UCGO Reset News + more

First of all, this Sunday April 3rd at 1AM GMT time, the server will be down due to maintenance at the hosting provider.

And UCGO reset is still happening in case anyone was wondering. I expect the “new” server to be released sometime in May.


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  1. What a day to post the announcement on too! I’m glad there’s now a more confirmed time for the reset to happen (barring complications and roadblocks). Is there an English patch that is being hosted anywhere at this time? Being able to read error messages as well as other pop-ups is starting to become a necessity.

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    There’s no English patch. But here http://nazoserver.webnode.com/english-wiki/menu-translation/ you can at least get the English translation for the menu.

  2. In the last post Hammer mention something about global chat which cant be done in game.

    could we do it here using this web page .

    When I last resign from UCGO I went to play PSO online a private server , their webpage could registered who was online and had a real time shout chat , is something like that possible ? would be great for newbies and ppl looking to hook up ~

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    Probably not.

  3. Since there isn’t an English patch available, I decided to take a bit of affirmative action and make a wiki page for it, with one error message translation already covered and a general section layout: http://ucgops.wikia.com/wiki/English_Translations

    I feel this will still be relevant even after the reset. Please, anyone who can translate Japanese to English, help with finding and translating some error messages on to this page. If the owner of that specific wikia happens to be reading this, if there’s a way to link it to the Main Page or the Navigation footer box, that’d be very helpful!

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    FYI I think some other guy has created a new wiki or will be setting up a new one.

  4. Sure I’ll keep setting it up if it’s going to linked to and used on the site here. If the links get buried in a news thread it’s going to be difficult for new players to find and use.

    I have the options menu translated into English on images, not the same copy and paste from nazoserver that exists on the other wikis. I’m waiting to do a few pages until you’ve said the lists and everything are finalized.

    I’m not going to have a bunch of BS fluff and disorganization like the other wikis, but it will get prettier over time 😛

    I also set up a new forum if you wish to forward to that as well, quite frankly the other one is a mess with posts ranging from 2011, if we’re going to do a hard reset, and actually try to revitalize the community, the new players would be best served not to see the trainwrecks posted all over the current “democratic” forums.

    There’s a few discussion forums, and LFM players and players LF a team. Do they really need anything else? No.



    Also, what will weapon manipulation be used for now? Just the delay between changing weapons/shields? So I can clarify on the stats and skills on the wiki.

    Also is “Tension” being used at all?

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    Weapon manipulation won’t be used for anything. It will just sit there at 0 skill with no way to train it. That skill is hard coded and will always affect rate of fire so the only way to prevent players from cheating using that skill is to have it at 0 forever.

    Tension is not used. But I will probably remove tension, mobile armor and fighter skill and have them replaced with new skills at some point. There was one guy here who asked for skills related to NPC drops and I’m thinking of adding something like that.

  5. Are suits going to retain their attack bonuses? I’d honestly rather see none on any of them, Full Armor and EF suits included.

    All the bonuses do is become the obvious choice for spamming and griefing. No suit should be able to one shot anything, and that’s exactly what melee attack bonuses lead to.

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    No but there will be specific weapons for some MS. For example there will be a MS cannon for the RX-77-2 which is better than the regular MS cannon. And the RX-77-3 has an MS cannon which is little better than the RX-77-2 cannon.

  6. Will Defense affect only the chance to hit?

    or will higher levels also change how much damage the shield eats?

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    It will keep doing whatever it does now.

  7. That’s awesome, Apollo! Any way we can get the error message translation from this page converted to your new wiki?: http://ucgops.wikia.com/wiki/English_Translations

    The rest of that page I made was pretty much placeholder, intended as the go-to page for all translations. The error message and its translation is really the only thing of value I put on that page, but it’s a starting point. If this new wiki will be easier to find information and is going to be updated with current things, I’m definitely on board to help however I can.

  8. Are you able to modify the acceleration due to gravity? I ran a couple of tests and got an average of 4.97 m/s^2. While there is a small percent error it is still far off from Earth’s 9.8 m/s^2. As it is right now it’s like being on Mars.

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  9. Nice, looks like I will be playing this again when I am Italy this time.

  10. I’m actually glad these changes and the new reset are happening.

    I remember when I first came across this server in 2010 back in the early days when the official launch of the private server happened. Sure things got a bit dramatic and lots of tensions between guilds/clans/teams but I always thought it made the game more fun and realistic.

    I even attempted to promote this server to Starcraft gaming forums Teamliquid, gathering 10 people at one point. Of course now, no one plays this game anymore, even I haven’t touched UCGO myself since 2014. But I do occasionally check back this site every few months and now I probably will more often.

    As an active Twitch.tv broadcaster, I might consider doing causal streams of this game when the new reset takes place. But, I wouldn’t focus much on this since I’m in process of growing my stream where my primary content are strategy and indie games.

    In any case, I’m looking forward to starting over and meeting familiar and new faces in May!

    Thanks Admin for the hard work!

  11. Please don’t make all that happens be forgotten. Update the timeline!

  12. Ill keep footing the bill :p but dont hesitate to donate guys. if you want change, you gotta pay for it 🙂

  13. Kind of the problem though, no one wanted these changes to begin with, which is kind of why the game died.

    So now Zeon, which originally had no rare parts and was completely imbalanced being able to build 14Bs with a purchasable material, which was changed up with FTCC.

    To be honest, who cares about “accuracy” or “canon”, both sides should use Fine Luna. Right now it’s completely imbalanced again. So if you’re a Zeon, now you have FIVE? Suit types of “loot” to get? Versus the EF 3?

    RX-78-1 parts, yeah those will be absolutely worthless, versus having the option of an inferior Gundam that cost less FL and could be upgraded sooner, now they’ll just be throw away parts for some suit you never really want to use.

    Zeon side is even worse, so if I’m going to be an aquatic user only I have 4 other “suit part types” that will be dropping? So 20% of the available loot is what I need? Sorry, but that’s dumb.

    The crafting recipes need to go back to what they were originally, with Fine Luna, and Fine Luna not being able to be made in a factory… Mirror the ZGok S and RS Dom in Fine Luna to what the RX-78-1 costs, the 14S to the 78-2, and the 14B to the G3, including the Magnetic Coating/Space requirement.

    Also, money actually used to mean something when magnetic coating and full armor parts were being used. The EF used to care about having Newman or Richmond at peak play times during the weekend, in case they could catch a crafter that could upgrade their 78-2 to a Full Armor. Until the game was about 8-9 months in after a reset there weren’t crafters who could just pump out 120 million over night and throw out billions of dollars for Magnetic Coating upgrades.

    All of these incentives and aspects have been taken away from the game, and honestly if they’re not coming back, it’s still not going to be UCGO.

    There shouldn’t be different types of rare suits, this game is already too much of a time sink, read: waste.

    Skill gain needs to be boosted significantly, if players aren’t able to have a max character after about 10 hours, it’s too much grinding. Sorry, but it’s not fun to log in 7 Sandboxes, line them up and shoot a beam weapon to get your engagement and tactics skills up, for 50 hours.

    40 MS skill as it stands right now takes 133 hours and 20 minutes of leaving your character running across a desert, wasting electricity, to achieve. 130 MS skill? 433 hours? Yeah right.

    MS skill needs to at a MINIMUM be .1 every 6 minutes, 1.0 an hour; that’s still 40 hours to get to the end tier MS skill, and who cares if they do that in the first 2 days? End tier MS won’t be fully utilized without crafters being able to make and upgrade them. Upgrade GM Cs have always wrecked MS14 As, and same with a Gouf going up an unupgraded Gundam of any sort.

    We don’t need or want the grind, grinding for 200 hours to build a character is not fun, entertaining, or worth the time investment when there are less than 20 people playing on the server on a 1:1 scale of Australia which has at a minimum of 24+ locations per faction of where the “3 players of the opposite faction” could possibly be.

    I’ve played this game, I know where to look for them, and hot damn, it ain’t worth spending that amount of time to build up a character and go /transporting around the entire map just to find them.

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    This is worse than Audrey.

  14. Angry rambling post by Apollo

    Reply from Admin

    Do UCGO a favor and leave. Players like you who only start drama and make it suck for everyone else is the last thing this game needs.

  15. @Admin

    I, and several others, second Apollo’s thoughts.

    Why do you not see it yet? If you want people to play this game again you have to give us our time back. I’m telling you right now that if you want players back for whatever reason that may be, then you have to make UCGO user friendly.

    How long do you plan to keep ignoring good ideas just because you think they won’t work? You can’t expect us to donate if you won’t listen or at least give a serious response to us. Why do you continue to insist on spending your personal time on UCGO just to see the game still dead afterwards?

    You have two choices admin:

    A: Find a way to involve yourself more with the community. Want to talk? I would be happy to have a UCGO community in Teamspeak or Skype and talk about various details with you and others.

    B: Want to do everything yourself? Then watch UCGO never get players back because we won’t any longer support you.

    Last of all, everyone really respects all the work and dedication you’ve put into this game. No one can say you weren’t successful, but if you want players once again, you need to listen to us because we’re all you have left.

    Reply from Admin

    The goal of doing this reset is to bring UCGO back to how it was when this server was first released. Without the need for macro crafting and the changes mentioned in an earlier post.

    If you or Apollo or someone else has a problem with that then don’t come here. Nobody is forcing you to be here.

    If this reset works and after some time there’s maybe 15vs15 pvp battles in the weekends then that will be great. If it doesn’t result in anything then that’s OK too, at least I tried and that’s more than anyone else did.

  16. Ah, I have a suggestion due to the population of this game. As we know there aren’t more than 20+ people online right now, it is quite boring and meaningless when there isn’t any people around the cities or we don’t know where are the other guys. And my suggestion is ,what if we add a Global Chat for players. They might find each other by the Global chat, for example, “looking for hunting team” then players can hunt together instead of hunting NPCs alone. What people think about the game is that they feel boring and meaningless when they can’t even find other players for chatting or hunting together. Let players know there are players still active in this server but they just gone somewhere else for hunting or staying in other cities.
    Another suggestion, is it possible to add bosses in space? Space are quite interesting for players (I think). Also if adding some prize for winning the Helenes. The side which won may get an amount of money, maybe 10,000,000~50,000,000ef. Hope it may engage players to take Helenes, don’t waste that nice place tbh.
    Don’t know if it’s hard to make those suggestions or not but here’s just a suggestion, hope admin can consider :)I’m really looking forward to the reset server, my friend and I decided to be back when the reset server release.

    Reply from Admin

    It’s not possible to add a global chat window and have it work the same way the other chat windows work. An alternative might be to let players use a command similar to #online which would allow them to send a global message.

  17. I have been playing this game on and off since the beta test for this server. I am just happy the game is around since I missed the main official server when it was live. My only question is I understand the extra MS will be removed but are the Battleships being removed as well? I like that aspect since the One Year War did have BS’s. Just wondering and I still will play without them.

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    The Midea and Fat Uncle will be available as support vehicles. The others might be made available at a later time but then the space battleships will be space use only.

  18. Er I will have to agree with Apollo & Austin somewhat. I’ve already gave UCGO 4+ years of my life & I’ve known ppl who got their PC over heated and burnt trying to level stuff.

    Especially MS skill gain needs to be tied to overall skill , if you hit 900 your MS skill should be 65 or half then as you tweak the skill you can adjust what goes up and down.

    Gathering mats and crafting already is a factor , a timely factor so you have to be lenient with this .

    UCGO should be playable and enjoyable with as few accounts and maybe a single PC to begin with !

    ( At the very least MS skill must be able to reach 130 at least 14 days of hourly play )

    considering ppl have jobs and others etc

    PS: now that weapons manipulation does nothing , let the MG and beam spray gun be rapid fire , bazooka’s and cannons will need adjustments too especially bazooka’s since no one uses them .

  19. Ye sorry admin you’re wrong. People want to spend their time having fun not grinding 24/7, it’s just not worth it. Hence why people are opting for alternative sources of UCGO that have realized this desire for a fun, easy access UCGO experience. Seeya

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    And how did these alternative servers turn out? …exactly they failed!

  20. @Apollo Austin Audrey

    Not everyone wants to play ucgo the way you do. Stop pretending everyone wants a no effort server.

    I agree MS skill and crafting skill grinding was terrible but having a server where you get everything with no effort won’t do any good. I know I wouldn’t care to play on that server and I know a few players who might return after reset don’t want a no effort server either.

    Maybe a no effort server would make you guys satisfied but at the same time others wouldn’t like it. Accept that people like different things and stop trying to force your way of playing onto this server.

  21. @Michael

    No effort ? something wrong with reaching max leveling in 2 to 4 weeks time ? that’s the time i like to see to reach end game .

    Despite playing for years I never could reach 130 in both craftings because there’s just too many things to do and to top it off the game needed a 3rd party macro other wise you’re pretty much screwed .

    “Maybe a no effort server would make you guys satisfied but at the same time others wouldn’t like it.”

    What others are there left ? when i was playing at it’s peek there was close to more then 500 players half of them macro clients but you get it . Before the server tanked there was less then 50 , now there’s a handful of players who casually log in , you have to decide what you want … grind fest or some sort of fun !

    Also how important is MS skill in game anyways as compare to REAL LIFE MS SKILL , I mean hypothetically speaking a noob can reach 130 MS skill , get a Gundam and toss himself in one of the high end farming areas and he prolly wont survive anyways .

    We who put effort in learning real IRL MS skill should not be limited by a numeric in game number so I say do away with MS skill all together !

    how’s that for food for though .

    You put enough effort to hunt for rare mats to make rare MS you can use said MS for operations … otherwise the average casual player can still enjoy the game to battles using the MS provided by the shops or friends . . yes FRIENDS or allies which are an important part of any game especially this one .

    When the first Dobday boss first was introduced our team at that time had TWELVE personals canvasing the map to find this boss and pass it you players ! all the admin gave us was north west of Sydney www

    So our priority should be to get more ppl to play by way of incentive and streamlining certain game mechanics.

    As for in game moneys worth it is still bound by cost of MS and weapons in shop , the high end ones that is .

    Reply from Admin

    In his defense you’ve previously said things like ‘you should get 0.1 skill every time you fire a weapon’. That would require no effort to level a character and skill training might as well have been removed.

  22. When did the grind help this game?
    All alternative servers failed not only because there was nothing to do, but some “server” failed because of “original” grind. I remember many new players who left because of it.
    Lets be honest, this game sucks in PVE. PVP always was the source of keeping this game alive, despite causing dramas.
    PVE can be interesting only when it has some bosses that require really good builds and MS, but it wont be good when the main reasons PVE exist are getting mats/skills.

  23. is ucgo down for good or going back up cause id like to play it again

    Reply from Admin

    It’s like I mentioned in the previous comments. If someone is willing to pay upfront for at least one year of server hosting I’ll consider it. And I’m pretty sure that’s not happening so yes UCGO is down for good.

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