UCGO is an UC Gundam MMORPG which is no longer in service, it was shutdown in 2007.

This website UCGOSERVER.COM is a privately run server for UCGO being around since 2009. However since December 2019 it is no longer open to the public and has been made open source.

Source code for the server can be downloaded from the link in the menu. Together with the game client and anything else you need to setup your own UCGO server.

With the server source code you can setup a server for your own private single player use, in a local network just for PVP or public use like I did here.

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how to have a proper build for java jar,i’ve try so many different ware like netbean ,intellij or even change java 11/13 , they still had an error on mainclass start and can’t have a proper build
. more, how to point to local network without setting DNS

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What type of error do you get? I just now opened the source code in Netbeans myself and it works fine.

You must setup the DNS. The game client needs this to find the server and there’s no way around it.

can you tell more about setting up the server,especially setting domain name and dns

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For the DNS settings you need to have a domain, as in you must go to a domain registrar and purchase a domain name. Then configure the DNS settings similar to what I have shown in the example, just set the A record to the IP of your own server.

error message pop when i run the java
serverListener.run(): Can not listen to port 24010
serverListener.run(): Can not listen to port 24012
serverListener.run(): Can not listen to port 24016
serverListener.run(): Can not listen to port 24018
not sure is the dns have problem?or is that idk,please help me figure what happen

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It means the server can not receive incoming connections from players. Most likely your firewall is blocking the server.

can you tell us what host/domain service you use? want to see if mine one are sucks,everything not working even paid

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I used Siteground for the DNS. But it doesn’t matter who you use, every domain registrar should allow you to edit DNS settings for your domain.

And as I replied on your previous question most likely your firewall is blocking the server.

can you tell me how to change the limit of hangar and bank?also the limitation of item at 2000

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The bank and hangar limits are hard coded in the client and can’t be changed.

To change the 2000 item limit you need to edit the client and server. However I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing detailed tutorials on how to edit the client so you’ll have to figure it out yourself.

So I have downloaded the source and was able to launch UCGOPS in a single-player mod. Maybe I will try launching the server in online mod, not sure if I care enough, considering the state playerbase is in right now and especially Chinese players, but I have a question anyway.
What are the recommended server specs for different server populations? F. e. what are the server specs you have used when the server was at its peak and what are the minimum settings to make the game, well, playable of some sort?

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I used a quad core xeon server when the server was first released and it had about 600 players online every day and up to 1000 on weekends.

Then I used a dual core server when player numbers were around 200 – 300 online. And a single core for around 100 players.

For something like 20 players a cheap VPS should be good enough.

are there message show if the chat,game,login server running correctly?
i see my version didn’t show but others do

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First time you start the server from the command prompt in Linux or Windows it should print out a message like below:

Loading account data from file…Error loading account data from file: userdata/accounts.txt
Loading team data from file…Error loading team data from file.
Loading container data from file…Error loading container data from file.
Loading heightmap…OK!
UCGO Private Server running…

If you’re using Windows and you run the server by just double clicking on the UCGOPS.jar file in the file browser then no messages will be shown.

I’ve got the server running locally, everything fine without a issue during the startup phase, I can login to the game, but when i try to load into the Game past the character select screen (i can can create chars), It gives a error code 34

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Are you running the server and client on the same computer? If you do that might be the reason. As it says on the server page there might be some problems.

When I do this I can create a new character but then gets stuck on the loading screen, I don’t get any error code.

Hey. I’m the guy who made the guide here https://docs.google.com/document/d/195PYCamKjuBg1AVIy684ORKGKgkjwveO5Q28geXQyxE/edit# If you want to use it or whatever freel free, or if you wanna tell me if anything else needs to be done that would be great. 😛 Thanks for handing out the server files. I do recommend that in whatever guide you write you mention freedns, As it made it really easy (And free) to host my own server using your server without needing to buy a domain or anything. Also, The reason why I had the shutdown was for my own sanity, I have removed it for a better variant though.

First of all, thank PSGM for sharing the server side, and then thank the people who wrote the instruction documents. So that you can understand how the server should be set up very clearly. I’d like to know something about GM instructions and code, as well as database related information. Is it convenient to disclose some?

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If you wait I am sure they will update that document with more information about UCGM commands.

how to add new suit to ucgo?i heard there are some tool for it

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There are no tools available for doing this. You have to manually edit the files using a hex editor.

Dear PSGM, I would like to increase or decrease the item names displayed on the client, and change their prices. When I use ucgozlib to extract a large number of DAT files. Can you tell me how to check and modify them? What tool is better to use. Thank you very much.

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You need to use a hex editor for this. There is no software available which will let you change item info in UCGO.

Is this server still running with players? i wanted to get back into playing ucgo but its not avalible to the public anymore?

I used to play a very long time ago when i was in high school, But i had to take a break to start working. Now that im older i have money and a little bit of free time is there a way to find servers to play in from here. Im even willing to pay a sub

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I’m not sure but I don’t think there are any public servers available.

Well why dont we all make one im sure we can find the community for it?

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In case anyone does setup a public server, let me know and I can add a link to your server on this site.

Hey! I have setup a public UCGO server at https://ucgohost.com/ if anyone would like to join feel free! Any input is welcome on discord as well. Depending on the amount of users, I can dedicate more or less resources to the server so let me know if there is any lag!

Thanks for releasing the source code, I have been lurking around this website since either a little before high school or near when I started it! But I never really did more than running around and farming NPCs.

I was always interested in the way the server worked with the game client and look forward to releasing some new features!

I would be honored if you linked to the server I will be working on! It is currently live but the server-side changes have all been towards non-visible stuff, so currently it is super close to the source code you released.


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I’ve added a public server list, you can find it in the menu.

For anyone else setting up a server, just post a comment and I’ll add it to that list.

On the tools page I have now added a new version of the UCGOZLIB tool which works with the UCGOSERVER version of the client.

For those who don’t know: Years ago I made some changes to the compression/decompression of files in the UCGOSERVER client. This was done to prevent people from editing the client and use it to cheat.

Hi admin, I got some questions about the game client.

1. Is using a hex editor the only way to edit the client files? Aren’t there any other faster ways to do it?

2. How did you go about importing 3D models? Is there some kind of 3D modelling software you can use.

3. From where did you get the 3D models which you imported into Ucgo?

4. How did you go about changing the client to prevent players from editing it?

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I only used a hex editor for editing the client. And as far as I know there aren’t any other software available for editing the client files.
I’ve done a lot of low level programming, assembler/C and using disassemblers. I’m used to dealing with hex values and binary data so using a hex editor to edit the files was almost like just editing a regular text file. I never had any need for a user friendly tool.

For importing 3D models I wrote a program which would run from the command line, no GUI. It would import OBJ files which I exported from 3D Studio Max. But to use it you would need to have an understanding of the file format for the UCGO 3D models and it’s not user friendly at all.

If I remember correctly the guys from Icarus or that other server whatever its name was were able to export directly from 3D studio Max to UCGO. If you’re looking to import models into UCGO your best bet might be to ask them.

I ripped them from two PS3 games, Gundam Musou and Gundam Breaker 2. For Gundam Musou you can find software for ripping 3D models somewhere on the internet, that’s what I did. I’m not sure if something like that is available for Gundam Breaker 2 though, I wrote my own code for extracting models from that game which I no longer have.

UCGO uses the inflate/deflate algorithm for decompressing/compressing files and the code for doing this is in the zlib.dll file. I inserted my own code into that file which would do a ROL/ROR operation on each byte depending on the number of set bits. It’s not much but enough to prevent cheaters from using existing software for accessing the client files.

Hello. I understand the server code has been made open source but I was wondering what license, if any, the code is under as I haven’t found anything indicating there is one. If there is a license and I’ve missed it, I do apologize.

The main reason I’m asking is that the lack of a license retains all rights by default. This restricts anyone other than yourself from copying, sharing, or modifying the code. The end result is that using the code in any fashion is legally murky even if you clearly intend for people to modify the code and run their own servers.

I understand if the answer is no but would you be willing to add a license of some sort?

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No I won’t be updating the files with a license.

You can do whatever you want to with the soure code.

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