Coming Soon

Due to the EF always being outnumbered I’ve decided to add in this mass producible MS. There is no set date for when it will become available but sometime before the end of the year.

rgm89-1 rgm89-2 rgm89-3

Server updated

The server has been updated and there is now a small NPC vs NPC battle at Helenes. This is a continuous battle and there is no timer for starting/ending the battle or anything like that.

This is only for testing and will probably last one or two months.

Server updated + NPC News

The server has been updated. The Newman/Richmond battles now start at a later time. The first battle starts at 21:00 JST and the second at 22:15 JST.

Also I have started on adding NPC vs NPC support to the server. That way it will be possible to have daily PVP events where players fight alongside NPCs. Hoping sometime this month there will be a small daily event like that as part of testing and bug fixing.


New Client Update


A new game client update is available for download.


This update fixes the following:

– Sound effects for the Byarlant and Bolinoak. They now have the “Zeon” sound effect when moving instead of the GM sound.

– Fixed thrusters for the RX-178, Bolinoak and Byarlant.

– Fixed beam for Byarlant.

– GP02A head vulcans now has animation when fired.

You only need to download this update if you want the new fixes.

Server updated

The server has been updated so it will now shutdown for saving and resetting Newman/Richmond at the usual time.


New Server

UCGO has been moved to the new server as previously mentioned.

Thanks to those who donated the server has been paid for the next 12 months.


Important News

Due to how things has become in UCGO i.e no PVP because only Zeons mostly care to show up for fights at Newman/Richmond and decreased number of players e.g last year when MSGO was launched half the population was gone within a month. There is no longer any need for the current server UCGO runs on as it was meant for a larger number of players.

I will be moving UCGO over to a new less powerful and cheaper server. The current server’s billing period expires Wednesday next week. So it will be done sometime early next week.

There are two alternatives. Either the players donate towards a server able to maintain the current population or I go for the cheapest server.

ALTERNATIVE 1: $30 a month. Pay for at least 12 months right away so a minimum of $360 in donations will be required.  This server should be able to maintain the current player population and allow for PVP battles with 30-40 players and possibly more.

ALTERNATIVE 2: If I don’t get enough donations for the first alternative I will go for this server and pay it myself. It will support the current player population and allow for PVE but large PVP battles will probably not work well. Small PVP battles 10-20 players should be OK.

If anyone wants to donate towards the better server go to the Donate page in the menu. If I don’t get enough donations I will refund anyone who did donate. I MUST HAVE RECEIVED ANY DONATIONS BY THE END OF THIS WEEK.


Also due to lack of activity in UCGO and lack of interest on my part it is very unlikely there will be anymore new MS updates. Or any new stuff at all. It seems somewhat pointless to add anything new into UCGO when it won’t be put to use much.

Server Updated

Server has been updated.

Fixed some of the new items which couldn’t be crafted.

Download Update


The new game client update is now available for download.

I’ve included two download links for this update. Suggest the MEGA download as it’s faster.

Download from MEGA

Everyone must install this update otherwise you won’t be able to see players using the new MS and weapons.

There are still a few things which needs more work such as the thrusters , color on the hands and Byarlant when using the beam weapon. This will be fixed in a later update.




Update coming soon

I have updated the weapon list with information about the new weapons coming in the next update which will be released sometime this week.

Also the server was just updated with things related to the next client update. I didn’t add anything new right now in case some of you were wondering.