UCGO is an UC Gundam MMORPG which is no longer in service, it was shutdown in 2007.

This website UCGOSERVER.COM is a privately run server for UCGO being around since 2009. However since December 2019 it is no longer open to the public and only available to certain approved players.

Source code for the server will be posted here in the near future. Anyone who would like to setup their own server will then be able to do so.

I had intended to release the source at a later time anyway, some time next year, when all the updates were done. When you had city guards and NPCs which could fight inside cities and at the PVP cities, and when the updates to weapons crafting were finished.

However I don’t care to run a server for freeloaders and where 1/3 to 1/2 of the players cheat and abuse bugs in the client.

When the server source is released you will be able to setup a server for your own private single player use, in a local network just for PVP or public use like I did here. You can set any skills you want for characters, no need for skill training, so it will be great for anyone who just wants to PVP.