UCGO coming soon.

This Wednesday at around 12:00 CET UCGOPS will return. Go download the game client!

Crafting will not work at first so there will only be shop MS. Tailoring will be available but no MS/weapon crafting, no mining and no refinery. And the only NPCs will be at the default /transport locations.

Reverting the game back to the official server state with improvements will take some time. This will be done over time and I will probably be releasing updates every 1-2 weeks.




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  1. Will any of the new units still be there? Especially the core booster and kampfer or some other new 0079 ms.

    Reply from Admin

    I don’t know. Maybe the Kampfer as it looked fined and fit into UCGO well. I do have models of the NT-1, RX-79BD, MS-14Jg, MS-14C, Gouf Custom, Efreet of similar quality as the Kampfer model, but I probably won’t add them. It takes more work than it’s worth.

  2. Is it possible to tweak the develop and upgrade times shorter and lower the skill gain rate so whenever we need to craft for ourselves or team it won’t take a lot of time and yet it would still take the same overall time to get to a certain skill. This will make battlefield participation higher because it will take less time to make MS.

    The only problem I see is you need to do more clicks when you’re grinding your crafting skill.

    Reply from Admin

    All MS will have their crafting time reduced to about 20 seconds. That’s the same as the crafting time of the RGM-79/Zaku 2.

  3. Hey, Admin, do you plan on adding any of the Thunderbolt Mobile Suits ?

    Reply from Admin

    No that will never happen.

  4. Will there be any last second changes to skills? Or will they function the same as whats listed here?: http://ucgoserver.com/skills/

    Reply from Admin

    They will be the same as before except weapon manipulation is no longer used.

  5. Would it be possible to remove the faction lock from suits?

    Reply from Admin

    No. BTW weapons are also faction locked now.

  6. hurray! ucgops coming back?
    Thank to you and your hoster

  7. God damn it. I only planned to lurk. The game is up and now…I have to continue lurking. Was hoping to give this site up for good. Oh well.

  8. So if weapon manipulation is not being used because of cheating purposes as previously stated, then the fire rate will solely depend on the weapon being used correct?

    I never noticed any actual RAM edits, such as increasing WM’s value, that would actually do anything. I’m fairly certain the increased firing rate almost exclusively came from increasing the speed of the client.

    Reply from Admin

    WM is no longer because of cheating but also because it’s a pointless skill. For the few weapons which used it I’ll just increase their rate of fire.

    I’m pretty sure some would use a memory editor to cheat with WM. I know they did with MS skill which is why I enforced this ‘If you don’t have enough MS skill your MS will have 0 dodge/hit’.

  9. May I ask what the logic is for weapons to be faction locked? Unless parity is guaranteed, excluding HG weapons, one side will hold advantage in range over the other with respect to beam/shell weapons.

    Parity as in say a Ball cannon and MTC having same range/rate of fire/damage percentage chance, or will there be disparity still?

    Reply from Admin

    The whole faction lock on MS and weapons is mainly because:
    The game is supposed to be EF vs Zeon, GM vs Zaku and Gundam vs Gelgoog. Not EF vs Zeon with Gundams/Guncannons/Snipers. Something which happened frequently before the faction lock.

    It also makes it easier to balance the game when players can’t bring over stuff from the other faction.

    As for one side holding advantage in range over the other, I guess you mean EF due to the Snipers and Guncannons, then Zeon has MSM suits with high armor and higher than average attack power and DOMs which can outrun most MS. As before both factions will have their own advantages.

  10. No one seemed to raise these questions so I’ll ask:

    1. Is this reboot a full reset with every account/char starting from very beginning?

    2. Looked at “UCGO RESET – Is Happening” post and saw later post of using some of ideas there. So which ideas can we expect on launch? 900 skill instead of 800? Weekly salary? 1 Universal Engine type?

    3. If this game ever want to grow player base back to 2009-12 levels as seen on several youtube videos, need for social media outreach is most needed (reddit, game forums, etc). Otherwise we’re going to see barely 20 people on at all times. Not to mention, this reboot is now officially the only non-JP 2016 Gundam MMO available in existence. Also preferably a newer/better player forums (current one is too oudated). Is anyone doing anything about these?

    Reply from Admin

    1. Yes.

    2. Universal engine type will be used. Salary will be probably used. 900 skill points won’t be used.

    3. Everything you’re going to suggest about social media, posting on forums etc… has been done before and it didn’t work. UCGO will never get the same player numbers as it had back when this server was new. At start it’ll probably have 10-20 players and maybe it will grow as more players learn it’s back.

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