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A new update is available for download. Install it the same way as before.


Some antivirus software might mistake it for a Trojan so here’s an alternative download if you have problems downloading the EXE file version.

RAR archive:


New in this update:

– Refining should now work.

– Juagg can now use the rocket launcher.

– There are now NPCs at the space stations.


15 Responses to Download Update

  1. Space NPCs is HC?

    Reply from Admin

    Horse Crap?

  2. is there any boss at space stations?

    Reply from Admin

    There aren’t any battleship NPCs but there are high level NPCs which currently drop L4 engines.

  3. I mean are those hidden camp?
    or those NPC are just at the default stations.

    Reply from Admin

    Yes there are hidden camps.

  4. NPC 14S dosent drop anything

    Reply from Admin

    They do but they don’t drop items every time.

  5. So wait
    land hidden camps were removed because they were “in the middle of nowhere” making it hard to reach

    So you moved them into space, which is even harder to find stuff in, and infitely larger.

    land camps returning ever?
    and I assume space bosses be the ships like musai,salamis,etc?

    Reply from Admin

    The space NPCs are close to the space station so finding them won’t be a problem. If you played on this server before they are in the same locations.

    There will be new NPCs on the ground too.

  6. good job!
    hope that ground hidden supply camps and new skills can be available soon

  7. Just to clarify, will the old hidden camps be returned, or are they gone for good on land?

    Reply from Admin

    I’m actually not sure what will happen to them.

    I had planned to setup new NPCs closer to the cities. You could just start at a city/mine and then the NPCs would just be 3-5 minutes away and there would be no need to wander around in the desert for hours searching for NPC supplies.

    But I’m limited on time so I might just reuse the old hidden camps as that would be faster.

  8. Thank you for making the FFS3 Saberfish work w/o needing fighter skill. My day has officially been made.

  9. Nice that we go some stronger mobs and refining 🙂

    Guess its grinding time for mining/refining so i will be ready for MS Crafting

  10. will next update about Ms and weapon Construction work XD?

    Reply from Admin


  11. Hi admin, there is also a bug for NPCs near Zeon Space Station. Just like what happened in Tasmania, people drop offline when they’re hunting.

    Reply from Admin

    Will be fixed in the next update.

  12. A few Questions.

    1. Can you make Defense reduce damage dealt to shields?

    2. Does a high amount of “Mobile Suit” skill provide better bonuses? eg. is having 70 better than having 15?

    3. Will we be able to craft RX-77-4 in the first release of the crafting updates?

    Reply from Admin

    1. I was considering doing this when the critical skills gets added.

    2. Yes.

    3. No. The first update will probably only contain tanks, Thundergoliat, Zaku 1 and GM Trainer. Maybe RGM-79 and MS-06 too.

  13. Going to assume that means crafting for each individual suit is broken, and needs repairing one by one (and you only got those ones done so far)

    if i’m wrong and all of them work fine
    can you at least release crafting for all the suits currently available in the stores?
    Not really going to see anyone using those starter suits.

    Reply from Admin

    Yes they have to be fixed one by one.

  14. does critical affect critical damage? or it just boosts critical rate?

    Reply from Admin

    No it does not increase critical hit damage. It increases the chance to get a critical hit.
    It also increases damage done to shields regardless of critical hit or not.

  15. Are the servers down ? I haven’t been able to log in since yesterday.

    Reply from Admin

    No the server has been online the whole time.

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