Some info for everyone

First of all I want to say the server is not shutting down. At least not for a long while. Many seem to think the server is shutting down so I just wanted to make clear that’s not happening.

Also I had started work on the next game client update a while ago. And I will most likely finish it and then that will probably be the final update. This update should at least include the Zeta Gundam and Bawoo.

And to the right where it says Source Code and Documentation I will be releasing stuff in the future. Including a version of the server anyone can download and use.


As previously mentioned I won’t be releasing any more updates for the game. I no longer wish to waste time on UCGO as I have better things to do.

After considering various options I’ve decided the following:

In the coming months I will release a version of this server which anyone can download and easily setup. No programming knowledge will be required and you will only need to edit text files if you wish to change basic stuff such as armor of an MS or attack power of a weapon. I will also show how the client can be edited for those who would like to change other stuff and provide required tools for it.

This server can be used on the internet just as the current server but also in a local network so you can PVP against a few players with no lag. Or on your local computer if for some reason you want to play UCGO alone.

UCGO Community Effort

UCGO is almost dead. But today at the event I noticed a good number of players logged in. So there’s still hope for this game.

I don’t have time to work on UCGO anymore and without more updates UCGO will definitely die soon. But if some of the players would take over updating the game adding new MS and weapons and possibly other things too, UCGO might exist for a few more years.

Anyone who wants to do this post a comment so I can see who’s willing to do something to keep this game alive.


What it takes to add new MS/Weapons to UCGO.

Someone with basic knowledge of 3DS Max or Blender or Maya or other 3D modelling application.

You must be able to load a 3D model and then split it into different parts. Take a look at the pictures below. It’s the RX-178 and then it has been split into several parts. Every moving part such as head, chest, upper arm, lower arm etc… must be seperated from each other.

And then each of these parts should be split into smaller parts based on their color. For example the chest is split into the yellow, red and blue parts. This is not really required but if you want to make use of UCGO’s own coloring system it must be done.

ucgoisdead1 ucgoisdead2

Someone who can texture MS and Weapons.

Most MS and weapon models already comes with textures but needs adjustments to make them look OK in UCGO.

If you want to make use of UCGO’s own coloring system textures can be automatically created in 3DS Max. You will however need to do some adjustments to contrast and brightness, and possibly other things.


Someone who will import the new MS and weapons into UCGO.

Here you will use a command line tool for importing the various parts of a model into UCGO. And then you have to make adjustments to their postion so that e.g the head appears in the right spot, arms are where they should be and so on.

It’s easy. You only need to type in some text commands and then launch UCGO to check the results. But it’s time consuming.


Someone who will go through 2-3000 models

Then we need someone who’s willing to look at 2-3000 3D models from Gundam Breaker 2 and pick out all the MS and weapons which belongs in UC.


Event on Saturday

At the request of ZEON ACE I’m making this post.


Saturday Night JPT 9:00PM – 11:00PM, March 28th
All EFF players will join as Attack side at Newman/Richmond with End tier MS. We will do MS sharing as well.



There will most likely not be anymore updates released for the game client and this server. This is due to the following reasons.

– I have better things to do.

– Lack of interest.

– This game is dead.

I intend to release an open source server for UCGO together with client tools. This should allow anyone to setup their own server and modify it to their liking.

There’s no schedule for when an open source version becomes available. It will be done gradually as work is finished on it. It happens when it happens.

Note that this does not mean the current server gets shutdown. At least not until an open source version is available.

New client update and stuff

Background music didn’t work in the new client version. I have released an update which fixes this. Install the update the same way as before.

Download update:

This update is only for the new client.


Some of you has asked if there’s a way to transfer the old /transport list to the new client. Here’s something which will help you do this.

– Download this file:

– Extract file into the folder of your old UCGO installation.

– Run the file ZLIBTool.exe, you may have to select Run As Administrator.

– Then type in what you see in the screenshot below i.e type in the filename uccoordinate.tll


– Then copy the file uccoordinate.tll from your old UCGO folder into the new UCGO folder.

– If you did everything right your old /transport list should now work in the new client version.

And in case anyone is wondering. The ZLIBtool.exe program is from the old Titans Server which was released as open source. I didn’t release my own as this version is simpler to use.


Download New Client

I know I said yesterday it would take 2-3 weeks but the new client is available for download.

This is only for testing it and it is still possible to use the old game client. But all future updates will be for this new client.

I recommend everyone downloads from Mega as it is the fastest.

Download from Mega

Download from


1. Download the UCGOPS.EXE file to an empty folder.

2. Run the UCGOPS.EXE file.

3. Run UCclient.exe file to start.

And remember to report if you encounter any errors.

New Client

Just some information for everyone.

Soon, maybe in 2-3 weeks, I will release a new version of the game client. This new version will have several improvements to prevent players from cheating.

Since the official Dimps server it has been possible to cheat in UCGO by editing the client files. There are several tools available for editing the files and many of the cheats you can perform are impossible to detect on the server.

This new client version will make all of these tools useless and will include protection against players who try to cheat by editing client files.

UCGO Coloring #2

I’ve been experimenting with creating UCGO style textures for the new MS. It won’t be exactly as the original MS in UCGO but better than how it is now.

Texture for the Jegan below actually took less than a minute to create and it looks pretty good. And it also looks good at night instead of becoming very dark like it does now.

ucgocolor3 ucgocolor4

UCGO Coloring

So today I had an idea. Look at the picture below!

If you look at the Jegan to the left it has a much better green color. It looks better than the green on the Jegan to the right, which is the Jegan currently in UCGO. And this new Jegan also looks good when it’s dark unlike the current Jegan.

That is because this new Jegan makes use of UCGOs built-in coloring system. Before I wasn’t able to make use of UCGOs coloring system which is why new MS looked bad in the dark and their colors didn’t match the original UCGO MS.

But now it seems I’ve found a fix for this. And if everything works out fine all new MS will be changed into using UCGOs coloring system.


And here’s a picture of the Jegan at night. It’s still green instead of almost black like it is now.