A new update is available for download. Install it the same way as before.


Some antivirus software might mistake it for a Trojan so here’s an alternative download if you have problems downloading the EXE file version.

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New in this update:

– Gouf can no longer use Raketen Bazooka.

– Increased rate of fire for machine guns.

– Fighters and tanks should now be able to use the correct weapons.

– SP weapons should work.

Some of you might want the rate of fire for machine guns to be even higher, however that cannot be done. As players who have a slow connection may no longer be able to use them.

Refining will be added in the next update.


32 Responses to NEW UPDATE

  1. I expected…
    Zeon no use the updata files
    they can continus to gouf+RB take fight…

    Reply from Admin

    If they do that the Raketen bazooka will have zero attack power.

  2. Is the question.
    Changes in this update.
    Rate of increase of skill points.
    Has changed?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. Combat skill will only increase when fighting NPCs.

    It’s no longer possible to create dummy characters and use them for skill training.

  3. i think you should make skill gain easier,kill NPC to train is slow as hell.

    Reply from Admin

    No it’s not. Took me only a few hours fighting NPCs to get 800 skill points.

  4. tactics 130 ,how many days for grinding it?

    Reply from Admin

    There is no need to get your skills to 130.
    Taking the route of getting a few skills to 130 thinking you’ll be some sort of master at using beam weapons or dodging is just plain wrong. There are better skill builds which don’t need you to 130 any skills.

  5. Did you decreased ER success rate?

    Reply from Admin

    It’s the same as it has always been.

  6. This is discrimination against bots!
    By removing the power to gain skill points from pvp you are taking jobs away from millions of bots around the worlds.
    It is there right to be able to work, yet here we are trying to take away this right!
    This is clearly against the law and must be stopped.

    We must rally together and form a petition to give these bots their work back!


  7. So will we now be able to gain points for N/F Dodge and Critical?

    any idea when that be done if it isnt?

    Reply from Admin

    It’s on it’s way. Soon.

  8. So Yesterday ( 6 hours ago ) I participated in my first major warfare with only 420 ms skill using a basic RGM-79 and help killed a Gouf successfully defended Newman from the Zeon hordes , as far as I can tell both sides seem to enjoy the battle .

    The basic suits sold to both sides seem to be sufficient to have fun with so far .

    I’d say there was roughly 20 participants to the fight total , many MS were lost but since they were shop suits , everyone mainly focus on tactics and battle objectives .

    So good job everyone ! for a successful re-start of UCGO .

    Will test the MG’s now , but I think the Zaku’s should be able to compete with RGM’s with beam rifles now .


    Each node is 100 swings of a saber, or a full saber to 100% damage (thanks for the change from 50 swings per non ex saber, also).

    While its not slow, I do not notice an increased rate of skill gain for cqb training at all. I am guessing at least 40 sabers to hit 130 cqb, and a saber takes about 10 minutes to go through, even on a lucky low end that is still 4+ hours, probably closer to 6 or 8 for just cqb, and then the accuracy and damage skills still need to be raised. My total after 22 sabers is just over 400 skill, which includes some er and ambac.

    My beam character on the other hand, went through only one stack of 2000 beam ammo and has over 45 beam, engagements, and 35+ shooting and tactics. Not saying its a punishing 60 hour grind, but with all the different skills coming in, it would be nice if most skills updated at .2 or .3 instead of 0.1

    The first 300 cqb skill updates for 30.0 are relatively quick, as you can see with the graph. However it is quickly leveling out, and I am guessing the majority of my time spent leveling cqb will be from 115-130. All I am saying is it would be nice if there were a more linear progression for skills rather than logarithmic, making it a more even and steady leveling process, than a long grind for that last 5.0 for 130. People are going to do it and test it anyway, spending 10 hours to check 130 ambac and 125 engagement vs 125 ambac and 130 engagement is hard on smaller teams with less sources of data.

    I know there are the 130 bonuses, but people will go for those regardless of the grind, after 7 years, it would be nice to have a bit less of a grind for some skills at least.

    Also huge thanks for the change to Er skill gain and usage. There are a lot of great changes that are making this feel like UCGO did when you first released this server.

  10. Just tested the MG’s ROF is very satisfactory ! this is what we been wanting for like 4 years+ now ! MG feels like an MG >:D

    Also the fact each repair seems to go up 0.1 regardless sucess or not is nice , I can say the game now is very new user friendly then it has been in the past !

    Smashing job !

  11. Dear Admin , it seems that the HFW-GMG MG stills suffer from the old ROF ? both the other two MG fires twice as fast as it does.

    I know the weapon is free , but it is an iconic weapon from 0080 War in the pocket.

    Could you fix this later please ? I think most newbies can afford 50k for a MG ^_^

    Just tested on a static target the HFW MG is weaker in terms of power , acc seems to be no better , range is also fairly similar too

  12. When I try to mine in Newman , my miner will stick at 100% every two or three times mining.

    Is there any problem happen in mining now?

    Reply from Admin

    Not that I know. I’ve done some mining in Newman myself and didn’t have any problems.

  13. btw can you fix something related to the shade or light? It’s so dark when u’re under the canyon at RM/NM.

    I am quite sure you did that to let Z era MS to look better at night before.

    Reply from Admin

    I’ll see if I can reset it to how it was on official.

  14. just a idea, is that possible to move the Helence NPC war to ALICE SPRING?

    Hope I can join a huge NPC war and training ,gain money and mats at there.

    Reply from Admin

    Not yet. Currently the server only supports NPC vs NPC battles in space.

  15. admin^^
    Can you add more drop items In the NPC wreckage
    such as HG Shield and EX weapon in Tasmania
    It will make PVE more interesting

  16. It’d probably be a good idea to reactivate helenes or make some form of NPC vs NPC combat zone now that skill points aren’t awarded from PVP.

    Some people miss helenes and it’d be fun and easy way to find NPCs than searching and would be more challenging.

  17. I guess most people aren’t really interested with current NPC hunting. Since nothing is really worth to hunt. I think if you can make some temporary hidden camps for both side,people might willing to gain skill by PVE instead of arguing here about dummy training etc.

    Those camps can drop some useful stuff such as EX weapons,HG sheilds,Lv4 engines or some limited T shirts if you do not want to add rare mats too quick.

    I am sure making few temporary camps wont spent you a lot of time.

  18. More NPCs are coming soon.

    When I’m done with refining, next update, I will be gradually adding new MS/Weapons to the factory together with NPCs.

  19. Define “more NPCs” and such

    do you mean more NPC suits (gelgoog high mobs, GP01/2s,etc)
    NPC bosses?
    NPC areas in helenes?

    What sorta NPC stuff is being added

    Reply from Admin

    Higher level NPC mobs is the first thing which will be added.

  20. I deleted your comment as there’s no need to have a drama stirring comment like that posted here. It’s just better that way.

    Reply from Admin

    If you don’t like the fact you can’t use bots to AFK grind combat skill then nobody is forcing you to be here. But what is the point in having a game where the players use bots to AFK grind, you might as well not play then.

  21. Anyone looking to help out a newbie? I’ve tried downloading the client and then running the update but the play button is grayed out do i need to first register an account or am I running the updates incorrectly? Thanks in advance!

    Reply from Admin

    There’s no need to register an account.

    Make sure you installed the game client first by running the UCGOPS.EXE file then run the UCGOupdate.EXE file from the folder where the UCclient.EXE file is.

  22. we can get TJL4 engine at hunting.

    Can we use that engine for crafting MS in the future?

    Reply from Admin

    No. You might as well just sell them.

  23. I got two questions in regards to future updates. The first one is will the MSM-04 Juaggu be able to use the hand based shell fired weapon as before because currently all I can us is the bias mp cannon and grapple. Second will land battleships like the Gallop and Big Tray be returning? Also understand that the battleships like the Musai will not be around.

    Reply from Admin

    The Juaggu is supposed to be able to use the rocket launcher. So that’s an error.

    The land battleships might return. Depends on if there’s any demand for it.

  24. I’d like to see the Gallop, Big Tray and that other thing return.
    It’d be nice to have them for support and such

  25. It would be awesome to see Big Tray and Gallop back in the game again. They would be good for mobile camps.

  26. NT-1 Shield was seen, but why will you have that?

    Reply from Admin

    It was possible to buy the NT-1 shield for a few days after the server was restarted.

  27. I hope you bring the Big Tray and Gallop back, fighting warships was one of the best things in UCGO.

  28. @ Everyone.. all good stuff in good time , Let the Admin work at his own pace , the server is back and still good for 11 months or so .

    SO everyone else do try to bring your friends to UCGO if they like PVP or Gundums ( in this case GM vs Gouf/Zaku’s at first )

    My respects to that Zaku pilot who refuse to die during PVP yesterday how many time we got him to 99% … lucky pilot ^~^ !

    PS: Dear Admin later can you pls adjust both the GM Rifle and the MG I last mentioned and give them same ROF as the other MGs ?

    The GM rifle’s case the range has been shortened but I rather use a MG or cannon then the GM rifle in this case , the range is only slightly better then the standard MG’s but so much slower and a canon has so much more destructive capability then it .
    I hope it doesn’t become an un-used weapon.

    Thank you .

  29. Ok there’s a small problem there’s too many Zeons atm 25 VS 50 Zeons and out numbering the EF every time so can some of the Zeons come over the EF side ?

    You have every old team I can see back at Zeon side but EF is again comprise of a few old hand and too many newbies and still 2 to 1 ratio against .

    Just need about 10+ ppl to come over the EF at least during wars .

  30. Is there any chance we’ll get stat pages for the MS or weapons again?

    Reply from Admin

    0.1% chance.

  31. Updates have been very nice lately 🙂

    Bug with MSCLAW and banking apparently it bugs out after you drop 1 in bank

    @Audrey believe EF problem is a lot of suits look a same at the lower levels which is attracting slightly more to Zeon

    Reply from Admin

    Did the claw have 100% damage? I remember player has mentioned this before, if you try drop or move claws with 100% damage it won’t work. Think someone said once it was like that on official too.

  32. HI Admin^^
    i think Tasmania still have BUG in Zeon.
    Tasmanis east always dropped.
    but when i play EF is normal

    Reply from Admin

    Will be fixed next time I update the server.

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