Server Update + Client Update + News

The server has been updated. The Palace Athene’s increased visual radius (2500m) is now working.

Also a new game client update is available for download. You DO NOT need to download this update if you don’t want it.


The update fixes the following:

  • Upgrading the Palace Athene now works.
  • Fixed eyes and hands for the RX-78GP02A.


 And now some UCGO news

The next update with new MS will be released sometime in October or November. Depending on available time I have it will include some or all of the following MS.

  • AMX-003 Gaza C
  • RX-160 Byarlant
  • RMS-106 Hizack
  • RX-178 Gundam
  • PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn
  • RX-139 Hambrabi
  • RMS-154 Barzam

And sometime this year I’m hoping there will be a new PVP area in space. One that includes an EF and Zeon NPC fleet fighting which players can then join.

New Update


A new update is available for download. You DO NOT need to install this update if you don’t want it.


The update only fixes a few things:

- GP01 and GP02 Gundams can now use head vulcans.

- Fixed required MS Construction skill for updrading the new MS. The previous update had wrong skill requirements.

- Fixed thrusters for Marasai and Rick Dias.

Download Update

The new update is now available for download.

There are two download links for the update.  It would be best if everyone downloads from MEGA because it’s the fastest.

Download from MEGA



This update includes the following:

  • PMX-001 Palace Athene + Main weapon + Shield
  • RMS-099 Rick Dias
  • RX-78GP01-Fb + Two beam rifles + Shield
  • RX-78GP02A + Beam bazooka + Shield

There is still a few things which needs some work e.g thrusters, hands on the GP02, but this will be fixed with future updates.

The Palace Athene is supposed to have a bonus to its visual radius. This is not yet available but will be in a later update.


The Next Update

The next game client update is almost ready. It will probably be released sometime this week.

Weapons for the Rick Dias (Beam Pistol and Clay Bazooka) will not be included in this update. The models for those weapons were of low quality so I decided to not include them.

I have updated the weapon list with crafting information about the new weapons.


More GP Pictures

More pictures of the GP Gundams. Here with Blash Experimental long range beam rifle for the RX-78GP01-Fb and the RX-78GP02A’s shield.

Update: Added picture of the RX-78GP02A with beam bazooka. Note that none of the GP02 stuff is finished so it should look better when it’s done.

gp01_14 gp01_15 gp02_5gp02_6

GP Picture Time

More pictures of the RX-78GP02A and pictures of the RX-78GP01-Fb with its shield and beam rifle.

gp01_11 gp01_12 gp01_13 gp02_2 gp02_3 gp02_4


I started on the RX-78GP02A today and here’s the first work in progress picture of it.



The server has been updated. There are now more NPCs around the EF and Zeon space station, including NPCs which drop Gundarium.

Also the server has been updated with some things related to the new MS soon being added. If anyone experiences bugs when selling items report it here.


Also the MS list has been updated with information about the new MS which will soon be added. I have not updated the weapon list yet.

I’m not sure exactly when but I expect them to be released within two weeks.

Unless there are any problems the new MS and weapons that will be added in the next update are:

- PMX-001 Palace Athene + Dual Beam Gun + PMX-001 Shield

- RMS-099 Rick Dias + Beam Pistol + Clay Bazooka

- RX-78GP01-Fb + Beam rifle + Blash experimental + Shield

- RX-78GP02A + Beam bazooka + Shield




RMS-099 Rick Dias Update #2

Some work in progress pictures of the Rick Dias.

rickdias3 rickdias4 rickdias5

RX-78GP01-Fb Update #3

The RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam is now more or less completed. Which is pretty good considering I only started yesterday.

gp01_8 gp01_9 gp01_10