AMX-107 Bawoo #3

More pictures of the Bawoo.

bawoo6 bawoo7 bawoo8 bawoo9 bawoo10 bawoo11

AMX-107 Bawoo #2

Another work in progress screenshot of the Bawoo.


AMX-107 Bawoo

Work in progress screenshots of the Bawoo.

bawoo1 bawoo4

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam #2

The Zeta Gundam is close to completion.



Bawoo + Info

Some preview pictures of the Bawoo. It comes in Glemy Toto, Axis and Neo Zeon color variants. It will be included in the next update together with the Zeta Gundam.

Also the next update will be for the new client released a month ago. So everyone will need to get the new client if they haven’t already. The old client will no longer work after the next update.


bawoo1 bawoo2 bawoo3

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

First work in progress screenshot of the Zeta Gundam.


Zeon GP-02

Due to extremely large amounts of THIS the GP-02 is no longer faction locked. That means both EF and Zeon can use it.


Hardware Downgrade

I have downgraded the server hardware. This means from now on the server is only suitable for PVE and small PVP battles with 20-40 players, maybe more.

Correction: Seems it can still easily handle more than 40 player PVP battles. Limit is probably more like 80 players.

Some info for everyone

First of all I want to say the server is not shutting down. At least not for a long while. Many seem to think the server is shutting down so I just wanted to make clear that’s not happening.

Also I had started work on the next game client update a while ago. And I will most likely finish it and then that will probably be the final update. This update should at least include the Zeta Gundam and Bawoo.

And to the right where it says Source Code and Documentation I will be releasing stuff in the future. Including a version of the server anyone can download and use.


As previously mentioned I won’t be releasing any more updates for the game. I no longer wish to waste time on UCGO as I have better things to do.

After considering various options I’ve decided the following:

In the coming months I will release a version of this server which anyone can download and easily setup. No programming knowledge will be required and you will only need to edit text files if you wish to change basic stuff such as armor of an MS or attack power of a weapon. I will also show how the client can be edited for those who would like to change other stuff and provide required tools for it.

This server can be used on the internet just as the current server but also in a local network so you can PVP against a few players with no lag. Or on your local computer if for some reason you want to play UCGO alone.