Go To Sleep UCGO

So I came by today and noticed some time during the night the server had gone down. Probably due to a power failure or something, doesn’t really matter why.

Normally I would have restarted the server. But since the server was only paid for until May 16th and I didn’t plan on renewing the subscription I figured why bother.

Instead I had the server subscription cancelled and that’s it. No more UCGO Llama drama.



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  1. I hate to say it but.. it’s about time it died. Don’t know why this game creates so much drama, although it could be because there are only 2 sides and no middle ground. GG Admin, PS was fun back in the day.

  2. Well that sucks. I was going to contact you regarding the server, I was planning on paying for the server myself to keep the server alive, and wondered why the server was down. I wish you had at least offered to transfer ownership of the server.

    If anyone is interested in reviving the server, please contact me. I don’t care about the drama to be honest. Just ignore the people who cause it, and let the people who enjoy the server enjoy it. I know I enjoyed the game, and that’s why I’d rather pay the server myself than let it die among the others like Icarus and UCGOR.

    Reply from Admin

    If you want to pay for the server I’m OK with that but you would have to pay for a full year upfront.
    I will not accept monthly donations. Done that before and the result is whoever is paying drops out and I’m left with the server bill.

  3. Alright, how much would that go for then?
    Maybe you’d like to discuss this more privately?

    Furthermore, would I be the owner, or would you be the owner, while I just give you what is necessary for the server to stay alive?

    Reply from Admin

    I’ve sent you an e-mail.

  4. Oh, somebody cares to keep 0 vs 1 warfares?
    I dunno why people try to keep this server around.

    Reply from Admin

    You should rephrase that to “I dunno why people try to keep this GAME around.”

    Anyway it’s not happening.

  5. RIP

  6. I still think this game is redeemable dispute the drama that goes on there.

  7. I wonder ADMIN if you would be willing to release the server so that others might try to continue this legacy. I know that is asking a HUGE amount of you but it does open the possibility of this not being the end.

  8. It’s a shame. I was really looking forward to this. Oh well, at least I got to play a few more times before it was over. Is there a chance of you posting the functional source code for the server if it isn’t coming back?

  9. Was really fun everyone, thank you.

    Hope you keep ‘Ucgoserver.com’ up (even if it’s locked) for the sake of so many years of Gundam history.

    Thank you for your time spent on Private Server Admin.

    OYW <3

  10. Anyone who takes part in the valiant effort to keep this server alive should get more than 2 thumbs up. I so would too.. Love this game.

  11. He also removed my comments about our conversation – very suspicious, if you ask me.

    Reply from Admin

    TLDR; This guy posted some pissy comments about how it’s unfair I don’t want to pay for the server so he and others can play for free.

    @Masquerade A dedicated server, web host and DNS server for UCGO is over $1000 a year. Of course you could go for a cheap ass VPS but those go down frequently and you lose progress, tried it before didn’t go too well.

    I gave you an option to pay if you really really wanted to keep the game running. But you didn’t want to. Don’t go expecting me to keep paying and running this server so you can keep playing UCGO.

    BTW When this server was new with online numbers going over 1000, and of course server hosting was a lot more expensive back then, me and a few other paid $300-$400 a month. So fuck off you ungrateful POS.

  12. Damn I was hoping to see this come back online because I had seen it went down, and was waiting for may for the reset/restart to happen. Oh well, I guess I won’t be getting my gundam fix =/

  13. GG I’ll check three months from now to see if this game is actually dead then stop lurking. Good job on the admin btw. I remember back in the day with Titan server promising and making zero progress then one day Admin came along and got the game moving in rapid speed, and then custom models soon after. This game is just too old to be enjoyed. The game play is terrible and unresponsive. The world is way tooo big. It is what is it. Sayonara and gj Admin, takes a lot of talent to rengineer a game like this. Maybe you should take a shot at Matrix Online. That’s a game I’d play again.

  14. Vacant Planets

    All the barnacles can finally move on with their autistic lives now…

  15. let it die, if you need a gundam game play gb3, or gundam online

  16. Hi admin, it was a good run and you did well. I know you aren’t in favour of UCGO staying around in any form but… you are sitting on a pile of resources that the other UCGO servers would likely benefit from. Would you be willing to make all of your resources (everything related to UCGO)? And if not would you accept a personal payment via the donate system for such resources? If the latter is true I’d appreciate if you could email me. Thanks!

    Reply from Admin

    If I were to release anything I would have to translate it into English first, and probably write some docs for the server so others could understand how the source code work. But I don’t care to spend countless hours on doing something like that.

    And I really doubt I would have gotten any decent donations for it. I’m not spending weeks on this so I can get maybe $100 in donations.

  17. Thank you We operate a UCGOPS until now.
    But, dear and struck suddenly and stop
    Do not get activities and twice.

  18. It was inevitable that this outdated game would die eventually, and it is only a matter of time before we will see a proper UCGO release one day. Cheers to “KH” and to all the good times in UCGO. Thanks for sticking with UCGO for as long as you tolerated it admin.

  19. Auf wiedersehen und dankeschön.

    But really it’s time to go, hopefully we’ll all bump into each other again, see y’all on the flipside.

  20. I am a little late as I only check this site every 6 months or so. If you don’t mind could you share the specs needed to run the server?

    Reply from Admin

    You don’t need anything to run the server. Because UCGO is dead.

  21. I don`t get it… This game was dead long ago.
    It was reanimated, forced to “walk”
    Was not even a game since very long ago, aparently this we could call the first true zombie-game.
    Surprising how many people shedding tears for a zombie dieing god knows how many times for now..

    Hope UCGO can now finally rest in piece.

  22. You said that you will release translated source for 100$. How much for untranslated?

    Reply from Admin

    I didn’t say that. Nothing is being released.

  23. Hi admin I used to play UCGO quite a bit. I currently run a Star Wars Galaxy emulation project and server. It is a shame to see this go down.

    I would be more than happy to do what I can in terms of hosting to keep UCGO alive. While I see that somebody else has offered to host, I would be happy to help out if that falls through. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

    Reply from Admin

    I’m not spending anymore free time on UCGO.

    And like I said before, unless you’re actually willing to pay/donate upfront for at least a full year of server hosting don’t bother asking about bringing UCGO back. And even if you did I’m not even sure if I’d care to do it.

  24. Wow. its been 5 years since ive been back here. My name was Murdoc. used to run around with Echo team and some japanese teams.

    I havent been able to play since i was in the military. Just too busy. just came back to the states from Okinawa for the first time since i joined. Was really hoping this game would still be around. but i guess drama still continued even after the APOLLO and Hateful aussie days of UCGO.


  25. Oh well…
    All things come to an end…
    It was fun…

  26. One month without UCGO. Let’s keep it that way!

    It’s nice to be rid of this game.

  27. I actually expected it to return. oh well it was dead anyway.


    Reply from Admin

    It’s gone, I’ve deleted the source code. This server won’t return.

  28. I guess I chose a bad time to look into playing again. Was lovely while it lasted.

    Thank you for the years of enjoyment. 🙂

  29. -Salute-

    I commend your time spent on trying to keep UCGO alive. I honestly don’t find it a shame that its life support was unplugged. I hope you find great other things to do or build!


  30. This page is going to stay here forever?

    Reply from Admin

    Maybe. Does it bother you?

  31. Hey admin, sorry if its too late, just stopping by to pay my respect to UCGO. Thanks for your efforts for bringing this game back to live even for a few years, it fulfilled my wish to role play a Gundam UC pilot.
    Got to ask, is Icarus dead too? I can’t find any recent info, and ucgoserver is the only ucgo site that is active this year.

    Reply from Admin

    I think the other servers are dead too. Not like it matters though as there aren’t any players left.

  32. Paying my respects to this server & management that gave us a great platform for a good game spaning over several years.

    other UC news
    MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE ORIGIN IV Eve of Destiny Trailer .For those who enjoy UC and Gundam.


  33. Baron: I know this is late and nobody cares but yes Icarus is dead and buried. Their other server ucgor was supposed to make a comeback this May which didn’t happen. And then in July which is now and obviously that’s not happening either.

    Reply from Admin

    Let’s wait for Titans server.

    It would have been nice to have a working UCGO server again though. But don’t look at me, not spending more time and money on this game.

  34. I can confirm that although development is slow (but steady), serverS are coming. Watch this space (assuming the nice admin will allow a post indicating their arrival).

    Reply from Admin

    Based on how other servers have ended up before I wouldn’t expect much. If they actually do setup a new server at some point in the future it’s probably too late anyway, no players left.

  35. I am aware the game has gone offline and is no active. My question is for you admin and is a two part question if you don’t mind. First part is is the game files still available for download and second if I downloaded the files could I run the program just on my PC and later run it on a intranet setup with just computers hooked directly to mine. I want to do this for my Soldier during a deployment and was wanting to know if I could be my own server and run the game from my PC to other hooked to a mine and also just run it on my computer as a sandbox as well.

    Reply from Admin

    The game itself can still be downloaded from the download page. But you can’t run it. You’ll need a game server and a DNS server setup to play UCGO.

    If you want to play UCGO you have two options:

    1. Wait for UCGOR and see if they manage to get a working server done. Whenever that might be, if ever.
    2. You, or someone else, pays for hosting this server. At least one year in advance.

    In other words: No you cannot play UCGO. It’s dead and will probably never return.

  36. Didnt you say that source had been deleted?
    And now you suggested an option to pay for bringing this server back.

    Reply from Admin

    If you read the older comments you’ll see I gave players the option of paying for server hosting if they wanted to keep the server running. If someone did want to pay for hosting I’d consider it. But that’s not happening so it doesn’t matter.

  37. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0oA_1EVfC0

    Those were the times. If only ucgo could return to that.

    Really looking forward to that ucgor 2 vs 2 pvp XD Jesus guys get a life.

    What are you up to now admin? Working on a MSGO server?

    Reply from Admin

    Online numbers 1000+, large PVP battles every day, Apollo, an active community and all that other great stuff. If there was any chance UCGO could be like that again I’d setup a new server right away.

    And nope I’m not working on a MSGO server. No way I’d do that. Right now as your message dumped into my inbox I’m creating a master rom and that’s all I care to say about what I’m doing.

  38. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm9DFTLaS_s

    Something we’ll see again soon, I wish. TT

    Reply from Admin

    If that’s what you want it can easily be done.

    All it takes is that you or someone else pays for the server hosting. A new server could be setup within 1-2 days.

  39. Soooo what are the odds of that happening? This server coming back.

    It’s our only hope of ever playing ucgo again. Ucgor just deleted a comment from their facebook page asking about a release time frame. Anyone who don’t understand the meaning of that is a clueless moron.

    Reply from Admin

    Like I’ve said that’s only going to happen if someone pays for server hosting. And I’m not paying.
    So ask yourself this, what’s the chance of someone paying one year upfront for server hosting which costs about $100 a month. And don’t even suggest monthly donations as I’m not bothering with that BS again.

    I think it’s pretty obvious the chance is zero.

  40. In other words , or it is that you pay the server maintenance costs of the annual $ 1,200 UCGO-PS can be run ?
    Also do I pay Where is the money ?
    Since using the translator has a look at the comments I hope the easy-to-understand answer .

    Reply from Admin

    Yes it would be $1200 for a year.

    If you want to pay for the server, you can donate by Payal to donate@ucgoserver.com or click donate in the top menu.

  41. i really miss this game, even thought a lot of drama happened, i still miss this game…

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