Future updates

Just posting a list of planned/possible updates coming to UCGO. And I’m open to suggestions.


  • There will be several NPC vs NPC areas, similar to Helenes, on the ground. With different levels of difficulty.
  • There will be NPCs outside the cities similar to how it was on the official server.
  • Some of the existing supplies might be removed and replaced with new and smaller supplies closer to the cities.

MS colors

  • Some of the old colors will return while others will be removed.
  • There will be 2-3 colors for each MS.
  • Coloring MS will require an item, lets call it a color upgrade item. It will work similar to how you craft the RX-78-2 MC. Using the color upgrade item together with an original colored MS you can craft a new colored MS. These color upgrade items will be dropped by NPCs.


  • It will be possible to craft fighters.
  • Engines can be crafted. Not sure about this though, if it’s any point.
  • Weapons crafting will be fixed. Changes to skill and material requirements.

Download new update

A new update is available for download.

Download link: http://ucgoserver.com/gameclient/UCGOupdate.exe

HOW TO INSTALL: Place the UCGOupdate.exe file in the same folder as your UCclient.exe file. Run UCGOupdate.exe

Not all MS can be crafted yet. And for those MS which can’t be crafted there might be some problems with equipping weapons.

I have not yet changed how fast crafting skills increase, this will be done soon. Also the MS and mining lists on this website will soon be updated too.

Upcoming changes

The next update will probably be released sometime next week. It will include several changes, here are some of them:

MATERIAL SHOP: You can no longer buy materials for crafting at the material shop. All materials must be mined and refined.

MINING: There will no longer be any need to use a bot/script for mining. The rate at which you get materials when mining has been greatly increased.

REFINERY: All the useless materials has been removed from the refinery. Only the materials used for MS and weapon crafting remain.

CRAFTING SKILLS: There will no longer be any need to use a bot/script for training crafting skills.

ENGINES: TJ/TR/HJ/HB engines are removed and there will only be one type of engine. This also means you can use the same MS for space and ground use without the need for separate TR and TJ versions.

Also the stats for MS has been updated together with some changes to which weapons they can equip.

New update coming soon

Probably within 2 weeks from now a new update will be released.

With that update it will no longer be possible to craft Zeta MS. So anyone who still have materials left over should use them now.

Other changes will include new stats for MS and weapons, and some changes to how mining and crafting works.

Over the coming months there will be several updates which will take UCGO back to how it was when this server was first released and with some improvements.

UCGO News 2019

FIRST: The server has been updated. NPCs no longer drop materials required for crafting the Zeta era MS. It is still possible to use and craft Zeta MS, you just can’t get more materials for them.

SECOND: The game will be rebooted. No accounts will be deleted. UCGO will go back to being mainly one year war and it will be similar to how it was when the server was new.