New Update. MS Crafting, GQ clothes

A new update is available for download. Install it the same way as before.


Some antivirus software might mistake it for a Trojan so here’s an alternative download if you have problems downloading the EXE file version.

RAR archive:


New in this update:

– All MS up to 35.0 crafting skill can now be crafted.

– GQ hat bonus has been updated.

12 Responses to New Update. MS Crafting, GQ clothes

  1. admin i keep trying to develop eff tank, but everytime i click develop the progress tab that usually follows never appears, it dosent show an error tab or anything, its like i just click develop after it shows me materials and then everything disappears so then i have to click on the ms factory again.

    Reply from Admin

    I just checked the server log and I see you’re trying to craft it using 5 Super High Tensile Steel. It’s supposed to be 10.

    You need to install the update.

  2. i have 19 high steel but it only gives me the option for 5 and i already installed the update twice now

    Reply from Admin

    Then you have not installed the update correctly. Follow the instructions exactly as written on the client download page.

  3. thank you admin!it works now!

  4. OK can you tell me is there a global fed or zion chat ingame so nomatter where u are you can speak to one another?

    Reply from Admin

    There’s no global chat.

  5. Dear admin. I have question,Does All MS can’t be dismantle ?

    Reply from Admin

    You can’t dismantle the GM Trainer and Zaku I because they are available for free in the shop. But you should be able to dismantle all other MS you can craft.

  6. Thank you very much for your UCGO-PS recovery.

    Request of a game.

    I’m too strong in power of RX-79G Rifle. Why can’t a beam weapon be used for ZEON? A game balance is bad, but I hope for consideration.

    It’s expected then that a ZEON player will be less and be in the same state as before just as it is.

    The same price Update of a powerful weapon, please.

    ZEON wouldn’t be able to win the war of 20 people vs. 20 people at all.

    Because I find out that I want to do EF profitably, but I’d like to increase a player.
    When having that, please consider a balance.

    Even though injustice doesn’t disappear, does it?

    Reply from Admin

    The balance is fine.

  7. What about the acguy?
    Can’t remember what suits are in the zeon shops, but i’m pretty sure there’s 1 or 2 marine suits there that can use the beam weps

    Other than marine suits there hasn’t really been many zeon beam suits made in UCGO so no point complaining.

  8. Im having a similar issue as the first guy but with the hover truck. I’m pretty sure I did the update right but i just wanted to check first.

    Is the Hovertruck craftable?

    Reply from Admin

    Not yet.

  9. Will the material drops from NPC be in the next update?

    Reply from Admin

    No. First I will make all MS up to 70 in skill craftable. Then I’ll do stuff such as NPCs and weapon crafting.

  10. Dear admin , I test 700 STR CQB in EF and 700 luck CQB in ZN and find there is incrediblly result that no matter what saber and machine I use even critical , there is about 5-10% dmg lose on EF machine with sabers compare with gouf. Is there any problem on STR or saber power?

    Reply from Admin

    It works fine.

  11. Dear admin, How do i have my settings in skill focus on one skill? i see theres a ^, V,and – what do they mean?

    Reply from Admin

    Once you have maxed your skills you can set the up/down arrows to lower a skill and increase another skill.

  12. Hey Admin, would you considering lowering GM SP2 skill level or would that unbalance the game?

    Reply from Admin

    Considering the SP2 is the best GM I’ll leave it at that level.

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