UCGO is online

The server is now online and everyone can login.

If you can’t login make sure you remember to install the UCGOupdate.exe file.


There are several things not yet working, such as crafting, and in some of the shops there are still Zeta era items. There’s no need to report this as bugs, I know and it will be fixed over time as I release new updates.

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  1. There is no normal GM beam spray gun :/

    Reply from Admin

    You can buy the beam spray gun in the shop.

  2. is there a rufe guess wen crafting will be out

    Reply from Admin

    About 1-2 months. The next update in 1-2 weeks will fix up the shops and remove stuff which is not supposed to be there and also rename some of the items with wrong names.
    After that mining and refining is the next to be added in. Followed by MS/Weapons crafting and more NPCs.

  3. all so off the wall question is it posable to make one crafting class instade of two

    Reply from Admin

    You mean one skill for both MS and weapon crafting?

    I’m not sure if UCGO would like that, but probably. However I don’t know if the other players would want that.

  4. NPC drop against side weapon but the weapon is faction locked

    Reply from Admin

    Like it says in red text:

    “There are several things not yet working”
    “There’s no need to report this as bugs”

  5. Crafting takes 1-2 months to complete. How about make the MS14, MSM07E , Gundams available in the shop? Or else, players in zeon need to use Acguy for 3 months as Acguy is already the best MS which can use beam in Zeon side……

    Reply from Admin

    And why is it that you can’t use shell weapons?

  6. How about nobody complains about balance. Do we really need a repeat of before.

    Almost 50 players online the first few hours. Maybe there’s hope.

  7. i actually think there’s hope for this game to be fun again like before, it is so cool to interact and get to know each other player on the game

  8. i was just thinking it might make it easier on people for one crafting skill is all

  9. Hey I’m haveing the same error as
    Any one know how to fix it?

    Reply from Admin

    Make sure you have speakers or headphones connected to your PC. I can’t remember if there was anything else which could cause this to happen.

  10. I’m one for the combined crafting skill for both suits and weapons. Just tossing my vote in saying that I agree.

  11. Just in case.

    Ex-client can’t show the MS list at MS shop even if which is attached USCOupdate.exe.

    I think all we need to download the client newly.

  12. I kinda agree about the turn wep/MS crafting into 1
    Don’t see why other players wouldn’t like it, it just means that therae’s less of a need to grind levels
    also means more free skill points

    Also, aren’t shell weapons less powerful, that’s probably why they want beam weps
    wonder if the beam using high mob zaku is around

  13. Tank cannons are 100% damaged after being purchased from shop.

    Reply from Admin

    Like it says in red text:

    “There are several things not yet working”
    “There’s no need to report this as bugs”

  14. Nowonder lately I’ve been having dreams about MS hehe UCGO is back , im ma casually try to play it 😀

  15. Are there any teams around now? Cause I look one to join, playing alone isnt fun.exe

  16. Would it be to easy if you allowed us to buy materials from the shop when you add crafting?

    In all honesty, I prefer a script doing the work rather than wasting my time sitting there. My only other concern is money. You’re really making it so you need to kill NPCs for just about everything. I just want to make sure you plan on adding alternate options for making $$$. Have you decided on the amount for the salary? Thanks.

    Reply from Admin

    Crafting skill will be very fast to level up, at least compared to before, and there shouldn’t be much need to just sit at the factory waiting. Example, if your crafting skill is 50.0 and you craft an MS requiring 50.0 in skill you have 100% chance of getting a skill point and then it drops slowly as you level up. But there will always be new MS every 5.0 skill points so on average you’ll only have to craft 2-3 MS per skill point.

    You get the materials either by mining/script or from NPCs. I think this is more fair towards those who aren’t able to run a crafting script and will make it possible for anyone to start a crafter.

    Alternate forms of getting money will be mining or getting drops from NPCs. Unlike before money won’t be worthless this time and players won’t be able to just buy whatever they want and always use the best MS and best weapon.

    About salary I haven’t decided anything yet.

  17. Thanks for your thoughtful replies. I’d like to point out I can’t gain Tactics in PvP. I’m not sure whether this is on purpose or not but I’d sure like it that you didn’t eliminate alternate training possibilities.

    Reply from Admin

    Can’t remember ever doing that. Anyone else with this problem?

  18. Lol. Tactics goes up on PvP. But it doesn’t go up when you are using an opposite faction MS so your shots always miss ;). All the skills except strength and tactics go up.

  19. Oh, I seemed to have overlooked that fact. Thank you Anon.

  20. Just an observation that I doubt you can do anything about admin but that some people might be able to take advantage off. AVGs identity protection service seems very suspicious of UCGO and runs along side it at 20% CPU while the UCGO client uses 50% so anyone looking for a performance in UCGO boost using AVG should switch softwares or disable the service.

  21. Question for Admin:

    I was traveling around today based on other info and coordinates I had for hidden bases. But after an hour of travel, I noticed what used to be a hidden supply base is completely empty. Are all hidden base removed or not there yet? Or only some?

    Reply from Admin

    They have been removed. New NPCs which I’ll add in later will be closer to the cities instead of far out in the desert somewhere.

  22. I noticed GQ uniform will boost the power with rank in old news.

    Will this setting apply in the future?

    Reply from Admin


  23. Not too long ago, I was with a group at Tasmania to go out hunting NPCs but in the deep areas, everyone in group start having their UCGO cilent crashing one by one, with all movements/motions stopped. Thought just re-logging would help but as long as we were at those areas, we kept on crashing whereas I never crashed anywhere else past days. I crashed 3 times until I decided to quickly run back to camp. Is that a known bug?

    Reply from Admin

    The NPCs down there are probably dropping some items which are no longer supported and that makes your game crash. For now it would be best to just stay away from there.

  24. I just figured I’d throw my vote towards the combined crafter skill too. If we are gonna take out the macro burden, we might as well lessen the load further.

  25. admin can you keep the old camps the way they where with the boss and all theres maps of those location that id be willing to up load and theres a data file that id upload to that gives you them all.

    Reply from Admin

    I already know where all of them are. You wouldn’t need to give me anything.

  26. I agree with the idea of making things closer to the cities

    But still, it’d be nice if the old stuff that was in the middle of nowhere remained there, just so those that go to them without knowing they’re removed dont waste a lot of time.

  27. Please for the love of god let’s do it right this time. Admin clearly set his time line for things. Would it be hard to let him restore the game first then ask for certain things? Let’s not have a repeat of what happened and instead make this time around right and worth it!

  28. maximum skill point is 900 now?

    Reply from Admin

    Apparently it is.

  29. It’s surprising how many players returned so quickly. When I checked earlier today we had right above 100 online. If this keeps up maybe it’ll reach old levels.

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    There’s more than expected. I had expected to see maybe 10-20 players but I’m pretty sure it will never be as high as before.

  30. Will quirkier non-MS machines like the Adzam and Gallop still be craftable once crafting returns, or have they been removed for good?

    Reply from Admin

    Midea and Fat Uncle will still be craftable. The space battleships will not be craftable as nothing good came from that last time. Land battleships might be craftable, not sure yet.

  31. may I know where’s the server is situated? I got random lag spike and delay frequently.

    Reply from Admin

    It’s in the US. Only normal there’s lag when you play against players from all over the world.

    Although lag could be minimized by moving the server to Japan where most players are, like I’ve done before, that just costs too much. Last time it cost about twice as much as a server in the US of similar performance.

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