MSM-03C Hygogg #3

One step closer to completion.


MSM-03C Hygogg #2

First work in progress pictures of the Hygogg.


MSM-03C Hygogg

The Asshimar mobile armor went to hell. I couldn’t make it look and work good in UCGO so I’ve decided to not include it in the next update.

So I decided to add the Hygogg instead. Which will be a marine MS with performance better than the Z’Gok E.




Just some news for everyone… In 1-2 weeks there will be a new game client update. This update will include Titans colored version of the Super Gundam and the Asshimar mobile armor.

Also I have been able to get some new MS models and I’ve included pictures for three of them below. They don’t have any texture applied yet which is why they are completely gray.

newms6 newms7 newms8

Server updated

Server has been updated with the following changes:

– NPC guards at the EF camp in Newman and Richmond.

– Fail rate when crafting most rare material MS has been increased.

– Battleships and mobile armors are now faction locked.


Achtung Zeon Players!

The current situation with PVP is a joke. Most battles at Newman and Richmond consists of maybe 15 EF vs 50+ Zeon. I will give the players a chance to fix this and make the battles more balanced. If that does not happen I will force through certain changes.

EF needs more PVP players so any Zeon players who wishes to switch faction to EF may do so. Post a comment on this post with your username, password and name of the character you would like to move over to EF. Then I will change that character from Zeon to EF. You will not lose any skills, rank or items by doing this.

Alternatively the players can come to some sort of arrangement among themselves to make PVP balanced.


If the players does not do anything to make PVP better there is no longer any need for Newman and Richmond to be used as PVP areas. Instead those cities will be turned into NPC vs NPC battlefields similar to Helenes.

Download Update

A new game client update is available for download. This update does the following:

– All shields are now available in the shop. No longer any need to craft them.

– Most weapons now cost less or has become free.

– Ammo and L1 ER kits are free.


New Server

The new server is up and running.

In case anyone wonders this server is located in Tokyo. And since most players lives in Asia we should probaly see less lag in battles.

Moving to new server

OK so the current server hosting company is total shit. They’ve managed to have downtime three days in a row which is just amazingly bad.

So I have already ordered a new server.

And since most players lives in Asia this new server will also be located in Asia. Closer to where most players are = Less lag for everyone.


Coming soon

Sometime in January/February. And nevermind the missing ground in the Newman screenshot, just testing something about adding new things into UCGO.supergundam11 garuda irish rewloolanew_ma4 new_ma1