RX-178 Weapons

Some pictures of the RX-178 beam rifle and shield.

rx178-12 rx178-13 rx178-14

Server updated + News


The server has been updated, performance of the Ez8, Nemo and RX-78-1 has been increased.

Also I have updated the MS list with information about the Gundam Mk-II, Byarlant and Bolinoak.

The new MS are ready and all that remains are weapons, shields and minor fixes on them. They will be relased in about 1-2 weeks.


PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn

Work in progress screenshots of the Bolinoak Sammahn.

bolinoak2 bolinoak3

RX-160 Byarlant Pictures

rx160-4 rx160-5 rx160-6

RX-178 Pictures

rx178-4 rx178-5 rx178-6 rx178-7 rx178-8 rx178-9 rx178-10 rx178-11


Previously I said the next update with new MS would be released sometime in October or November. Change of plans!

Instead I will be releasing the next update this month with the following MS:

– RX-178 Mk II

– RX-160 Byarlant

– PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn

Once that update has been released I will start on the new PVP area in space.


I got some new models and here’s a picture of some of them.


And here’s a preview of the upcoming Bolinoak.


RX-160 Byarlant

Some work in progress screenshots of the Byarlant.

rx160-1 rx160-2 rx160-3

RX-178 Update

Some work in progress screenshots of the RX-178 MkII Gundam.

rx178-1 rx178-2 rx178-3


Just posting a preview of what the RX-178 MK II Gundam model looks like. It will be included in the next MS update. A later update will also give it the G-Defenser.

And I have some good news…maybe, just maybe! Later this year or next year I might get some new MS models which includes the GM Custom and GM Striker. I know several players has requested those two MS many times.

mk2-1 mk2-2

Server Update + Client Update + News

The server has been updated. The Palace Athene’s increased visual radius (2500m) is now working.

Also a new game client update is available for download. You DO NOT need to download this update if you don’t want it.

Download: http://ucgoserver.com/gameclient/UCGOupdate.exe

The update fixes the following:

  • Upgrading the Palace Athene now works.
  • Fixed eyes and hands for the RX-78GP02A.


 And now some UCGO news

The next update with new MS will be released sometime in October or November. Depending on available time I have it will include some or all of the following MS.

  • AMX-003 Gaza C
  • RX-160 Byarlant
  • RMS-106 Hizack
  • RX-178 Gundam
  • PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn
  • RX-139 Hambrabi
  • RMS-154 Barzam

And sometime this year I’m hoping there will be a new PVP area in space. One that includes an EF and Zeon NPC fleet fighting which players can then join.