New Update

A new update is available for download. Install it the same way as before.


Some antivirus software might mistake it for a Trojan so here’s an alternative download if you have problems downloading the EXE file version.

RAR archive:


New in this update:

– MS crafting works. Currently you can only craft tanks, MA, Thundergoliat, trucks, Zanny, GM Trainer, Zaku I and Gigan.

– Some GQ items had their strength, spirit, luck bonus increased.


15 Responses to New Update

  1. MSCRAFT didn’t work?

    Reply from Admin

    What exactly doesn’t work?

    I just tested and it worked for me. And I see others crafting.

  2. IS GQ status doesn’t change uniforms and hats?

    Reply from Admin

    Not yet. Currently only gloves, sunglasses and headsets.

  3. Are materials intentionally removed from shops?
    If so, very interesting change, seems like a great idea to keep custom MS from being dirt chep and invalidating store MS.

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. Only way to craft MS is to mine and refine. NPCs will also drop some materials later on.

  4. so I assume MA is just the mobile pods (ball and oggo) and not the actual Zeon MAs such as the Adzam

    Reply from Admin

    That’s right.

  5. If i understanding the MS Crafting rate correctly it will take around 20-30K Mecha to get around 80 MS from O if we build the best mecha we can build??

    Reply from Admin

    No. More like 1-2K.

  6. I remember a while back that one of the older players told me this game never properly implemented the GQ clothes skill bonus that it originally should give.

    On this update, you said some GQ clothes have increased skill bonus. Does that mean it has been fixed for sometime or there never was a no-skill bug in first place?

    Also what happens to existing GQ clothes? Did they automatically got bonus increases or does this only apply to newly made GQ clothes after the update?

    Reply from Admin

    There never was any bugs with GQ clothes. They had the same skill bonus as on official.

    Existing GQ clothes will get the bonus increase.

  7. Ah, another question admin.

    Have you decided whether to restore the old hidden camps on land or make new ones and when they might come out?

    Been waiting for a while as the only higher tier MS to battle and grind is at Tas and they’re pretty much on low end….

    Reply from Admin

    Will probably just reuse the old hidden camps.

  8. How much MSC we need to dismantle YDD-614?

    Reply from Admin

    You can’t dismantle it. Same with the Zaku I and GM Trainer.

    Since you can get these for free in the shop players could just dismantle them to get free materials.

  9. Admin, i’ve been troubleshooting the game for hours now but i’ve still got no results, i’d really, really appreciate if you could give me a solid awnser about my problem.
    Once again, i can’t log in because the login button is greyed out, this has been a problem for three days now.

    Reply from Admin

    The login button is grey because the game fails connecting to the server for some reason. Not much I can do about it.

  10. Admin log in and watch the war now ,later on i will post video on Zeon Speedhacking fire.

  11. All EF have seen that speed hack guy,and everyone want to know did he get ban,plz tell us the result :C

  12. Yes all his accounts has been deleted.

  13. What are all the requirements for crafting? I tried crafting a T-61 MBT yesterday, had the engine and super high tensile steel but every time I clicked on it to craft a red error message box kept popping up like I’m missing something for crafting, help?

    Reply from Admin

    Make sure you have a tank engine. Not a MS engine.


    There are some Zeons still do little speed hacks or lag jump like this these days in fighting.

    Also we can see a gouf outrun another gouf when escape

    Is this means we can also do that when we need to jump upon Richmond from EFF camp or escaping?

    Reply from Admin

    He’s already banned.

  15. I just want to point out Soldier87 that those two videos don’t show him speed hacking definitively.

    I also wouldn’t think the admin would ban someone for lag jumping unless you abuse it.

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