Maintenance over – Server online again

As it says, server is online.



The server is down due to the hosting company performing some maintenance work.

I will bring the server back online again sometime tomorrow.

UCGO is back

The server is now online again.


All hail king Kai-sin…

…for he has made a donation to pay for the server.

So a player, Kai-sin, has donated to pay for server hosting. I will get the server setup within one or two days.




A few players, two of them, asked me to try donations to keep this server running. I don’t expect it to work out but I’ll give it a try.

– In the top menu there’s a DONATE link.

– Required donation for a full year of server hosting is $1000.

If I get the $1000 I will pay for 12 months of server hosting and you guys can keep playing UCGO. There will be no updates.

I’ll wait until Friday next week, July 3rd. If I haven’t received donations by then I’ll delete all the user accounts and it’s over.

That’s it!

As those of you who still play has probably noticed the server has been down for the past 1 or 2 days.

After maintaining the server for a month the new server admin don’t care to do it any longer. Which I perfectly understand as UCGO has become a waste of time and it’s dead.

I’ve had this server for over 5 years and I don’t care for a 6th year. So that’s it! It’s finally over.

Go play MSGO or EX VS instead!

New Server

The new server is now up and running.

Note that: Any important news updates, e.g client updates, will still be posted here on this website. Minor updates will be posted in-game i.e shown in the journal when you login.

Also the new server admin will ban Zeon players who continue to try and ruin the game for the other players with their boycott and other silly things.


Also there was a problem with the previous update. If you dropped Zeta/Bawoo parts on the ground they would be invisible. This update fixes that problem:

Download from Mega

Download from mirror

I recommend downloading from Mega as it is the fastest.



Or maybe it’s good news. Depends on how you see it. Someone who plays on this server will be taking over and keep running the server. So you guys will still have to suffer the wrath of UCGO.

This is how it is.

– A player which has been around for a long time and I know is trustworthy will be taking over the server.

– They will setup their own server and all accounts will be transfered to that server.

– The new server is still UCGOSERVER but it is managed by someone else.

In short: It will be like before except the responsibility for managing and paying for the server is handled by someone else.


I’m not sure when the new server will be ready. But when it is I will transfer all accounts to the new server. It should be some time this week. AFAIK the new server will be located in England in case anyone was wondering.

When it comes to updates that will mostly be up to the new server admin.

Any important news updates will still be posted here on this website by me. Minor updates will be posted in-game i.e shown in the journal when you login.


When it comes to the Zeon boycotting PVP fights because they don’t like certain groups of players. JUST STOP IT! The only thing that will happen is that the Zeon players will get banned instead. I have already banned some Zeon players and the new server admin will ban even more Zeon players if they keep it up.

And really…Making demands such as ‘Ban all players from Hong Kong or we won’t play’ and similar demands. These Zeon players actually consider this to be resonable?
It won’t happen so just stop it or quit the game.

UCGO is over

Due to the patethic behaviour of the Zeon playerbase I have decided to simply end UCGO. The Zeon players must not for one second think they can boycott and ruin this game in order to make me ban players who has done nothing wrong.

The server bill is paid every month. Next time it is supposed to be paid is the 25th/26th of May, depending on time zone. I will not pay for the server.

25th/26th of May will be the last day.

Since the players seem to want this game destroyed I will also release some nice cheats as seen below. The players want UCGO destroyed? I’ll give it to them.


Example: I can shot the GM through the MS factory. This works for every building in every city. That’s just one example of things which can be done.

This is the type of cheat which will kill UCGO. It’s easy to use and I will provide it here on the website so everyone can have it. Then UCGO will be dead dead and dead for everyone.

If the players don’t want this to happen then Zeon can just stop their nonsense and play the game instead of trying to ruin UCGO and force their will through.

But if the Zeon playerbase continues with this I will simply euthanize this game.

cheat1 cheat2 cheat3

Server reset to yesterday

Due to Zeons childish behavior of boycotting PVP warfare with ridiculous excuses such as all EF are cheaters I have decided to reset the server to yesterday.

This will be repeated until Zeon stops with their nonsense.