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A new update is available for download. Install it the same way as before.


Some antivirus software might mistake it for a Trojan so here’s an alternative download if you have problems downloading the EXE file version.

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This update will clean up the shops, removing old items which can no longer be purchased.

And it updates the range and rate of fire for several weapons.


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  1. Page can’t be found for the .exe

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  2. Is the current MS list/ Weapon list on this website accurate
    (since jegans and all that are getting removed)

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  3. I’ve just been at southern cross 42 and the NPC seem a bit weird, for one they were different from every other time I’d been there and they seemed to stop shooting after I got close to them

    Reply from Admin

    When you say different do you mean different NPCs? Because the NPCs are randomized every time the server is restarted.

    The reason they stopped shooting seems to be due to a bug I introduced in the latest update.

  4. Yes just different in that sense.

  5. Strange, that bug used to be on the zaku IIs at taz. They’d shoot me as they walk towards me, but when they’re at the point of “no longer walking towards you” they just do nothing.

    This update fixed that.

  6. Any chance you could just post a kind of

    list for the different camps so people know where to progressively train?

    Reply from Admin

    EASIEST: Tasmania, head north/south.

    EASY: Sydney, Melbourne

    Everything else would be medium.

  7. Aww really wish you could have kept that missile launcher as it was part of 08MS Team and a good weapon to farm with .

    btw what weapons ROF did you actually tweaked ?

    the npc still feels like they fire faster (MG) then I do , wish you had made shell MG fire just a tad faster ~

    The tank/fighter cannons are still bugged

    Reply from Admin

    All bazookas, RGM-79L rifle, beam spray gun, some of the MGs, GM rifle, Long range rifle.
    For most weapons I updated the ROF was increased by about 0.5 seconds so it’s not very noticeable. Except for the GM rifle and Long range beam rifle which had their ROF doubled.

  8. I have been having troubles playing ucgo since this update release it will let me log in to the game and let me move for a few secs then pops up error 4003 do you know a solution for this ?

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    I will be updating the server later today. It should probably fix this.

  9. I know you didn’t want to release MS stats because of players complaining about balance but myself and many other really liked back when you did show it. I thought it was really cool and many found it useful. One less thing to figure out.

    If you would reconsider your previous decision, assuming it would be easy for you to add. Just ignore those players complaining because they complain no matter what.

  10. Seems now there is a bug for some specific places outside cities. One of my characters which were running for MS skill now simply falls offline just after every time I login.

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    Same thing as above.

  11. I second the idea of bringing back MS stats, it makes sense to know what you’re buying/crafting

  12. I like the idea of hidden stats. Please ignore comments about releasing them.

  13. Okay, so I’ve lagged out twice in a row now at Tasmania. Both under the same circumstance. I lagged out shooting a Zaku 1 with no other NPCs around. And again after I cleared the surrounding NPCs the Zaku 1 disconnected me. Maybe it’s due to the color or what it may drop?

    Reply from Admin

    It will be fixed in the next update later today.

    And yes it’s due to the color as the server only supports stock colored versions of MS.

  14. any eta on crafting/upgrading ms?

    Reply from Admin

    Mining and refining will probably be added in 1-2 weeks. After that crafting of MS/weapons and new NPCs will be added gradually.
    I only spend time on UCGO during weekends so it will take some time to add all MS/weapons to the factory. Will probably be like every 1-2 weeks a few new MS/weapons are added to the factory.

  15. I like the idea of hidden stats dont change it please.

    admin is there any thing some of us can do to help move things along with the updates

  16. SP MMP-80 in Richmond and SP ZMP-50D in Newman are unavailable for ZEON’s MS such as Gouf. We need these SP shell weapons.

  17. Could you make it so humans aren’t detected on radar thus making getting out of an MS a tactical gameplay mechanic? For example if someone wanted to hide in or around enemy city they could suit down to do so undetected.

    Reply from Admin

    Not sure if this is actually possible. I sort of have an idea about how it maybe could be done but it requires messing around with the game client and takes a good deal of time. I’m not going to spend my free time and that sort of things, I’m OK with spending some time every week bringing the game back to it’s original OYW state but that’s as far as I’ll go.

  18. Hi all.
    I am looking in to getting into this game but I cannot get it to work I have set up my character but from some reason i get stuck at the loading screen, can anyone help ?? I have re downloaded both the game and the updates

    Reply from Admin

    I seem to remember this has been mentioned before. If you haven’t already you should look through old forum posts to see if anyone else had this issue.

  19. Admin^^ how about remove city mine arer,
    it will be make Richmond and Newman more important.
    i think player will have more PVP in this where

    Reply from Admin

    The materials Fine Rutile and Fine Luna Titanium will only be available in Richmond/Newman or from boss NPC drops. Meaning that if you want to craft any MS using FL/FTCC such as RX-79G, RX-77, MS-14A, MS-09 you will need to mine at Newman/Richmond or get materials from NPCs.

  20. Just a quick question: Will bosses still roam around the map in a later update?

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    Probably. But most likely in new locations.

  21. Is the heat rod a cqb or h2h weapon?

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  22. a heads up, the fighter machine gun and missile weapons are purchasing at 100% damage

  23. Please keep those MS color when you update the crafting system in the future. Different MS color makes things special and not to be dull.

  24. Dear Admin ,

    For your next coming update could you consider & or test in your server by increasing the ROF of all machine gun to say 0.8 or double them but reduce the damage by maybe 20% ?

    A bit more test and balancing is mostly needed here but it currently is no better then a beam rifle (ROF) and does not pierce nor is it more powerful then a beam rifle making Zaku users at a disadvantage .

    In the end it just just push to Gelgoog/Aqua MS vs Gundams again later, MG users should be able to be competitive IMO thus keeping the selection of MS usage fresh esp from lower end of the MS pool.

    PS: the launchers of eg: torpedo of Zgoks & Guntanks should also be considered giving a ROF boost .

    Thank You.

  25. machine guns suck ass. should boost

  26. I agree with Audrey

    Machine guns really should get a buff on the rate of fire for all the reasons she mentioned.

    The only other advantage of shells is that there are more weapon/ammo types, but anything but MG/vulcan ammo weighs a lot and has a slow RoF. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that players will even run out of beam ammo during PVP.

  27. I’m going to have to agree about the machine gun buff or even a shell buff in general. I would be careful about Audreys request about increasing the rate of fire or whatever. Don’t turn them into the Beam Machineguns.

  28. I have to chime in with an ardent ‘NO’ to the combined crafter skill arguments, on behalf of my entire team. We should not be lazy and reduce three skills down to one just to make it easier for the folks who hold no love for crafting at all.

    Watering down the crafting system in such a way makes no sense, cheapens the entire leveling experience for those of us who came here explicitly /for/ the crafting system, and does nothing but hasten the return of Gundam VS Gelgoog which everyone claims to not want.

    Furthermore, engineering a vehicle and engineering a weapon are entirely distinct and different kinds of engineering; The skills are and should remain separate to denote this reality.

    Following the logic of those who voted yes, why not take the argument to its logical conclusion and only have three combat skills instead of 14 or so- Because we only really need one skill for Beam, one skill for Shell, and one for CQB right?

  29. Mutt, you do realize if the admin combines the skills, more people will have access to things they normally wouldn’t due to crafters refusing to deal with anyone not in their team, or someone who is an english/japanese/chinese/other player?

    In my experience playing before the reset and post, finding a crafter willing to use materials you supply to try and make something is the hardest part. Let alone if you do find one, them not scamming you and stealing items that were made.

    So yes, I agree that they should combine it so that people can get what they want, when they want. It will be up to the player base to decided if things degraded into the Gundam vs Gelgoog thing again, but that is the ultimate end anyways once crafting begins.

  30. Btech, do YOU realize that I have met more than 18 people so far who are planning to do crafting and speak English? There is no shortage of people willing to do the crafter work, as well as people who are planning on making hunting and crafting their primary form of gameplay. Combining crafting skills is unnecessary, LAZY, and unrealistic. It will make the game WORSE and cause more than one player to lose interest.

  31. Mutt, where were these people in the past? Nowhere to be found, or utterly refused to craft for anyone not in their team.

    I am a PVE only player. I sell/trade away things I find from farming so others can do as they wish also. My major problem in the past has always been trying to get suits made no matter what I offer in return for their time. That was one of the main problems I have always had. Not a limit in supply, but a limit in people willing to help others.

    If you wish to see that return, then it is upon you and these ’18 people’ to be willing to help others.

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