RMS-108 Marasai Update #3

More pictures of the Marasai.

marasai10 marasai11 marasai12

RMS-108 Marasai #2

Some more screenshots of the RMS-108 Marasai. It is close to completion. Just needs some more work on the arms and legs.

marasai5 marasai6 marasai7 marasai8 marasai9

RMS-108 Marasai

The next MS in UCGO is the RMS-108 Marasai. It will be available to both EF and Zeon.

Work in progress screenshots:

marasai1 marasai2 marasai3 marasai4

Server Updated

The server has been updated and there are now hidden NPC supplies at the EFFSS and ZSSAEO space stations. Only a few hidden NPC supplies has been added but more will come in the future.

NPCs at these new supplies drop more Gundarium Alloy than NPCs at the existing supplies in space.


Update + Some News

There is a new game client update available. You do need to download this update if don’t want it.

Download: http://ucgoserver.com/gameclient/UCGOupdate.exe

This update fixes the problem with the MS-14B introduced in the crafting update. It can now equip the beam naginata again. Also the RMS-179 Beam Rifle is fixed, it now fits correctly into the hand of an MS.

You only need to download this update if you want those fixes.


And here is some good news!

I guess most of you already know this but a very common way to cheat in UCGO is by editing the game client files. This is possible because the files are just compressed files, like a ZIP file, and there is no encryption or any protection on the files. There are several tools available for decompressing the game files and this makes it easy for cheaters to edit them.

I’ve done some work on a modified game client which can prevent this. Current tools for decompressing the game files and modifying them will become useless.

It’s not ready yet but it looks promising. I hope it will be possible to release a new game client later this year which will prevent or make it difficult for players to cheat by modifying the client.

Server updated

The server has been updated and there are now NPCs outside the EFFSS and ZSSAEO space stations. A few of the NPCs here drop the new Gundarium alloy material which will be used for crafting Zeta MS.

There are no hidden NPC supplies yet but more NPCs will be added in the next update.

Server updated

The server has been updated and the changes to crafting skill has been applied.

If anyone has problems with the G-3 not working after installing the update, download this fix:


Download update

A new client update is available for download.

Download: http://ucgoserver.com/gameclient/UCGOupdate.exe

This update includes the following:

  • New Nemo shield texture.
  • New RMS-179 Beam Rifle texture.
  • Better texture for the Nemo.
  • Crafting skill requirement has been updated for all MS.
  • New material, Gundarium Alloy.

It is important that everyone installs this update because it includes a new material, Gundarium Alloy, which will be used for crafting Zeta MS. This material will be dropped by NPCs in space.

The server has not yet been updated. The changes to crafting skill will not take effect until the next server update.


Nemo shield and RMS-179 rifle texture update

New and improved textures for the Nemo shield and RMS-179 beam rifle.

newtexture1 newtexture2

Server updated

The server has now been updated and it’s possible to use the RMS-179 rifle and Nemo shield.

If you haven’t installed the update yet you should that as soon as possible. If not you might experience problems if other players around you is using the RMS-179 rifle or Nemo shield.

The texture on the rifle and shield is a bit dark and looks best in space or daylight. This is something which probably will be improved later.