You guys won’t believe this but…..

Someone has paid for server hosting. UCGOPS will return in a few days.

The new server will be 0079-0081 MS only and will use some of the ideas listed in the “UCGO RESET is happening” post below.

At start only shop MS will be available. Crafting will be added in later as it takes a long time to update and edit all the files in the game client.


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  1. Are you freal right now? Nobody in their right mind would pay for this.

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    I guess there are still those who really really really want to play UCGO. Besides it’s a great game if you can get normal players into it instead of just trolls and drama queens.

  2. Thanks goes to that guy who paid.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some one year war action in ucgo. Hopefully we can get an ok number of players to join.

  3. hi did this Hero pay for the whole year???

    Please Tell me he did….

    *kneels down and worships*

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  4. I suppose I’ll log in and see how it goes out of respect for the man or woman who paid for a full year. Like you said admin, it’s only fun when it’s populated.

  5. While many people will disagree with me I think it’s a good idea to close the gap between the low tier and end tier MS and no Super Gundam Long Rifle, Beam Machineguns, etc. Maybe make shell weapons a bit more powerful because we need diversity in the battlefield.

    Also, PLEASE fix CQB. I don’t know when you did it or even if you know you did it but CQB can now miss on 2 & 3 swing attacks. Rendering it almost useless because of the animation time.

    Again you do what you want, but I would appreciate feedback other than your usual “no” and careless responses…lol

    Reply from Admin

    I believe the CQB was changed back to how it used to be earlier this year. Either that or I was going to do it but never got to it.

    There won’t be any Super Gundam long rifle or beam machineguns as there will only be official server MS. So the most you’ll get is the beam bazooka for DOMs and sniper rifles.

  6. i just want a server which is same with update before:(

  7. will suits be faction locked like b4

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    Yes they will.

  8. The server is online. Although none of you can login yet as I need to remove all the new MS/weapon stuff first.

    UCGO is back

  9. Any plans to make this a more laid back, casual game in terms of grind rates?

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    Combat skills will be the same as before. But MS crafting, weapon crafting and refining will no longer need you to AFK macro. Instead time will be spent mining or getting materials from NPCs.

  10. Well played to the guy that paid for a years worth of hosting and thanks for canceling the automatic payments admin. I may continue in the future.

  11. Why can’t login

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    Server is not yet open to players.

  12. when will the server be up and running?

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    In a few days.

  13. can use old client login??or need download the new client?

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    Yes you can use the old client if you still have it.

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