New update coming soon

Probably within 2 weeks from now a new update will be released.

With that update it will no longer be possible to craft Zeta MS. So anyone who still have materials left over should use them now.

Other changes will include new stats for MS and weapons, and some changes to how mining and crafting works.

Over the coming months there will be several updates which will take UCGO back to how it was when this server was first released and with some improvements.

UCGO News 2019

FIRST: The server has been updated. NPCs no longer drop materials required for crafting the Zeta era MS. It is still possible to use and craft Zeta MS, you just can’t get more materials for them.

SECOND: The game will be rebooted. No accounts will be deleted. UCGO will go back to being mainly one year war and it will be similar to how it was when the server was new.