at some point?

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t know. Although this reset turned out better than expected the game is dead. I’m not going to spend much time on this.
    The server is paid for so it will be here and I will add all original color MS and weapons. But that will probably be it.

    And the drama from before is still here so the game is doomed anyway

  5. Admin, I have to say that I really enjoy this game and am glad that you’ve kept it alive! I’m a newbie who started with this reset, so I don’t care about the previous drama and hope this game continues on.

    However, one question: when will the Critical stat begin working? Next week? Sometime in the undetermined future?

    Reply from Admin

    It should already be working.

  6. Is that normal about the repair shop does not repair your mobile suit during others’ attacks?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. It has always been like that here.

  7. Do the server has hidden camp and higher rank NPC(Boss) now? Also, do they rise skills faster than normal NPC?

    Reply from Admin


  8. Although there are no TJ or TR engine now, there are still some MS move slow in the space. Is this a bug or normal?

    Reply from Admin

    Which MS? Not all MS can be used in space.

  9. I saw 自走猫 using a EFF ms, equipped with sp mmp80 today in war

    Reply from Admin

    It’s not cheating. It’s a bug which lets the SP MMP80 be used by EF MS.

  10. No updates for this week?

    Reply from Admin

    No. I had other things to do.

  11. Dear Admin,
    What are ZION dissatisfied ? I feel very quiet recently.

    Reply from Admin

    The usual stuff.

    Throwing a temper tantrum for no good reason. It just shows it’s pointless to do anything with this game due to the drama.

  12. I heard someone said something mean at warfare and now several of them refuses to take part in PVP.
    Silly as it sound but it’s what I heard.

    Reply from Admin

    As I previously posted:
    The usual stuff. Throwing a temper tantrum for no good reason.

  13. The following update becomes sometime, it is probably will be? It is to designate mounting the hiding camp as expectation but…

    Reply from Admin

    Updating UCGO had very low priority as I had other things to do. And considering we’re now seeing a repeat of the nonsense from before it has even lower priority.

    The restart started out good but got shot down by the drama. I’m not going to spend my free time on this shit.

  14. So server stays in the current state until you have donated money?

    Reply from Admin

    I never said anything about donations.

    You see the post above by Phoenix about someone saying something mean. You’d think it’s a joke but it’s not. That’s the level a large part of the players is at.
    The drama and bullshit from before is being repeated and I don’t care to deal with it anymore.

  15. And even if I did update the server it would be pointless. The game is doomed as a large part of the players seems more interested in creating drama than playing the game.

  16. I would still want to do PVE in this game. Maybe we can just ignore those Drama issues caused by PVP players? I really hope you can add more PVE contents for players like me who really enjoy PVE experiences! Please!

  17. I have to agree with Annoymous here. I enjoy the PVE of this game more than the PvP aspect.

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