I will soon release a new game client update with the Gyan. This will probably happen within a week so remember to come by here every day.

And then comes this:


More Zeta Stuff

So in my previous post I had some pictures of Zeta MS which weren’t very good. Here’s some new pictures of the MK II Gundam.

As everyone can see there are much better and this is how the Zeta era MS will look.

mkII-1 mkII-2 mkII-3

YMS-15 Gyan Update #4

Now the Gyan has the monoeye in the right position and armor around the waist. Still needs some work but it’s almost complete now.

The Gyan will come in two versions, the YMS-15 shown here and the MS-15A Gyan Mass Production. The MS-15A is almost identical to the YMS-15, it just has different color and the antenna thing on its head is smaller.

yms15-14 yms15-13

YMS-15 Gyan Update #3

yms15-10 yms15-11 yms15-12

Zeta stuff

I’ve had some other more important things to do so I haven’t made any new progress on the Gyan. But instead I’ll post some pictures of Zeta stuff. This is actually “old” but I’ve never posted these pictures before.

I know the coloring on the MS is a bit messed up, especially on the Rick Dias, and doesn’t look very good but things like that can be fixed. Just compare the early pictures of the NT-1 Gundam to the end result. These MS can not yet move or be used in the game. This was only for testing and see how they look inside UCGO.

zeta6 zeta7 zeta8 zeta9 zeta10 zeta11 zeta12 zeta13 zeta5

YMS-15 Gyan Update #2

Just some work in progress screenshots of the Gyan.

yms15-5 yms15-6

And here are some new and better pictures.

yms15-7 yms15-8 yms15-9

YMS-15 Gyan Update

yms15-4 yms15-3

YMS-15 Gyan

The next MS to be added is the YMS-15 Gyan. I haven’t started on it yet but its beam sword and shield has been added into UCGO.

yms15-1 yms15-2

Server updated

The server has been updated and it is now possible to use the skills Near Engagement and Ranged Engagement. These skills affect your accuracy based on your distance to the target.

Near engagement: Works when attacking targets at a distance of 700m or less. It affects the accuracy of all weapon types e.g 130 Near engagement is the same as 130 beam and 130 shell when attacking a target at 700m or less.

Ranged engagement: The same as Near engagement except it works when attacking targets further away than 700m.

These skills works with ALL TYPES OF WEAPONS.


Server updated + Client update

The server has been updated and there is a new game client update available for download.


This update includes the following:

- RX-78NT-1 shield. Available in the store.

- Ground Engagement skill is renamed to Engagement skill.

- Space engagement skill is removed. If you had space engagement skill it has been transfered to the Engagement skill.

- Air engagement skill is removed and no longer used.

- Space engagement, air engagement and evasion are replaced by new skills. These skills can not yet be trained.

- The Ez8 Gundam now has more armor. This only applies to new Ez8 Gundams crafted after this update.

- In the menu to the right, you can now find the new MS/MA/BB list as mentioned in the previous post. It is not complete and only EF MS are listed at this time.