Download new update! Skill reset.

A new update is available for download. Install it the same way as before.


Some antivirus software might mistake it for a Trojan so here’s an alternative download if you have problems downloading the EXE file version.

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– Total skill has been lowered to 800. This was done because it was never meant to be 900 total skill, it was increased by a mistake, and lots of complaints from players.

Players who had more than 800 skill points have gotten their Near/Ranged Engagement skills reset to 0.

For any players who still have over 800 skill points, you must lower your skills by next week or your Defense or Engagement skill will get reset to 0.

– Mining now works.

It’s possible to mine Iron ore, Bauxit, Rutile, Luna titanium, gemstones and fossils.


Refining will probably become available next week. Together with SP weapons.


32 Responses to Download new update! Skill reset.

  1. What is F & N Dodge?

    Reply from Admin

    If you open the larger skill window you can see their full name. Not possible to display their full name in the small window due to UCGO limitation.
    There’s also a critical skill.

    They’re not used yet but will be in a later update.

  2. hi admin^^
    skill 130 have bouns now?
    such as:130AMBAC–>dodge+30%

    Reply from Admin


  3. Just saw that there are new set of skills.

    Far dodge
    Near dodge

    Are these skills usable and what is their functions?

    Reply from Admin

    They don’t work yet. But will in a later update.

    Far/near dodge is similar to near/ranged engagement but helps you dodge attacks.
    Critical will increase your chance of getting critical attacks and do more damage to shields.

  4. My teammate has mined for 20 times without mining skill increased in Richmond, and can’t got items.

    Reply from Admin


  5. Thanks admin , I think the problem is NE/RE give too much bonus in 900 skill total but no ND/FD to give a dodge bonus.

    might be we can take a look for more skill points after ND/FD/Critical open.

    By the way,Engagement/NE/RE still not have bonus in 130 right?

    Reply from Admin

    There is a small bonus for them.

  6. id just like to say logic and realistic. in a game is a joke mutt please stop trying to be a try hard and you missed btech point.

    Go back and read what he said carefully
    and if the admin so chose to impley the combined crafting dont bitch like a little girl about it.

    One know one wants to deal with drama and Two for god sake its a game its not life.

    admin thanks for work

  7. So…

    New skills to spend points on
    Less points to spend on skills

    As there are going to be new skills, I think it would be better to keep 900 as the max.

    The reason people disliked 900 as the TS was because people had too much to spend on combat skills that relate to damage/accuracy and such.

    But now there’s a bunch more skills which we dont have any skill points to spend on.

    I sorta expect the near and far dodge to counter and possibly cancel out near and far engagement, which makes them important skills for combat.
    However, as the TS is now 800 again there’s not really any good setup for pvp as the balance is kinda ruined.

    Basically: People are going to want to spend points on this stuff, but there’s not enough points to do anything.
    So you’re probably going to get complaints.

  8. Sargent179 has a good point we either need more skill points to allow PVP to work with all these new skills. Another option could be to drop the multiple engagement and defense stats and have one defense one engagement and call it a day.

    Reply from Admin

    More skills = More character builds to choose from.

    Instead of expecting more skill points so you can have one character which does everything, you create multiple characters. For example you’d have a character made for Guncannons, one for Guntanks and so on.

  9. Can one of the next updates be the repairing of broken weapons (tank/fighter guns for example)

    Reply from Admin

    Tank/Fighter weapons should have been fixed in this update.

  10. thx alot for this update on the skill. I hope the new skills wont disappointed us. The old PS pvp system is the best imo.

  11. So here I am thinking you decided to give us 900 TS + the extra 130 from WM to allow people to only need one or two combat characters.

    Nope, you have wanted us all along to suffer into making another 20 combat characters. Lets watch poor Audrey grind out those 20 again.

    So about this “Critical” skill. Will you be capping the highest possible amount of criticals or something? Because for those of us with 700 Spirit + 130 Critical would probably too overpowered.

    Reply from Admin

    Exactly how the critical skill will work i.e. how much bonus it will give is something I haven’t decided on yet.

  12. On the whole crafting thing, i think it’d be better if you kept it as it is. If your main reason to add more skills is to add more build posibilities, wouldn’t having two crafting skills have the same effect ?

    (I’ve noticed you don’t awnser to comments like these which is understandable, considering how much drama UCGO has been in, but me and my friend would love to hear an direct response from you.)

    Reply from Admin

    The crafting skills will stay the way they have always been.

  13. Is the question

    Newman and Richmond
    Mine cities
    Rate item can be retrieved and skills
    Is there a difference?

    I use a translation machine. Difficult to understand, I’m sorry.

    Reply from Admin

    You can mine Mosk, Ginius and Tem parts in Newman/Richmond.

    In the future there will also be Fine Rutile and Fine Luna Titanium in those cities.

  14. Will the skill gain still be consistent up to 800 from 600 ? Im still at 400+ and the gain is still good , ER Ambac gain while still low also seems good , but if said skill starts to tank at 600 eg takes a long time just to up a measly 0.1 we’re going to have .. complications if you say we should create multiple characters .

    Also the near/far dodges are IMO not needed , the near/far HITS are exceptions .

    With 900 skills I actually wanted to invest 70pts to CQB for beam saber skill yet not 130 for a pure melee and the remaining 30 for say defense . . . as a four year vet on UCGO 800 MS skill isn’t a lot per say .

    You had:
    Jack Of All Trades master of nothing . . .
    Beam Pro
    Shell Pro
    Sniper/semi CQB Pro
    CQB/H2H Pro
    Dodge/Bait Pro
    Hit/Crit/Semi Dodge Pro
    Bloody 3rd Party Cheating Pros . . JK (;´Д`)

    If Admin is gunning for Near/Far dodge & Crit skill to further dilute the already diluted and mind scratching skill set . .

    I suggest getting rid of CQB/H2H skill and just base them off Tactics & Near Engagement while the triple slash is by default UNLOCKED !

    Watching all the Gundams shows pre 0094 . . . I dont think the pilots needed to invest 70 skill to unlock triple slash XD only just how well u hit with the weapons either melee or ranged .

    And the Bloody thing of all in this game during PVP u just can’t just go shoot shoot shoot > slash slash . . every one just tries to max certain base skill to give themselves an edge in combat which is hardly fun IMO .

    Triple slash skills should be unlocked and tied to tactics & N.E.

    Combat will be more fun and dynamic that way. .

    Seriously I don’t want to have to create another 40 + accounts like I did in the past to enjoy this game fully , plus neither do I ( we players ) in this case want to use a 3rd party software Macro ( auto it ) to do mundane things in game any more thank you very much .

    SO if skills like ER or Dodge goes up consistently every time it is used then it is a step for better , the more I play the closer it goes to where I need it .

  15. Do you have any ideas to stop the game becoming Gundam VS Gelgoog again or are you leaving it to the players to decide not to use the most powerful available machines?

    Reply from Admin

    The RX-79G, MS-14A and a few other MS at the same level will all require materials which can only be obtained from NPCs or mining in Newman/Richmond.
    A full Thundergoliat with Fine Rutile or Fine Luna Titanium will be enough to craft 4-5 RX-79G/MS-14A. Unless someone sets up a massive mining operation they won’t be able to mass produce these MS.

  16. removed image

    he again~~!!~~ can you check his IP????

    Reply from Admin

    I just checked and there aren’t any Zeon players online using the same IP as that character. Could just be a medal farmer.

  17. do you think it would be possible to have the bank store 30k worth of mined materials..for those of us who are going to mine heavily i think thats a good storage number

    Reply from Admin

    It’s not possible to have the bank store a different amount than what you can store in a vehicle.

  18. Admin,did you ever watch the main war fight?

    Reply from Admin


  19. What do you think about Raketen Bazooka,well Raketen Bazooka isnt a problem,but why gouf can carry it? 79C can’t use 100.000 saber.

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t see why Gouf using the Raketen Bazooka is a problem. The main issue would be Zeon having more players. Yesterday, or the day before, I saw about 15 Zeon players in Richmond with only 4-5 EF there. That’s a problem the players will have to solve themselves and if they won’t then UCGO goes to hell again.

    The only thing the Gouf has going for it is that it’s fast, can use the Raketen Bazooka and has a pretty good 75mm MG. Stat wise it’s only a little better than the Cold type.

  20. I understand you expecting the players to work the numbers out but.

    Would you be willing (as I’m sure I recalled you were in the past) to transfer players character stats from one side to the other in order to allow easier balancing if the issue continues? Alternatively You could add an opposite faction character to existing accounts in order to allow players to switch between them when numbers aren’t balanced

    Reply from Admin

    Yes. Although when I tried to do this hardly anyone was willing to change faction.

  21. So I am going to guess that the extremely low sell price of the gems and fossils is permanent?

    Reply from Admin

    Yes they are.

  22. admin are people from the uk able to play

    Reply from Admin


  23. Hi, when you release the gogg will it still have a h2h bonus? Or are you removing that from the game?

    Reply from Admin

    No. It won’t be like before were some MS would get an attack bonus. In cases like that I will add a new weapon instead which can only be used by that MS and which is more expensive.

  24. For those who care:
    Next update will probably not include refining. Instead I’ll focus on fixing up stuff such as fighters, machine guns, Raketen Bazooka and SP weapons.

  25. For those who care: I’ll focus on fixing up stuff such as fighters, machine guns, Raketen Bazooka and SP weapons.

    Ou Yiss ! Finally

    Umm dear Admin could you possibly bring back the missile launcher for the EF ? since it is canon 08MS UC weapon ? and for that matter the Raketen Bazooka can also be a carbon copy of the missile launcher too in terms of stat and performance for fairness on both sides to use .

    Also could the suggestion with CQB/H2H skill removed and triple slash comes unlock be workable ? since now we probably will have to re-distribute skill points later in skills such as Tactics , near Engagement , Near Dodge , Critical Rate .

    Near dodge to help evade melee’s ,Far dodge to evade long range and crit will now soak up what was melee builds .

    Reply from Admin

    The missile launcher won’t be added as I have another model of it which is of much higher quality. If things work out and UCGO becomes active again sometime in the future I might add a new version of it together with other OYW weapons.

    The CQB/H2H skills will stay the way they are. And I don’t think it’s possible to change the skill requirement for triple slash, it’s probably hard coded into the game.

  26. personally I feel like bazookas currently do enough dmg for their fire rate, but I could just be blind and unable to tell the difference from stupidity or something.

    and the buffs for suits should probably return, as it helps balance out suits that have less weapon options

  27. Ok the launcher sounds good .

    Btw is it possible to have each account come with 70 CQB/H2H skill then ? basically 870 skill points but the 70 CQB/H2H is hard locked as you start like that and cant be reduce ?

    Triple slash is still irl luck base , sometimes you can activate it sometimes it just doesn’t want to happen regardless if you have 70 points or not and you keep mashing that mouse button .

  28. Please do not bring back suit buffs. Suits should be balanced through stats; more hp vs less dodge (gogg vs zgok line), more acc vs less crit, more acc vs less dodge (say a sniper ms). Most of the suits are/were already balanced this way. Your bonus should be through your own build.

    Is anyone else getting a seemingly corrupt client after hours of play? A few times now I have been unable to use the keyboard in game after a while and have had to relog which fixes the issue immediately. Fresh install and updated.

  29. hi admin.^^
    Some questions need to be answered.
    i have 130ER skill,but i always fail when i use L3 Emergency tool kits
    success rate just of 40%
    130ER have bouns?
    or l3 Emergency have Low success rate.

    Reply from Admin

    L3 ER has a low success rate.

  30. When you say fixing the raketen bazooka are you talking about removing it or nerfing it?

    Reply from Admin

    It will only be useable by the MS-09B/R, TTT DOM and RS-DOM.

  31. Basically what zeon want to know is : will h2h stay ass or will the gogg hit hard again??

    Reply from Admin

    That is TBD.

  32. Read: what zeon players want to know is if they will be able to spam a mid range suit and be able to one and two shot end tier suits.

    Maybe zeon players will learn that its not that the other aquatic suits are bad, just that your 700 str build is absolutely awful.

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