Server updated

The server has been updated.

There are now restrictions on how fast crafting skills can increase. This prevents macro/bot users from training their skills too fast.

Daily skill limits:

  • MS crafting: 3,0 points
  • Weapons crafting: 5,0 points
  • Refining: 5,0 points
  • Mining: no limit
  • Tailoring: no limit

These limits are reset every day when the server saves data.

About crafting skills

There will be some changes to crafting skills. This is done to make macroing less useful. Also it will prevent players using a macro program from increasing their skills much faster than other players.

  • All crafting skills, except for tailoring, will be lowered to 30. This means if your MS crafting skill is 100 it will be lowered to 30, if it’s below 30 nothing happens to it.
  • There will be a daily limit to how much your crafting skills can increase. This will prevent macro users from gaining skills faster than players who do not use a macro program.

This change will be done within a few days.

For those who would like to play UCGO

The server is online and it’s possible to play UCGO for anyone interested.

You will need to download a new client update or you may not be able to connect to the server starting next week. This is due to changes in the DNS server.


All characters has been deleted.

There’s also been some improvements to NPCs and if things go as planned it will sometime in the future be possible to have NPCs within cities e.g. guards or turning Newman/Richmond into a NPC vs NPC battlefield.

There’s no skill gain from PVP now, only from PVE. Also I’ve setup some beginner NPCs outside Sydney just like the official server, these are only for testing so far, mainly that they can walk around on the terrain outside Sydney without floating above it or below.