Bug Fix

A new update is available for download. You do not need to download this update if you don’t want it.

The update fixes the visual bug for the RX-178 Long Rifle.

Download from MEGA

Download from Mirror

Download update

The new game client update is now available for download. Everyone should download it ASAP or you might experience problems while playing the game.

There are two download links. I suggest using the MEGA download as it is faster.

Download from MEGA

Download from Mirror

This update does the following:

– New MS. Gaza C, Hizack, Super Gundam.

– Super Gundam upgrade parts. Buy them in the Material shop.

– Magnetic coating price for the RX-78 MC versions has been decreased.

– Fixed Jegan. Required MS skill is now 20, it was incorrectly set to 30 before.

– MS-14A, RX-79G, GM Head, Nemo, Jegan, Gaza C, Hizack are available in the MS shop.

– All OYW MS in the MS shop are free.

– Selling price for FL, FTCC and Gundarium has been increased.

– Drop chance for JP, FL, FTCC and Gundarium has been increased.


The new MS will be released next week. I have updated the MS list with information about stats and crafting cost.

Also as suggested in the comment section of the previous post, the following changes will be made in the next update:

– RX-79G, MS-14A, GM Head will be added to the MS shop.

– All OYW MS in the MS shop will become free.

– Jegan, Nemo, Hizack and Gaza C will be added to the MS shop. But they will not be free.


Super Gundam

The Super Gundam is almost ready. Here’s a few pictures of it.

supergundam6 supergundam7 supergundam8 supergundam9 supergundam10

Server Updated

The fail rate when crafting MS has been reduced. This is most noticeable when crafting MS requiring rare materials.

Also the Gaza C, Hizack and Super Gundam will probably become available within two weeks.

EF Aid

The server has been updated with the following changes.

– Fail rate when crafting Nemo and Jegan has been reduced a lot.


Gaza C and Super Gundam

The Gaza C is almost done. And I included some pictures of the Super Gundam.

gazac3supergundam3 supergundam4 supergundam5

Super Gundam

First screenshots of the Super Gundam. The G-Defenser of course needs a new paint job so its color matches that of the Mk-II.

supergundam1 supergundam2

RMS-106 Hizack #3

More Hizack pictures. It’s almost completed now. And I included some Gaza C pictures too.

hizack11 hizack12 hizack13 hizack14gazac1 gazac2

RMS-106 Hizack #2


More screenshots of the Hizack. All the parts are now in place and all that’s left is to color it.

hizack7 hizack8 hizack9 hizack10