Reset is NOT happening

The UCGO reset will not happen.

Looking at the comments I’ve received since I first announced the reset and all the moronic comments I’ve deleted. It is very clear it will only be a repeat of what happened before with drama and arguing all over the place and players complaining about every little thing.

I just don’t care to sit through another period of UCGO drama.

Also any attempt to make UCGO active again would probably be futile as why would any new players want to join UCGO when it’s just drama all over the place.


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  1. HA, looks like someone saw the post I linked him about the revival of the real shot UCGO has at an original server remake and didn’t want to compete. Nice excuses though, like you didn’t expect any drama just because you press a 1 month long reset button XD

    Why don’t you keep your other promise you’ve made 15 times in the past and just shut it down and let the server that is actually trying be the sole source of UCGO in the world? (Kai, your money would be better donated there)

    Reply from Admin

    You do realize you just proved me right in what I said about moronic comments and UCGO drama? Or maybe you’re too dumb to see that.

    UCGOR will fail again due to the community and all the drama. It will end up having maybe 10 players or so which means it will be dead.

  2. You fool! With it’s superior NPCs it won’t even matter. Think of it like any other online PVE game only with freaking Mobile Suits! 😀

  3. It’s kinda disappointing but understandable.

    Ucgor looks to be a no effort server which makes it a no go for myself and a few others I know.

  4. Well with the restart shutting down. Is there an ETA on when the server closes it doors for good? Also is there a way to make the client work on just a single computer as a internal server that is local to just a single machine? I would enjoy using the game as it is just as a Gundam sandbox to play around in until Titanfall 2 or another Gundam games comes out.

    Reply from Admin

    The server is paid for until May 16th. Kai-sin used to pay for the server hosting but not for the past 2 months.
    Not sure if I’ll pay for the server. Haven’t decided yet but it seems meaningless to do so.

  5. Take the game down. I’m tired of lurking every 3 months to see what is happening here. The game is out of date and not very fun. UCGOR will fail.

  6. Drama drama drama…. let the server die then, dont even “think” about paying for another month if a server reset will just bring drama. If you dont think its worth your time, it shouldnt be worth your money either right?

  7. I wanted to start playing ucgo i played before one of the resets and loved the game was hopeing it was still up and going but guess not 🙁
    why worry about all the fussing and whining on the game u can just ignore it people fuss about every game there is out there i mean look at dark souls if i knew how and owned the ugco servers and all id restart it myself

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